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Queensland Government: Brand overview

Queensland emerged as a separate entity in 1859, separated from the colony of New South Wales. Shortly thereafter, in 1867, the region adopted a constitution that laid the foundation for a parliamentary structure of government.

With the advent of the Federation of Australia in 1901, Queensland became a state within the newly formed Federation of Australia. Throughout the 20th century, the Queensland government honed its mechanism, adhering to the Westminster model. The result was a democratically elected Legislative Assembly, complete with a cabinet and a governor, to symbolize the presence of the crown.

The political landscape changed, and for a long time, the Queensland Government was largely under the sway of the Country/Nation party. However, in 1998, the winds of change brought the Labor Party to the forefront, and Peter Beattie became Prime Minister.

The period of state government is marked by significant milestones. Notable among them are the thorough Fitzgerald Inquiry in the 1980s, which provided an in-depth look into police corruption, and the commendable legislation of the 1990s that recognized the rights of Aboriginal people to own ancestral lands. Queensland’s growth trajectory, whether in mining, agriculture, tourism, or services, has been under the control of the state government. The state has also proudly hosted grand events such as the Expo ’88 World Expo and the Commonwealth Games.

But the journey has not always been smooth. The state has faced natural calamities in the form of droughts, floods, and cyclones. Nevertheless, the state government and the people of the state have shown resilience. Today, the state government focuses on critical sectors such as education, infrastructure, health, environment, and essential public services to meet the diverse needs of a population of over 5 million people.

Meaning and History

Queensland Government Logo History

Early 1893

Queensland Government Logo Early 1893

End of 1893

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1901 – 2000

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2000 – 2012

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2012 – today

Queensland Government Logo

The iconic logo shows a noble stag and a unique crane holding a shield divided into three segments. The upper part depicts the heads of a bull and a ram, while the lower part shows a sheaf of grain, a pick, and a shovel. These elements symbolize Queensland’s industrial, agricultural, and livestock values. Above the shield are the knight’s armor and the Maltese cross, framed on both sides by foliage forming a mirror pattern. Beneath it, the Latin saying “Audax at Fidelis” is inscribed on a scroll. Still below is the state body to which the emblem belongs.

The emblem is like a mini-history. It summarizes everything about Queensland without saying a word. The heads of a bull and a ram seem to hint at hard-working farmers. The sheaf of grain, pickaxe, and shovel seem to say, “Yes, we have many different occupations here!”. The deer and crane are the elegant side of this place, giving it strength and grace. The Latin words are reminiscent of a superhero’s motto, making you feel that something cool is going on here.