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The Red Robin logo encapsulates the laid-back ambiance of the burger joint, decorating its façade with a striking inscription. It embodies the high activity of the restaurant chain, its powerful internal energy, and distinct personality. The emblem acts like a magnet drawing the attention of onlookers, hinting at a delicious snack in a comfortable setting since casualness is the franchise’s key characteristic.

Red Robin: Brand overview

Founder:Gerry Kingen
Greenwood Village, Colorado, United States

Red Robin is a fast food that attracts customers with its relaxed environment so they can enjoy mouth-watering hamburgers. It first emerged in Seattle, Washington, where it was inaugurated in 1940 as Sam’s Tavern. By 1969, the restaurant was rebranded as Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews. The headquarters later moved to Greenwood Village, Colorado. Today, it’s a vast culinary empire with over 570 locations, founded by Gerry Kingen.

Meaning and History

Red Robin Logo History

Once the fast-food venue incorporated “Red Robin” into its name, it became marketing gold. Such distinctiveness set it apart, emphasizing its uniqueness. Thus, the second owner, who launched the chain in 1969, entirely dropped the first part of the old name and kept only the two words from the song “When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along).” They became so deeply rooted in the brand’s identity that they were used as the foundation for the logo. The original signage attracted patrons anticipating the signature menu, and they found it, surrounded by the eatery’s easygoing vibe.

What is Red Robin?

Red Robin is the abbreviated name of the fast-food chain “Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews.” It debuted in 1940 as “Sam’s Tavern” and only in 1969 adopted its current moniker. The founder of the burger joint was Sam, who had a fondness for the song “When the Red, Red Robin” by Harry Woods. Its fame was further expanded by Gerry Kingen, who revitalized the brand. The first establishment was in Seattle, Washington, but the main office was later relocated to Greenwood Village, Colorado. The restaurants specialize in various hamburgers.

1969 – 1984

Red Robin Logo 1969

The Red Robin logo is unique, with one horizontal edge (bottom), one vertical (right), one diagonal (top), and several notches on the left. Triangle-shaped indentations form uneven protrusions. The brand name is split across two levels in the dark red space. The large white letters are visible against this background, even from a distance. The font is uppercase, Roman, and sleek. Below, there’s a small area designated for the additional tagline “Burger & Spirits Emporium,” indicating the establishment’s offerings at that time.

1984 – 1997

Red Robin Logo 1984

After a menu and visual identity overhaul, the restaurant chain introduced its mascot: an anthropomorphic bird with a large hamburger that it proudly holds up. It sports a blue bow tie, white collar, and red plumage. Essentially, the fast-food management presented this character as the iconic Red Robin. The mascot is centered within a white circle, separated by a wide beige-pink band featuring two inscriptions: the brand name is at the top in a bold font with serifs, and at the bottom in semi-bold letters is the word “Lager” alongside the establishment year. The logo is encircled with a fine red ring. Visually, it resembles a large donut or a seal, given its classic rondel appearance.

1997 – 2009

Red Robin Logo 1997

The logo transformed, reverting to a two-tier design with small subscript text. The brand name is tilted, and below are diagonal black bands with white inscriptions: under “Red” is “America’s,” and under “Robin” is “Gourmet Burgers & Spirits.” Each element has its unique style. The brand name is in a large red font with tiny serifs. The additional information at the bottom uses a blocky typeface with slender glyphs. Serving as a backdrop is a yellow ellipse angled in the opposite direction.

2009 – 2015

Red Robin Logo 2009

After its modernization, the Red Robin logo became more vibrant, colorful, and discernible from a distance. Designers achieved this effect by enhancing the colors (like the background ellipse) and brightening the area intersecting with the inscription. As a result, white patches appeared on the yellow oval, making the red letters pop elegantly. Another artistic touch was the contrasting shadows near the glyphs. Moreover, most of the additional inscriptions were removed, leaving only “Gourmet Burgers.” The text’s structure and style remained consistent.

2015 – today

Red Robin Logo

The latest visual identity upgrade yielded a unique result, as the logo design was completely reformatted. The primary element remained the color, given its mention in the restaurant chain’s name. The name is set in a bespoke font in lowercase. The only capital letter is the “R,” as it’s the word’s first letter. However, even this letter underwent a significant transformation: it now has a casual style with an elongated stem and an open upper loop.

Both words are now on a single line. The rounded letters emanate a friendly vibe, while the overhead arch from “d” to “i” connects the two parts, creating a unified whole. Below, there’s a clarifying note for visitors: “Gourmet Burgers and Brews.” This line is in yellow.

Font and Colors

Red Robin Emblem

The bold colors and fonts have a restaurant feel and are highly appealing. While the font was previously conventional (bold, uppercase, Roman), it took on a distinct uniqueness later. Designers introduced an unparalleled style since the inscription appears hand-drawn rather than typed. The letters are formed with smooth lines, converted to lowercase, and tilted to the right. The text below is set in a font similar to Concert One Regular but without rounded edges. The signature colors of this fast food are red and yellow.

Red Robin Symbol