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High style and aesthetics characterize the emblem of the Prada Trading House, whose logo demonstrates the luxury and exclusivity of the brand’s offerings. Its conciseness and monochromatic colors symbolize the unique beauty of the product.

Prada: Brand overview

Founder:Mario Prada
Milan, Italy
Prada is essentially three in one – a company, fashion house, and brand involved in designing, producing, and selling fashionable accessories, footwear, and clothing worldwide. They appeared in 1913 and were founded by Mario Prada. The headquarters is located in Milan (Italy).

Meaning and History

Prada Logo History

The visualization of the logo began in 1919 when the company was appointed as the official clothing supplier for the Italian monarchs. Thanks to the services of the royal family, the brand was allowed to include heraldic elements belonging to the House of Savoy in the logo. The trademark chose two details: the rope and the coat of arms. In addition to them, the couturier also included his distinctive sign.

The patronage of high-ranking individuals, reflected in the official symbolism of the fashion house, helped the company survive and withstand fierce competition with other fashion industry representatives. No one else could boast such an honor. That’s why including monarchic symbols in the emblem was a wise decision and allowed for recognition.

What is Prada?

Prada is a world-renowned fashion brand. It is famous for its Italian luxury, innovative design, and high quality. The company was founded in 1913 to sell leather goods. Its range includes various accessories, bags, perfumes, clothing, and footwear.

Logo Prada

But over time, the brand removed from the logo images borrowed from the royals, leaving only the popularity achieved. As a result, the coat of arms, rope, and even the shape of the label disappeared – only the word “Prada” remained.

Font and Colors

Prada Emblem

The debut version featured details representing the royal family. It was a sign with the brand name, the year, and the city of its foundation. They were located in the center of an ellipse. The oval formed a rope with four maritime knots and royal heraldry at the top.

In the modern version, the emphasis is on the verbal part, namely the font, which combines two types of writing: thin and thick lines in the characters. Also, “R” has a distinctive feature – a peculiarity by which it is well recognized. The letters “A” received an elongated leg with an original serif at the top.

However, the official emblem is not static: it changes depending on the collection and the variety of items that accompany it. For example, on many bags, the logo is presented in the form of a patch in the shape of a triangle, which depicts a miniature coat of arms and a figurative ribbon. On the label of some branded items, there is a “Prada Milano” mark; on others, simply “Prada.”

Prada Symbol

The symbolism of the emblem is simple: with conciseness, the huge significance of the Fashion House is shown. That is, it’s a “noticeable absence” of the logo. Prada does not recognize intricate and pompous details in the official sign, proclaiming “anti-status” as opposed to snobbery. Therefore, the name only appears on small clasps, buckles, tags, and labels.

Logo Prada

From its formation to the present day, the style of the textual part of the logo has not changed. The brand name has the same font as before. The word is written in uppercase letters, adopted back in 1919.

The color palette of the Italian Fashion House also emphasizes the idea of sophistication in minimalism. Therefore, whatever form its emblem takes, it is always depicted in a monochromatic range and represents a dark inscription on a light background. However, in exceptional cases, the word “Prada” is white or gold.

Prada color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C