Polish Car Brands

Polish Car Brands

The Polish car industry is developing quite steadily, but it is mainly represented by small brands. If we analyze the Polish car industry from a historical point of view, its best times were during the socialist era, when the state supported this industry. At that time, the model range of Polish cars was very extensive. Both cars, trucks, and vans were in demand.

Today, many enterprises that survived their golden age under socialism have closed down, unable to withstand competition in market conditions.


Solbus Logo

The Solbus company specializes in the production of buses. It was founded in 2001. During its existence, the company managed to significantly increase its turnover. It is not without reason that today, it is one of the largest bus manufacturers in Poland. The company also exports its products to other countries, although it has not yet achieved great popularity abroad.

The unique stylized font of the Solbus logo immediately catches the eye. Despite the fact that it corresponds to the bus manufacturer, it looks rather stiff and somewhat brutal.

A stylized letter S is used as the main visual element. The company name is located under it. The dark color scheme and clear contours speak about the seriousness of the brand, the specificity of its positioning, and its responsible approach.


Arrinera Logo

The company Arrinera was founded in 2008 in the capital of Poland. The most popular model is Hussarya. It is produced in small batches, but it is very popular with the target audience. This car is loved for its power. Its production began in 2016, and until now, the car has not lost its popularity and enjoys well-deserved demand.

The company logo conveys a semantic connection with the hussar theme. A small cylinder joins the upwardly raised fenders from below. Usually, next to the logo is the name of the company, for which bold letters in futuristic motifs are used. Such stylistics is quite consistent with the key element of this composition – a stylish emblem in the form of a bird of metallic color. By the way, the use of this shade in the logos of automobile brands is common. Thus, by this color scheme, you can read the automotive industry.


Solaris Logo

The company was founded in 1999. It feels confident in the industry in which it operates even today. The basis of the model range of the brand consists of buses, trolleybuses, and other vehicles of this category. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of such vehicles in its country.

The company logo consists of a visual composition including a stylized letter “S” in the form of an oval and the company name. The oval with slits on the sides and an inner diagonal line looks very stylish. The same can be said about the non-trivial font conveying the full brand name underneath this element. The logo looks futuristic and spectacular; it stands out among many other emblems of automobile brands. And that means that the designers have done their job.


Autosan Logo

Autosan is a true veteran of its industry. It is located in the southeast of Poland and has been successfully operating in its field for many years. The company was founded back in 1830, but its specialization was different. Automobiles started to be produced much later, towards the end of the century. Then, there were some changes in production, after which it was reoriented to buses and other vehicles belonging to this category.

The logo of this company is very stylish. And although its symbolism may not seem obvious enough at first glance, a closer look reveals a stork with spread wings. Its image is located in an oval frame. As for the brand name, oval letters without serifs are used.

The image of birds is often used in the logos of automobile companies. This is understandable because the bird is associated with freedom, speed, and vitality. A good automobile also evokes associations with these states.


MAN Logo

FSC Star, like the previous manufacturer on this list, can be called an industry veteran. However, the history of the company began somewhat later – in 1948. The manufacturer specializes in buses and trucks.

Some time passed, and they were bought by another company – MAN. Production began to concentrate on high-quality buses. The emblem of the company is quite simple. Some of the logos in the list above used a metallic color with a gradient. The gradient gives the logo more style and realism, although minimalistic motifs stand out in the composition. In the center is the name of the brand. Above it is a silver arc. It looks quite beautiful, so the logo can be called successful and appropriate.


CWS Logo

The company existed from 1918 to 1928. The abbreviation CWS comes from the name “Centralne Warsztaty Samochodowe.” Despite the fact that the company worked for a relatively short period of time, it managed to try its hand at producing completely different vehicles. These include motorcycles, ordinary passenger cars, and even armored personnel carriers.

However, the company did not disappear without a trace; it was transformed into another manufacturer, which is not uncommon for the state car industry.

The round logo used two colors – red and metallic. This is not a very common combination compared to logos, where metallic is combined with blue or black. Nevertheless, it looks quite spectacular. On a red background, on a silver border, there is a composition with the company name. The central element is the letter “W”. The letters “C” and “S” on either side of it, according to the name, form a single composition but do not distract too much attention from the main central element. The logo looks quite bright and interesting.


Melex Logo

The company was founded in 1972. Compact cars with electric drive are somewhat reminiscent of golf carts. These cars usually do not have a roof and doors.

The brand’s logo also uses a metallic color. Inside the round frame, there is a slanted cross-shaped figure. The gradient gives the logo a realistic look, making the emblem more distinctive.

Under the base element of the logo is the name of the company. It is depicted in slanted black letters. In general, it looks stylish. The emblem is made in the tradition of the industry to which the company belongs.


FSC Logo

The abbreviation of the name of this company comes from the full name “Fabryka Samochodów Ciężarowych.” It is a rather large company with a solid history and experience proven over many decades. This company was founded back in 1948. As the brand developed, the range of products was significantly expanded. Over time, it included trucks, vans, and cars.

The emblem of the company stylistically resembles the motifs of the coat of arms. Inside it, on a black background, you can see the silhouette of an animal. This is the image of a jumping goat. Also, in the upper part, there is the name of the company and an indication of the city of Lublin, where the company operates.

White and black colors create an expressive contrast. The animalistic theme of the logo evokes associations with drive, energy, and dynamism.


Jelcz Logo

The company was founded in 1952. As in the previous case, the basis of the model range is vans, heavy vehicles, and buses. In addition, the Jelcz product range includes military vehicles and rocket launchers. In short, the specialization of the company is quite responsible and solid.

The logo is in the color blue. The cold, business-like shade is very much in keeping with this company and its range of products. It symbolizes seriousness, prudence, and a responsible approach to business.

The emblem begins with a stylized letter “J,” located inside an oval frame with breaks in two places. Next to this element is a verbal sign – the name of the company, for which large sans serif letters are used.

This logo is characterized by minimalism. Nevertheless, the logo does not look primitive. It is simple, powerful, and convincing.


FSM Logo

This abbreviation is based on the name “Fabryka Samochodów Małolitrażowych.” This company was one of the Polish car manufacturers in socialist times. It was founded in 1971. The basis of the model range is made up of small cars, and this choice is not accidental. The company focused on cars that could be affordable to citizens with an average income.

The visual composition of the emblem of this brand is developed using a rather interesting pictorial technique. The basis is a “plump” volumetric letter “F.” However, its middle band is formed by other letters from the abbreviation used in the name of the company. The role of this element is functionally performed by the letters “S” and “M.” In general, the combination looks quite interesting. The minimalism of the color scheme allows you to focus on the idea of the logo and consider the visual technique achieved through the original arrangement of letters. In short, the logo looks unusual.


FSD stands for the Commercial Vehicle Department. The years of the company’s existence began in 1952 and ended in 2003. The company specializes in the production of vans, pickup trucks, and small trucks. For example, this manufacturer produced late models of the famous Polonez vans.

The company had few emblems. On some vans, you could see the letter “N.” It was surrounded by a circle, and on both sides, there were wings. In principle, wings, as a symbol of freedom and speed, are often used in the logos of automobile brands. Therefore, this emblem shows the traditions of the industry.


FSO Logo

This abbreviation comes from the name “Fabryka Samochodów Osobowych S.A.” At one time, this manufacturer was one of the largest Polish automobile factories. The company was founded in 1948. Unfortunately, production traditions did not save the company from bankruptcy, which it went through in 2011. But the cars produced by the plant were in great demand at that time. Among these cars were the famous brands Warszawa and Polonez.

The logo of the plant was a combination of two red rectangles with relief edges. Inside the square, where the logo starts, one could see the image of a white marching bird. In the second rectangle, the company name was written in white slanted letters.

The combination of red and white colors looks stylish and contrasting. It looks bright, so the logo stands out and is memorable. It’s a pity, though, that the company itself is no longer in operation.


Mikrus Logo

This was the name of a Polish-made mini-car produced in the 50s of the last century. The manufacturer Mielec, which specialized in the production of aircraft, decided to create this car as an industrial experiment. The goal was clear – to provide citizens who did not have a lot of capital with a vehicle they could afford to buy expensive cars. At the same time, the concept of the car was based on the fact that it had to be reliable and comfortable.

An old Mielec logo with an unknown bird inside a gear was used as the emblem. This logo does not stand out in any special way and looks rather modest.


FSR Logo

This company operated from 1975 to 1996. The abbreviation of the name of this company comes from the name “Fabryka Samochodów Rolniczych.” Simply put, it refers to a company that produces tractors. But these agricultural machines were not the only thing that the company could offer its customers. Trucks, SUVs, and vans were also in the assortment of this manufacturer. In short, the range was quite diverse.

The black rectangular logo with beveled edges was divided by a horizontal line into two parts. In the second half, you can see the company name and the letters “POLMO” at the top. The contrast of black and white colors made this logo memorable.

Some of these companies have already ceased operations, while others are still producing cars. In any case, all of them are worthy of attention, as they have contributed to the history and modernity of the Polish automotive industry.