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The PGA of America logo symbolizes prestige and authority as golf is considered an elite pastime. It represents a community of like-minded individuals united by their love for this unique sport. In addition, the emblem reflects the national origin of the organization, emphasizing its connection with the United States.

PGA of America: Brand overview

Founded:April 10, 1916
Founder:Rodman Wanamaker
Frisco, Texas, United States
The history of PGA of America began in 1916 when several dozen people involved with golf gathered for lunch at John Wanamaker Department Store. They agreed to create an organization that would help control competitions for professional golfers, including championships and mid-level tournaments. The official founder is considered to be Lewis Rodman Wanamaker, although he never swung a club and didn’t even attend the pivotal meeting.

Meaning and History

PGA of America Logo History

The sports organization’s logo is a round coat of arms shield, giving it an authoritative and respectable look. The mention of America emphasizes the national origin of the association and its connection with the United States. At the same time, the emblem undoubtedly symbolizes golf as it contains elements related to this sport.

What is the PGA of America?

PGA of America is the abbreviated name of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America – one of the most respected organizations associated with golf. It promotes the development of this sport in the U.S. and supports professional players. Its tasks include organizing tournaments, offering educational programs, popularizing golf, and more.

1916 – today

PGA of America Logo

The logo features the letters “PGA,” representing “Professional Golfers’ Association.” The abbreviation is written in the circle’s center and is once again duplicated separately on the right. In the first instance, it’s small and white; in the second, it’s large and gold. The same bold font with massive serifs is used for both versions.

The letter “G,” in the center of the circle, divides the golf attributes located there: two clubs, a ball, and its stand. Below is the founding year of the organization – 1916. The sports equipment is depicted in blue and looks like Jolly Roger: the crossed clubs perform the role of bones, and the ball serves as a kind of skull. In this case, the logo symbolizes excitement, fun, and joyful anticipation.

The golden circle has a blue frame in the form of a ring. It contains the association’s full name, with the words “OF AMERICA” specifically located at the bottom to stand out. Thus, the designers decided to emphasize the national affiliation of the organization.

Font and Colors

PGA of America Emblem

The phrase “Professional Golfers’ Association of America” uses a font from the Gotham family, while the abbreviation uses a bold typeface with wide serifs. The emblem looks attractive and dynamic thanks to diverse typography – just what a sports brand needs.

PGA of America Symbol

White is the accent color, but not the only one. Besides, PGA uses its signature shades of Madeira Classic Navy 1043 and Madeira Classic Gold 1273, which create a feeling of luxury and prestige together.