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The Popeyes logo promises an opportunity to gather at a round table in pleasant company and try delicious chicken dishes. The appetizing aroma of fried fillet emanates from the emblem, which attracts customers.

Popeyes: Brand overview

Founded: June 12, 1972
Founder: Al Copeland
Miami, Florida, United States
Website: popeyes.com
Popeyes is an American fast-food restaurant brand serving fried chicken dishes. Its current name, obtained in 2008, is Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc., the old ones are Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits and Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits. The chain was founded in 1972 in Arabi, a suburb of New Orleans, Louisiana, and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. It is currently owned by Toronto-based Restaurant Brands International, which has made it it’s subsidiary. The Popeyes system includes 3,102 establishments that operate in 30 countries worldwide and more than 40 states and districts of the United States. Of these, 30 restaurants are owned by the firm itself; the rest are franchise services.

Meaning and History

Popeyes Logo History

The idea to found a fast-food chain serving chicken dishes belongs to the American entrepreneur Alvin Copeland. He opened his first establishment in the summer of 1972 in the hope of competing with the popular Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). The businessman named the restaurant Chicken on the Run, but it was unsuccessful and went bankrupt in just a few months. Four days later, he had another catering establishment – Popeyes Mighty Good Chicken.

In 1975, the company was named Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken, and a year later, the owner switched to franchising. He began in Louisiana, covering neighboring states and Canada, where he came in 1984. In 1985, the restaurateur opened his 500th fast food outlet. However, in 1990, there was a default, and the network had to pay off the debts that it took upon itself after buying Church’s. The result of the litigation was the emergence of AFC (America’s Favorite Chicken), which became Popeyes and Church’s parent company. In 2004, AFC sold Church’s to Arcapita, retaining Popeyes.

The brand name that makes up the emblem is partly related to the image of the cartoon character Popeye. In the early stages, the firm sponsored the children’s show Popeye & Pals, so the sailor was on some packages. However, Alvin C. Copeland himself said that he referred to detective Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, the protagonist from the 1971 film The French Connection. But in any case, the name is written with the ending “s” without an apostrophe. The restaurant owner joked about this that he was too poor even to afford an apostrophe. According to English grammar, Alvin meant direct competitors to McDonald’s and Hardee’s, which have an apostrophe at the end of their words.

Later, the network nevertheless bought the rights to use the name of the brave sailor Popeye for marketing purposes. She used it for 35 years, then terminated her contract with King Features Syndicate. Therefore, the connection with the cartoon character is now really lacking. In 2020, an active revival of restaurants began with expansion around the world. At the same time, the designers changed the image of the institution and corrected the colors. There are four logos in Popeyes’ arsenal.

What is Popeyes?

Popeyes is the abbreviated name for a fast-food franchise chain. She owns about 30 establishments; the rest of the 3450 objects have other owners. It was founded in 1972. The main dish is fried chicken.

1972 – 2001

Popeyes Logo 1972-2001

Despite the frequent name changes, the company remained faithful to its debut identity. She used it before the transition to the new millennium. It was a text mark made up of the name of the restaurant. Initially, the letters were depicted as “jumping,” located chaotically, not systematically. But despite this, the word “Popeyes” still read well. Some characters were slanted to the left (first P, Y, S), others to the right (O, P, both E). The top of the “P” had serif-shaped protrusions. The rest of the letters did not have them. An individual uppercase font was chosen for the inscription. The exception was “E,” which was lowercase. The word was colored crimson.

2001 – 2008

Popeyes Logo 2001-2008

At the beginning of this period, a redesign took place, after which the text emblem acquired a new look. The designers made the letters a little larger and thinner, freeing up enough space for internal gaps, which added legibility to the lettering. The developers increased the first “P” in size, making it look bigger than the others – like a capital letter. In addition, they changed the tilt of the center “E” and “Y,” so the lettering seemed almost even. The authors also worked with color, replacing crimson with burgundy.

2008 – 2019

Popeyes Logo 2008-2019

Starting in 2008, the characters in the word “Popeyes” began to “jump” differently. If earlier they seemed to swing left and right, then, in this case, they jumped up and down. Both “E” went beyond the lower border, “O,” “Y,” “S” went beyond the upper one. But the shape of the signs remained the same, although the designers placed all letters vertically in the restaurant chain’s name. Another important innovation of this period is the golden yellow color. It is typical for chicken dishes, so the developers chose it.

2019 – today

Popeyes Logo 2019-present

The current emblem features orange lettering in perfectly straight lettering as the company ditched the fun-loving style and focused on the down-to-earth approach. This is due to the revitalization of activities to expand the franchise around the world. For such a start, the brand needed a new logo that does not look like the old one, but at the same time, it is quite recognizable. The designers just changed the font.

Font and Colors

Popeyes Emblem

In the modern version, the corporate inscription is complemented by a round stamp, which depicts a golden rooster – an indication of a variety of dishes with chicken meat. To the right and left of it is the year the Popeyes fast-food restaurant was founded. It is divided into two parts: “19” and “72”. Above and below, the location of the head office is written, and the type of establishment is indicated: “Louisiana” and “Kitchen.” Together, they form the new name of the network, which appeared in the 2008th year.

The names of the restaurants are made in an individual “jumping” font, which has no analogs. The modern version is vaguely reminiscent of the Bold Regular typeface with short legs at “Ps” and an oblique cut at the “e” end. For the phrase “Louisiana Kitchen,” the designers chose an option close to the Belizio Black serif typeface.

Popeyes Symbol

The corporate palette has changed several times. The early versions of the logo were crimson and burgundy; in the later versions, it was yellow-gold and orange.

Popeyes color codes

Dark Orange Hex color: #ff8511
RGB: 255 105 2
CMYK: 0 59 99 0
Pantone: PMS 151 C

Why did Popeyes change their logo?

With its international expansion and international expansion, Popeyes decided to change the logo to reflect the food and beverage brand’s seriousness, growth, and maturity. She also wanted to simplify its perception by foreign clients.

Did Popeyes change their logo?

Yes, the fast-food chain Popeyes has changed its logo. She made it smoother, smoother, more understandable. This happened in 2019 after the release franchises to the international level.

What is the Popeyes tagline?

One of the original mottos of the fast-food chain was, ‘So fast, you get your chicken before you get your change.’ Now she has replaced her and uses the slogan ‘Love That Chicken from Popeyes.’

Can I order Popeyes online?

Yes, Popeyes has the option to order food online. This can be done through the application installed on the smartphone. The finished dish is offered by self-pickup or delivered by courier. You can find out the location of the nearest point from the restaurant locator.

What does the logo symbolize Popeyes Logo?

The previous Popeyes logo symbolized the restaurant chain’s most successful dish, the chicken sandwich. This is how the image of the rooster, which was located in the center of the circle, was interpreted. By the way, the bird’s silhouette in appearance resembled a weather vane - an element that indicates the direction of the wind. The numbers ‘19’ and ‘72’ denoted the year the company was founded. Even earlier, the emblem depicted two fleur-de-lis - a symbol of New Orleans, where the Popeyes come from.

Why did Popeyes change their logo?

Popeyes wanted to streamline its visual system because it simply did not exist: the brand and its graphic symbols were not a single entity. It was important for the restaurant chain to show that it is committed to modernization while remaining true to its own historical heritage. That is, the designers had to keep Popeyes’s recognizability, humanity, and warmth but make the trademark relevant, modern and cool with the help of a new logo.

What is the Popeyes tagline?

‘Love That Chicken from Popeyes,’ ‘Love that Chicken!’, ‘Party with Popeye’s’ are all slogans of the same company that were used at different times. Against their background, the recent motto ‘Louisiana fast’ seems concise because it consists of only two words. This was the name of the Popeyes advertising campaign launched in 2008 along with the new logo. She hinted that Louisiana’s home cooking inspired the restaurant chain’s dishes.

What does Popeyes name mean?

According to Alvin C. Copeland, the name Popeyes, which is displayed on the logo, is associated with the nickname of detective Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle. This is a fictional character from the film The French Connection (1971), where Eugene Allen Hackman played the role of a policeman. That is, the founder of a chain of fast food restaurants then did not even think about Popeye the Sailor Man from comics and cartoons. Later, the funny sailor began to be used for advertising purposes, for which the company signed a licensing contract with King Features Syndicate.

Why is Popeyes named after Popeye Doyle?

The Popeyes restaurant chain got its name from Jimmy ‘Popeye’ Doyle from the movie The French Connection because Alvin C. Copeland wanted it that way. Rumor has it that the founder of the company liked the style of this character. It is also possible that Copeland was a fan of crime thrillers or the work of Robert Lowell Moore Jr., whose book is based on the film. Whatever the reason, the Popeyes name has become iconic and has ended up on the brand’s logo.

What is Popeyes mascot?

Popeyes’ current mascot is a rooster named Poppy (the ‘chicken’ theme stems from the fact that the chain’s first restaurant was once called Chicken on the Run). The bird is depicted on the emblem inside an orange ring and is itself entirely orange. Previously, the mascot was Popeye the Sailor Man. The restaurant chain bought the rights to use this cartoon character, so he often appeared in their advertisements. This continued until 2012, when the contract was terminated.

When did Popeyes logo change?

Popeyes changed the logo in 2019 but has been working on it since the last months of 2018. Creative agency Jones Knowles Ritchie was hired to do this. The designers lightened the orange color that was used before and improved the readability of the lettering because it had to look equally good on a large billboard and on a small mobile device screen. To do this, JB Hartford, together with the team, aligned and lengthened the letters.

What was the old Popeyes slogan?

The most famous old Popeyes slogan is ‘Love That Chicken From Popeyes.’ He became famous thanks to advertising, where he was sung by Dr. John. The iconic phrase appeared after a major rebranding when the company received its current name. Before this, the restaurant chain was known as Chicken on the Run and used not only a different logo but also a different motto: ‘So quick, you receive your chicken before you get your change.’