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The extensive fashion industry, jewelry, home goods, and exquisite perfumery are reflected in the Ralph Lauren logo in a noble style. The polo player is a symbol of belonging to the upper echelons, for whom the brand’s products are intended. This means that anyone who buys an item with such an emblem automatically becomes a noble person in the eyes of others.

Ralph Lauren: Brand overview

Founder:Ralph Lauren
New York City, U.S.
Ralph Lauren is a famous American company that was established in 1967. Initially, it specialized only in men’s ties. Now, it produces a vast range of products, including clothing, shoes, perfume, various accessories, furniture, and household utensils.

Meaning and History

Ralph Lauren Symbol

The logo, known as the Polo Pony, has become one of the most recognizable in the world of fashion. It adorns t-shirts, cocktail glasses, and Hollywood outfits. But in 1971, Ralph Lauren least wanted to please movie stars. The company owner created the logo to use it in advertising a charity event. The owner chose the design entirely by chance while browsing patterns for ties. Seeing one of them, he immediately understood that this would make an excellent brand name.

Later, in June, the owner of Lauren decided to embroider the logo on the cuffs of women’s shirts. The distinguished designer perceived this as an exquisite decoration, along with jewelry. After long experiments with sizes, he managed to create the final version of the emblem. Then, he transferred the design to other items, including cotton t-shirts of the flagship brand Polo Ralph Lauren.

What is Ralph Lauren?

Besides clothing, accessories, and perfume, Ralph Lauren is a vast corporation that produces furniture, jewelry, household utensils, dishware, and much more.

Ralph Lauren: Interesting Facts

Ralph Lauren started in 1967 with just men’s ties and grew into a huge name in fashion and lifestyle, all thanks to its founder, Ralph Lauren.

  1. Beginning with Ties: Ralph Lauren began his journey with a line of men’s ties named “Polo” in 1967. This quickly grew into a full clothing line for men by 1968, marking the start of a brand offering much more than just clothes.
  2. The Polo Shirt: In 1972, Ralph Lauren introduced the Polo shirt, complete with the logo of a Polo player. Available in 24 colors, this shirt became a must-have, mixing sporty with classy.
  3. More Than Clothes: Ralph Lauren didn’t stop at clothes. The brand expanded into accessories, home stuff, and even restaurants. In 1983, the Ralph Lauren Home Collection started, letting people fill their homes with the brand’s style.
  4. Ads That Tell Stories: In 1984, Ralph Lauren’s ads began showing products and a whole lifestyle. These ads were like mini-movies, setting a new trend for how brands talk about themselves.
  5. Helping Others: Ralph Lauren also focuses on doing good. The company has worked to fight cancer, starting the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care in Harlem and launching the Pink Pony Campaign, showing it’s serious about helping.
  6. Worldwide Brand: Ralph Lauren went from selling ties to becoming a global presence. Now, its products are available in over 100 countries, and it has many stores and a big online shop.
  7. Top-Notch Luxury: In 1994, Ralph Lauren introduced the Purple Label, offering super fancy men’s wear emphasizing quality and elegance.
  8. Inspired by America: The brand’s designs are inspired by American themes like the Old West, classic Hollywood, and New England’s preppy look. This has helped shape how people worldwide see the American style.
  9. Shopping as an Experience: Ralph Lauren’s stores, especially the flagship in New York City, are more than places to shop. They’re designed to immerse you in the Ralph Lauren world, offering a unique experience.

From starting with simple ties to becoming a brand about American style and quality, Ralph Lauren shows how a brand can grow and influence fashion and culture.

Font and Colors

Ralph Lauren Emblem

The trademark officially appeared in 1974: New Yorkers first saw it in newspapers. Since then, it has barely changed because the company owner considered the image symbolic. In his opinion, the polo player embodies the American style, sporting spirit, high quality, refined luxury, and concise elegance.

The rider sits on a running horse and holds a mallet in his right hand. This reflects the dynamics and strength, which are key principles of the brand. Black and white colors emphasize classic simplicity. However, the logo’s color often changes on clothing: the manufacturer adjusts it to the main background without disrupting the monochromatic design.

Ralph Lauren sign

In some cases, the graphic image is supplemented with inscriptions, for example, the words “Ralph” (on the left) and “Lauren” (on the right). In this case, they are executed in a custom font with long rectangular serifs and strokes of uneven thickness. All letters are uppercase, although the first “R” and “L” are much larger than the rest. The spacing between letters is so narrow that the symbols blend together.

The logo with the phrase “Polo Ralph Lauren” is also widely known. It was introduced in 1993 along with the Polo sportswear line. The developers wanted to emphasize the classics, so the inscription style is close to Roman. The company did not change the font, preferring its proprietary typography.

Ralph Lauren color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
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CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What does the Ralph Lauren logo represent?

The logo with the horse symbolizes nobility, elegance, and freedom. It features a polo player, an arrogant and wealthy representative of the upper class.

What is the difference between Ralph Lauren and Polo?

Polo is a brand, and Ralph Lauren is the company that owns it.

Who invented the Polo logo?

Tennis player René Lacoste created the logo for the Polo Ralph Lauren brand.

Ralph Lauren or Ralph Lauren?

The official name of the company is Ralph Lauren Corporation.