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The Princeton logo shows the unity of science and faith, spiritual and material. It is an example of ancient heraldry. The emblem conveys the idea of nobility, honor, and a serious attitude to learning.

Princeton University: Brand overview

Founded:October 22, 1746
Princeton, New Jersey, United States

Princeton University is the best private Ivy League institution in America. More than 8 thousand future bachelors, masters, and doctors study at the university for whom 1290 teachers teach. The Princeton logo brings together six colleges.

Princeton University was the fifth inaugurated in America and is, therefore, one of the oldest educational institutions in the country. He witnessed the Declaration of Independence of the United States, and nine of his graduates participated in the adoption of the country’s constitution. Starting with lessons at the priest’s home for ten students, the training has expanded to 34 faculties and a campus of 2 square kilometers.

Meaning and History

Princeton University Logo History

The university received its logo almost 250 years after its foundation and kept it unchanged.

The emblem consists of a shield and the university’s name located to the right of it. As usual, the first word is bolder, and “university” is written thinner.

The shield is divided into two parts. At the top, on a black background, an element of the historical past is an open Bible with the same inscription as on the first seal of the college.

The Code of Honor expresses a special religious orientation in the modern university. Before each exam and written work, students sign a paper that they will not violate this Code, and if they see someone violating it, they will report it. According to the Code, cheating, cheat sheets, and plagiarism are excluded. The teacher is not present at the written exams, expressing full confidence in the students.

Below the Bible on the shield is a black chevron (rafter) on an orange background. The image symbolizes the federal government, legislative, executive, and judicial branches. The university witnessed the United States’ formation and the Constitution’s signing. His students took part in it. And the image is a reference to the rich historical past of the university. Reinforces the university’s position on the origins of modern America.

Despite its current importance, the shield was said to have been a gift to the university from the British crown before the revolution.

What is Princeton?

The oldest institution of higher education in America, giving the title of Bachelor of Arts and Engineering in 34 areas. It has the largest capital of almost 27 billion dollars and is the ancestor of the name Ivy League because of the tradition of planting ivy by alumni.


The first visual symbol of the institution was the seal. Her imprint on the documents confirmed their officiality and authenticity. The symbol changed once, along with the change in the organization’s status.

1748 – 1896

Princeton University Seal Logo 1748

The seal consisted of two concentric circles. On the outside, it said: “Seal of the College of New Jersey.”

In the inner circle was an open book, personifying the Bible. The original focus of the institution was theology, like most early educational institutions.

The Bible is considered the most important book that carries the light of knowledge. So that there would be no doubts about what kind of treatise was in front of the audience, on the open pages, it was written: “The New and Old Testament.”

Above the Bible, on a heraldic ribbon, was the motto, which announced that God gives life to the dead. This is an allusion to the second spiritual birth of a person at the moment of repentance and the promised resurrection of the dead at the moment of the second coming of Christ.

The emphasis on saving faith was in tune with the unprecedented decision of the time that anyone could study at the institution, regardless of their faith. This gave a chance for salvation to those who go the wrong way.

The lower part of the inner circle of the seal is divided into two halves. In one, a diploma is drawn, and in the other, a table with books. The image shows the need for diligent learning. And this is not surprising; the institution has always had high requirements. Currently, only 9-10% of those who apply to get in.

1896 – today

Princeton University Seal Logo 1896

In 1896, the college renamed the university. So his seal changed. The outer circle now reads “Seal of Princeton University.”

In the inner circle, there is a shield, now the logo of the institution, and an inscription, again referring the viewer to matters of faith: “We prosper under the rule of God.”

Font and Colors

Princeton Emblem

The main colors of the university are black and orange. They echo the color of the establishment’s mascot – the tiger.

  • Orange shows warmth and a community of friendly people.
  • Black – a symbol of knowledge and respectable age. Indicates an establishment located at the base of the US educational system building.

Interestingly, in the original interpretation conceived by the British, the college colors were orange and a very dark blue. However, when the document with the coat of arms was delivered, the blue turned black, which was confirmed by the educational institution’s leadership.

Princeton Symbol

The font Bell MT Bold is strict with serifs that add elegance to the lettering.

Princeton University color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Cadmium OrangeHex color:#ee7f2d
RGB:238 127 45
CMYK:0 47 81 7
Pantone:PMS 1575 C