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The Queensland Government logo presents a highly symbolic tableau featuring a noble deer and a unique crane holding a shield, segmented into three parts. Above the shield is a fragment of knightly armor and a Maltese cross, flanked on either side by foliage creating a mirror pattern. Below this, a scroll displays the Latin phrase “Audax at Fidelis.” An inscription even lower identifies the governmental body that owns the emblem.

The shield forms the centerpiece and is divided into three distinct sections. The top segment showcases the heads of a bull and a ram, while the lower portion exhibits a sheaf of wheat, a pickaxe, and a shovel. These elements are not mere decorations; they bear significant implications for the identity and functions of the governmental body. The bull and the ram represent livestock values, reflecting the importance of animal husbandry within the state. Meanwhile, the sheaf of wheat, pickaxe, and shovel symbolize industrial and agricultural virtues, underscoring the economic foundations upon which the state is built.

Occupying a salient position above the shield are elements that evoke chivalry and duty. The knightly armor stands for courage and the unwavering commitment to uphold principles. The Maltese cross signifies courage, aligning with the Latin phrase “Audax at Fidelis,” which translates to “Bold but Faithful.” This motto encapsulates the ideals of bravery and loyalty, key attributes expected from the entities that constitute the Queensland Government.

The noble deer and the unique crane on either side of the shield serve as custodians of the state’s natural wealth. They personify the ecological richness and diversity of the region, reminding us of the government’s role in conservation. The mirror pattern of the flanking foliage emphasizes balance and symmetry, extolling virtues of harmony and stability.

The design components work cohesively to relay a compelling story about the government’s role in industrial, agricultural, and ecological sustainability. Each symbol intricately woven into this emblem echoes the collective values, making it much more than just a visual identifier for the state.

Queensland Government: Brand overview

Founded: 6 June 1859
Queensland, Australia
Website: qld.gov.au

Emerging as a distinct entity in 1859, Queensland marked its separation from the colony of New South Wales. Not too long after, in 1867, the region embraced its constitution, laying the foundation for a parliamentary governance structure.

With the advent of the Australian Federation in 1901, Queensland seamlessly transitioned into a state under Australia’s newly minted federal umbrella. Throughout the 20th century, the government of Queensland fine-tuned its machinery, adhering to the Westminster model. This resulted in the formation of a democratically elected Legislative Assembly, complemented by a cabinet and a Governor, symbolizing the Crown’s presence.

Political landscapes shifted, and Queensland witnessed its government mostly under the reins of the Country/National party for an extended duration. However, the winds of change brought the Labor Party to the forefront in 1998, with Peter Beattie as Premier.

The state government’s timeline is punctuated with significant milestones. Notable among these are the rigorous Fitzgerald inquiry of the 1980s that delved deep into police corruption and the commendable legislation of the 1990s that acknowledged Aboriginal native title rights. Queensland’s trajectory of growth, be it in mining, agriculture, tourism, or services, has been overseen by the state government. Furthermore, it proudly hosted grand events such as the World Expo 88 and the Commonwealth Games.

The path hasn’t always been smooth. The state grappled with nature’s fury in the form of droughts, floods, and cyclones. Yet, the resilience of the government and its people shone through. Today, the state’s governance focuses on pivotal sectors like education, infrastructure, health, environment, and indispensable public services, all catering to the diverse needs of its population of over 5 million.

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