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The Paparazzi logo is subtle and graceful. Indicates stylish jewelry and accessories. The combination of elements represents the sales system operating in the company. The lack of public purchase access adds exclusivity and value to the models.

Paparazzi: Brand overview

Founder:Misty and Trent Kirby, and Chani and Ryan Reeve

Paparazzi jewelry is not available in stores and catalogs – they can only be bought from a person who is in a financial pyramid. This company operates according to the MLM business model but differs in that you do not need to become a consultant yourself to purchase its products. In addition, all jewelry costs $ 5, does not contain harmful metals, and is available in limited quantities: each new batch is different from the previous ones, and it is not certain that it will ever appear again. All this motivates you to buy accessories or even join network marketing in order to distribute and profit from two sources: both from direct sales and in the form of passive income from referred friends.

Paparazzi has been in business since 2010. It grew out of a small hobby of the sisters Chani and Misty, who made jewelry by hand and sold them themselves at various events. Each item was valued at $5 because aspiring entrepreneurs wanted to make fashion accessories accessible to all women, regardless of their financial status. The idea was supported by the husbands of Chani and Misty – Ryan Reeve and Trent Kerby. Together they created the Paparazzi Jewelry empire and launched the Party Plan starter package in the last days of December 2010. In just six months, the pyramid scheme grew by 900%.

According to the manufacturer, the cost of jewelry is only $2.75. Each consultant sells almost twice as much and gets the $2.25 difference to keep. This is the basic principle of earning. And if he finds new distributors to join the network, the income will grow at the expense of a percentage of their sales. The main requirement is the ability to conduct a dialogue with potential buyers, charisma, and a wide circle of acquaintances.

Meaning and History

Paparazzi Logo History

The Paparazzi Accessories logo speaks for itself. It looks like several stacked rings, hinting at the company’s main direction. The pink graphic symbol looks like a curly lattice of four separate parts. A long horizontal line is drawn below. Above it are mirrored fragments containing two circles of different sizes and one right angle with a “drop.” The third “drop” is depicted above, pointing downwards. Each element is painted only along the outline: the outer side is outlined in a wide pink line, while the inner space is left empty. At the bottom, a black inscription “paparazzi” has been added, which echoes the geometric composition with its round outlines.

If it were not for the elements in the form of drops, the logo of the jewelry manufacturer would look like brass knuckles. And all because of the characteristic arrangement of the rings, which are lined up one after the other in the form of an arch and connected at the bottom by a common base with a horizontal line. But in fact, the designers tried to convey the lightness and sophistication of jewelry to show their diversity.

What is Paparazzi?

Paparazzi is a young and dynamic jewelry and accessories brand founded in 2010. Two families founded the company from Kansas, USA, with a mission to provide quality and stylish jewelry at affordable prices. The concept of Paparazzi Accessory is based on the fact that all jewelry and accessories cost exactly one dollar. The collections are updated weekly and include over 25 different designs, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and hair accessories. All products are made from nickel-lead alloy, free of lead and cadmium, which makes them safe for health. The company offers jewelry and accessories for both everyday wear and special occasions. The brand is known for its direct selling business concept, where Paparazzi Accessory consultants sell their products through meetings at home or online, profiting from sales. The brand has rapidly expanded through this approach and is currently represented in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada. The company continues to grow and evolve, offering trendy and stylish jewelry at an affordable price. The company adheres to the “Fashion for Five Dollars” philosophy and strives to make fashion accessible to everyone.

Paparazzi: Interesting Facts

Paparazzi Accessories, often just called Paparazzi, is a company that sells affordable fashion jewelry and accessories. It started in 2010 and stands out because of its unique business approach and products.

  1. Affordability: Paparazzi is known for its low prices. Most of their jewelry and accessories cost just $5, making fashion affordable for many people.
  2. How It Sells: Paparazzi uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) approach, meaning you can’t find their items in regular stores or online shops. Instead, independent consultants sell the products directly.
  3. Becoming a Consultant: Anyone can become a Paparazzi consultant, selling products and earning by adding more consultants to their team. The company rewards sales and recruitment with various achievements.
  4. Product Variety: Despite the low prices, Paparazzi offers a wide selection of jewelry and accessories. Their collection is constantly updated to match current fashion trends.
  5. Manufacturing: The products are made in China, which helps keep prices down.
  6. Selling Online: Consultants mainly sell through social media, personal websites, and live events. This way, they can reach customers far and wide.
  7. Community and Empowerment: Paparazzi focuses on building confidence and a positive self-image. It fosters a supportive community where consultants encourage each other.
  8. Annual Conventions: Every year, Paparazzi holds a big meeting for consultants to learn, network, and celebrate their achievements. The event is meant to inspire and help them improve their business.
  9. Controversies: Like other MLM companies, Paparazzi has its critics—some question whether the business model works for everyone, especially at the bottom.
  10. Growth: Since starting, Paparazzi has grown a lot, attracting more consultants and expanding its range of products. Its success comes from tapping into the direct sales market with affordable accessories.

In short, Paparazzi Accessories has made a mark in the direct-sales world by offering budget-friendly jewelry and allowing people to run their businesses.

Font and Colors

Paparazzi Emblem

The typography of the Paparazzi logo has been chosen to best fit with the graphic symbol. Therefore, the developers used a round bold font with the same stroke thickness. It is very close to the grotesque Vonique 92, which was inspired by the streets of Paris. The gloomy mood of the black inscription dilutes the pink pattern. The stereotypically “feminine” color, according to designers, should attract the target audience of the brand.

Paparazzi Symbol

Paparazzi color codes

Deep PinkHex color:#ff0090
RGB:255 0 144
CMYK:0 100 44 0
Pantone:PMS 806 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C