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This is a serious company, so the Progressive logo is serious. Its visual identity is built on the text, which has been played up in several forms. The last logo has an italicized inscription in blue capital letters. It conveys a sense of confidence, reliability, and steady progress.

Progressive: Brand overview

Founded:March 10, 1937
Founder:Joseph Lewis and Jack Green
Mayfield Village, Ohio, U.S.

Progressive is representative of the U.S. insurance industry. It is one of the top 3 largest industry companies leading United States auto insurance services. But in addition to insuring cars, SUVs, boats, commercial vehicles, and motorcycles, it also ensures buildings, pets, and people’s lives. The founders of the corporation were Joseph Lewis and Jack Green. The time of its inception is 1937. The company is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio.

This insurer began operating in 1937 under the name Progressive Insurance Company. Things didn’t go too well in the early years because he was looking for his niche. And eventually, he found it, setting up support for the riskiest drivers. This happened in 1956. This decision helped boost the business and justified the corporation’s name, which positioned itself as innovative.

Meaning and History

Progressive Logo History

The pioneering approach has to do with the unique choice of client categories and the way they interact with it. The company is the first automobile insurer to allow customers to select policies and take them out through a website. And later, it was the first to allow smartphone apps and mobile browsers to rate and manage policies. This concept fits perfectly with the insurance innovator’s identity. That’s why all its logos are businesslike and serious.

What is Progressive?

Progressive is the third-largest transportation insurance company from the United States. It provides insurance services to drivers in risky categories, such as owners of cars, SUVs, boats, commercial vehicles, and more. The service has existed since 1937, having been founded by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green.

1937 – 1970

At first, the insurance service searched for its identity: it chose an original niche, which was reflected in its visual identity. In 1956, the company switched to insurance compensation for risk-category drivers and only then finally decided on an emblem.

1970 – 1997

Progressive Logo 1970

The Progressive text mark consisted of a single inscription placed horizontally. The letters were lowercase, italicized, and bold. In place of the “v” was a pencil, the sharpened side of which was at the bottom and almost in contact with the adjacent “i.” As a result, this juxtaposition visually gave the impression of a missing glyph. The logo was gray.

1997 – today

Progressive Logo

The current Progressive emblem contains the name typed in capital letters. Therefore, all letters are flat, equal, tall, and italic. The rounding at the ends of the glyphs disappeared, and right angles replaced them. At the same time, the designers replaced the gray color with blue.

The theme of the visual identity of the insurance company is directly connected with its name. There are two reasons for that. First, Progressive has a text logo. Secondly, the meaning of the name echoes the working concept of the insurance corporation, which strives for progress and innovation.

Font and Colors

Progressive Emblem

The inscription is made in a font reminiscent of Gill Sans MT, but it is not identical to it completely, as it is an individual development created for this project. The modern corporate palette of the leading American insurer consists of blue color. It is bright, austere, inspiring hope for a positive solution to problems.

Progressive Symbol

Progressive color codes

SapphireHex color:#0056b7
RGB:0 86 183
CMYK:100 53 0 28
Pantone:PMS 2935 C