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The Pos Indonesia logo masterfully blends a rich history with the modern demands of communication and global reach. The most striking element is a rightward-facing dove, a universally recognized symbol of postal service since time immemorial. This bird’s body is elongated and pointed, adorned with five long stripes on its wing that evoke the look of speed lines. This transforms the otherwise static symbol into a dynamic emblem. Behind this dove is a globe covered in a grid of meridians and parallels; its inner lines are orange, while the outer ring is red. Beneath this visual ensemble, the postal company’s name is written in a bold, grey font devoid of serifs.

Now, breaking it down: the dove in flight is no ordinary symbol. It has been used for centuries as a carrier of messages and is, in this case, elongated and pointed, denoting urgency and speed. This speaks to the efficiency that is key in postal services. The speed lines on the wing introduce motion into the symbol, emphasizing the company’s commitment to rapid delivery and communication.

The globe in the background establishes the international scope of the organization’s operations. Gridlines of meridians and parallels on it confirm its global reach, and the use of orange and red lines adds vibrancy, suggesting a network that’s active round-the-clock. These colors are not just mere decoration but have a purpose. Orange is often associated with energy, while red can signify urgency—two vital characteristics in the postal service sector.

Pos Indonesia and its logo are more than a mere collection of symbols and text. They tell the story of an entity that understands the gravity of its role as a communicator across borders. Whether sending a local letter or an international package, the core focus is always on speed and reliability, underpinned by an age-old symbol given a modern twist.

The bold, grey letters used for spelling out the name are sturdy and no-nonsense, clearly stating the practical, straightforward mission of the entity. The text remains easy to read without any intricate serifs, cementing the ethos of clarity and simplicity.

The logo reflects a legacy of service, efficiency, and, most importantly, an understanding of the modern world’s demands. The emblem is an inviting gateway to explore the postal company’s offerings, ethos, and commitment to bridging small and vast distances.

Pos Indonesia: Brand overview

Founder:Government of Indonesia
Bandung, Indonesia

In the 18th century, during the reign of the Dutch colonial powers, Indonesia’s initial postal services were birthed, catering primarily to the regions of Java and Sumatra. However, following the nation’s declaration of independence in 1945, the remnants of the Dutch postal framework gave way to Indonesia’s self-established postal system, PN Postel.

The subsequent decades of the 1960s and 70s witnessed an extension of this postal service, reaching out to the nation’s numerous outer islands, ensuring a more inclusive communication network. A significant transformation occurred in 1995 when the government opted to reshape the existing postal structure, launching PT Pos Indonesia, a state-owned enterprise designed to bring modernization and enhancement to the country’s postal offerings.

By 2009, Pos Indonesia was operating under a government-sanctioned monopoly, although this exclusive control was later recalibrated in 2012, paving the way for a degree of market competition. The company didn’t just rest on its traditional services but introduced diverse offerings over the years, such as expedited mail, logistical support, and financial provisions.

Having joined the Universal Postal Union in 1977, Pos Indonesia is significant in the country’s communication landscape. Boasting an employee strength of over 27,000 and a network of over 6,000 post offices nationwide, the organization remains at the heart of Indonesia’s communication infrastructure. Despite the decline in traditional letter mailing, Pos Indonesia is determined to continually revamp and recalibrate its offerings to meet the nation’s dynamic delivery and communication requirements.

Meaning and History

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1956 – 1965

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