Pakistan Car Brands

Pakistan Car Brands

Among the centers of the automotive industry in the East, in the first place, it is worth mentioning Pakistan. This state is known for several automobile brands at once. And local factories produce cars for foreign companies. Among them are Suzuki, Honda, Isuzu.


Ghandhara Logo

National Motors is the original name of the company. This enterprise has been working in its industry for quite a long time – since 1953. The company is based in Karachi. In February 1963, the company was bought by Habibullah Khan Khattak. It was he who renamed the brand, giving it its current name.

In 1972 the company was nationalized. After several more significant stages in the history of the enterprise, in 1992, it was acquired by the heirs of Khabibulla Khan Khattak. In 2017, this company was included in the prestigious Forbes Asian rating, which consisted of 200 companies with a fortune of up to $1 billion.

The main production is built around Isuzu trucks, minibusses, and pickups. There are no cars of our design in the profile of Ghandhara.

The company logo starts with a black ring with red spikes inside. Thus, it resembles a stylized wheel since there is another circle in the center with a black inner outline. Next, we see a wordmark – the name of the company. It uses a black sans-serif font, which looks solid and restrained.

The contrast of black and red colors looks elegant, and the clear symbolism with the wheel makes it possible to determine which industry the company belongs to.


Al-Ghazi Logo

Here we are talking about a well-known Pakistani manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Tractors from Al-Ghazi are in great demand among their target audience. As for the history of the enterprise, it was founded in 1983. Later, the company was acquired by another powerful industry giant – the CNH enterprise. Since then, several cars have also been produced that have managed to gain popularity in their region.

The company logo at the top consists of an L-shaped object broken into sections in black and green. Between this object and the brand name, there is an image of a tractor at the bottom of the logo. Such a concept is well thought out and justified since it broadcasts which products in the company’s assortment are the main and most in demand.

If we move away from the commercial component and evaluate the logo solely from a visual point of view, then it also looks quite advantageous from this position. Firstly, such a logo is recognizable. Secondly, the combination of colors in it looks bright, but, at the same time, unobtrusively. Clarity of meanings and visual appeal are the advantages of this emblem.

Today, Al-Ghazi is one of the two largest Pakistani tractor manufacturers. As of 2021, the company’s share in this market segment has reached 21 percent.

Revo by Adam Motors

Revo Adam Motors Logo

This brand was developed by the automotive company Adam Motors. The brand was founded in 2005. This car model has become very popular because it is available. By the way, the fact that the car’s name comes from the word “revolution” is interesting. It was supposed to revolutionize its market segment, according to its developers. It was assumed that this car would outperform its competitors due to its lower price.

Even though the company managed to develop a car with an optimal price-quality ratio, according to its specialists, the car did not last long on the market. The brand quickly ceased to exist.

The Adam Motors logo consisted of a yellow oval with a blue crescent inside. The name of the company was depicted using a regular sans-serif typeface.

The Revo logo conveys the traditions of the automotive industry. First of all, this is manifested because the logo is based on metallic color. Pairing it with the red in the last letter of the word creates a stylish visual contrast. And the slanted letters hint at the speed and dynamics that a good car can give its owner. It is a pity that now this logo is just part of the history of the Pakistani car industry and not its modernity.

Pak Suzuki Motors

Pak Suzuki Motors Logo

This automotive company was founded in 1983. It is a subsidiary of the Japanese automotive giant Suzuki. Accordingly, the product line is centered around this brand. For example, this manufacturer’s most popular car model is Suzuki Alto.

Considering that we are talking about a subsidiary of a world-famous enterprise, there have been no problems with the identity here since Suzuki took it over. This is an understandable, popular and recognizable symbolism. The stylized letter “S” is depicted in red. It stands out, catches the eye, and looks quite stylish. The name of the brand is written in blue at the bottom. On the cars themselves, these badges are used in a metallic version.

Today, the company occupies the position of the largest car assembler in Pakistan.

Toyota Indus

Toyota Indus Logo

The history of this car manufacturer begins in 1990. Like the previous one in the list, this company is a subsidiary. True, here, respectively, we are talking about Toyota. The basis of the assortment consists of compact SUVs and small passenger cars. However, there are also large crossovers and pickups in the product range of this manufacturer.

This company, like Pak Suzuki Motors, did not develop its logo. It uses the Toyota emblem. The red inscription “Toyota” is used by the company in all areas of official communication with customers and partners.

Back in July 1990, the company began operating the 105-acre factory. The location of the plant is Port Bin Qasim. The company is located in an industrial area. If you look at the map, it’s not far from Karachi. The staff is about 3.5 thousand people. In a word, the company is quite a powerful representative of its industry.

Honda Atlas

Honda Atlas Logo

This Pakistani manufacturer was founded in 1962. The company is jointly owned by Japanese manufacturing giant Honda and local company Atlas. However, this is quite clearly reflected in the title.

The company is located in Karachi. The company specializes in the production of Honda cars. The product range consists of sedans and some crossovers. However, the range is not limited to this since Honda Atlas is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Pakistan.

The company uses the red inscription “Honda” instead of the emblem. However, she does have her logo. The blue emblem is in an oval red frame with two gaps that go beyond its borders. Next to it is a blue font with a wordmark with the enterprise’s name.

Moteurs Indus

Moteurs Indus Logo

The trade name of this company in English is Indus Motors, which is indicated on its emblem. It has been in existence since 1984 and is the leading dealer network for Maruti vehicles in the region. The basis of the Moteurs Indus logo is a horizontal red rectangle with white inscriptions. The text is two-level: the first line is large, made in semi-connected type in the Hindu style, and the second is small, typed in capital letters with a wide breakdown.