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The Realtor logo is like a window in which everyone’s dream apartment will be reflected. The emblem points to people who help get the keys to a new home. A business approach and systematic search are the main features of the association.

Realtor: Brand overview

Founded: 1974
Founder: National Association of Realtors (NAR)
United States

Realtor is an American trademark owned by an organization called the National Association of Realtors (NAR). It represents the real estate industry and acts as a self-regulatory body with over 1.45 million members, including societies, institutions, and councils. The company is also engaged in real estate brokerage. The brand originated in 1908 with headquarters in Chicago (USA).

The organization includes people whose specialties are related to real estate: brokers, sellers, managers, appraisers, consultants, as well as those who are involved in any industry aspect that requires a state license to work. The parent company received its current name in 1972, and until that time, it was called the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges and was located in Illinois. Then it became The National Association of Real Estate Boards and was later renamed the National Association of Realtors.

Meaning and History

Realtor Logo History

The name change detail is extremely important, as it was she who eventually brought the word “REALTOR,” which was registered as a trademark in the capital spelling. It was written by Charles N. Chadbourn, an association vice president and real estate agent based in Minneapolis. The term was approved in 1916 at the organization’s national convention in New Orleans.

In 1949, NAR was assigned a US registration number as a collective trademark of real estate brokerage. A year later, the company passed the second registration for the term “realtor.” Since then, she has officially owned it. Moreover, it spreads to many areas, becoming the only official brand of a branched structure and taking its rightful place on all logo versions. And she has two of them.

What is a Realtor?

It is an American organization owned by the National Association of Realtors and part of its structure as a working platform for real estate transactions. It was founded in 1908. Its head office is located in the city of Chicago.

1974 – 2020

National Association of Realtors Logo 1974-2020

The organization received this symbolism after the last renaming, which took place in 1972. But until that time, she did not have the word “Realtor” in the emblem, so the countdown is from the moment the new trademark was officially approved. The logo depicts a blue square (it can also be black) with a large “R.” It is made composite and combined of three geometric shapes: a vertical rectangle (left leg), a semicircle (top element), and an isosceles triangle (bottom leg). All parts are placed separately and separated by a small space.

The logo also has two text labels. The first one is located under the square and represents the expanded name of the “REALTOR” brand. According to the accepted registration, it is in capital sans serif characters. The branded “R” resembles a graphic one since its right part in the center is not connected to the left. Nearby is the full name of the organization – “National Association of Realtors.” It is written in a thin serif typeface. The union “of,” which denotes a company, has a different style – italic and handwritten, while the rest of the letters are printed. The words are placed on a light background and span three lines.

2018 (unused)

Realtor Logo 2018

2020 – today

National Association of Realtors Logo 2020-present

In 2020, the emblem underwent some changes. The designers removed the bottom text, lightened the square a little, and used a new style for the association’s full name. It is now in all-caps font with the word “REALTOR” highlighted in blue. The authors replaced italics with bold grotesque, as in the rest of the phrase.

Font and Colors

Realtor Emblem

There is nothing to say about the evolution of the logo because it did not exist, unless, of course, you count the font change and color correction. Otherwise, it looks identical in both early and late versions: a square with a stylized “R” inside and the full name on the right. The milestone of the emblem is considered to be 1974, although the association itself appeared in 1908.

The debut serif version uses a typeface reminiscent of Adobe’s Garamond Pro Regular, Arno Pro Display Regular, and Hoftype’s Erato Light. The current version is chopped up and is close to the Texta Heavy font represented by Latinotype.

Realtor Symbol

The logo is used in two color palettes: corporate blue PMS 293 and black and white. In the first, the letter is white, and the background is blue; in the second square, it is black.

Realtor color codes

French Blue Hex color: #006cba
RGB: 0 108 186
CMYK: 100 42 0 27
Pantone: PMS 285 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C

How do you make a Realtor logo?

The Realtor logo consists of 3 geometric shapes placed on a blue square. Therefore, it can be done in a photo editor by combining a vertical rectangle, a semicircle, and an isosceles triangle, which form a capital R.

Can a real estate agent have a logo?

Yes, every real estate agent can have a logo. It provides the organization in which the realtor works, or he makes the logo itself. There are special services where it is easy to make an individual sign at your discretion.

What is a Realtor trademark?

The Realtor trademark is an individual designation of the American organization NAR (National Association of REALTORS), which owns its copyright. It has nothing to do with the terminology used by a real estate agent.

How do I get a realtor, R?

If we are talking about the services of a NAR specialist, then you should call the organization and agree on the arrival of a realtor. If the symbol at the end of the word REALTORS is implied, it can be obtained by pressing Alt + 0174 (PC) or Option + R (Mac).