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Pacific Life’s logo radiates vibrant emotions, celebrating power and majesty. The company manages to stand out against the backdrop and has been ahead of competitors for 150 years. The emblem conveys a friendliness to clients, as well as the scope and reliability of the holding.

Pacific Life: Brand overview

Founder:Leland Stanford
Newport Beach, California, U.S.
Pacific Life is a private insurance company that works with individuals, firms, and other insurance services regarding insurances, annuity payouts, and investments. It serves 970,000 clients. As a holding company, it’s divided into several branches: Asset Management, Pacific Life Foundation (funding social projects), and Swell Investing (enhancing investment returns).

Meaning and History

Pacific Life Logo History

The company’s original name was Pacific Mutual Life. The term “Mutual” indicated that policyholders were the owners, similar to a cooperative. Such a decision was made in 1936, on the brink of bankruptcy. The emblem used in the early years remains unknown. Gradually, the company’s direction crystallized and expanded. Thus, in 1997, the company adopted its modern name, Pacific Life Insurance, reflecting its decision to focus on insurance and become a holding company. It was then that the logo featuring the well-known blue whale was introduced.

What is Pacific Life?

An American insurance company owned by Pacific Mutual Holding Company. It has received the DALBAR Financial Intermediate Service Award for 19 consecutive years due to its exceptional customer service. The company employs over 3,800 individuals. Its headquarters is located in the coastal city of Newport, California.

1868 – today

Pacific Life Logo

The emblem of the company features an image of a blue whale emerging from the ocean’s depths. Specifically, humpback whales are known for their breaching, despite their impressive weight of up to 100 tons. They are the largest marine animals, reaching lengths of up to 17 meters. The choice for the logo was made to emphasize the company’s strength and capability, which can be compared to the size and weight of this marine giant.

Interestingly, humpbacks are slow swimmers, giving a sense of stability, tranquility, and power. Therefore, the image of the whale lends the firm an air of solidity, portraying it as a major, confident player in the market. This image is further complemented by the creature’s perceived friendliness. The emblem is meant to evoke special associations in clients:

  • A large company.
  • Minimal competition.
  • Maximum deposit protection.
  • Calculated investments.
  • Stable direction.

The animal’s depiction is encircled by a semi-circle, symbolizing the sun or a rainbow. The whale leaps from the water against the backdrop of the sun. This depiction showcases the company’s growth and prosperity, indicating financial stability. The rainbow is equally auspicious: a symbol of luck and favorable destiny.

Two lines underline the image to represent the company’s two primary focuses: insurance and investments.

Below the illustration, in a darker blue hue, the abbreviated name “Pacific Life” is inscribed. The company was founded on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in California, hence the name. The moniker reflects a desire to influence the quality of life in the region. To achieve this, the giant invests pension contributions to increase the pension amounts for residents, provides life insurance, and subsidizes various organizations with social projects. Its charitable contributions have totaled $8.2 million.

Font and Colors

Shades of blue are associated with the Pacific Ocean and coastal life. The color signifies technology, regular payments, and calculations. Its hue is considered cool and underscores sober-mindedness, thus being associated with reliability and calmness.

The elegant ITC Novarese Pro Bold font, with its pointed letter endings and notches, is reminiscent of hooks or anchors. Collaborating with the company offers a chance to “catch” good fortune, establish a solid foundation, and “anchor” oneself.

Pacific Life color codes

Dark CeruleanHex color:#00407c
RGB:0 64 124
CMYK:100 48 0 51
Pantone:PMS 294 C
Star Command BlueHex color:#0179be
RGB:1 121 190
CMYK:99 36 0 25
Pantone:PMS 7461 C