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The Texas Roadhouse logo is not just a stylish design but also embodies the true Texan spirit. It transports you to the picturesque expanses of the American South, where the aroma of fresh grilling fills the air, accompanied by country music tunes. The emblem epitomizes the hospitality and warmth of local cuisine. This symbol bridges the gap between the past and present, merging authenticity with contemporary tastes.

Texas Roadhouse: Brand overview

Founded:February 17, 1993
Founder:W. Kent Taylor
Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.
The history of Texas Roadhouse is essentially the story of Wayne Kent Taylor, who previously worked at Hooters and KFC. He didn’t succeed in other restaurants, considering himself a free thinker and wanting to develop his concept. His first project was a Colorado-themed steakhouse, but Taylor couldn’t find common ground with his business partner. Ultimately, he decided to open a cowboy-style establishment and, with difficulty, found three investors (after nearly 100 rejections). The first Texas Roadhouse opened in 1993. Since then, it has grown into a large chain of restaurants that serves freshly prepared homemade food.

Meaning and History

Texas Roadhouse Logo History

Despite the name, Texas Roadhouse is not territorially linked with The Lone Star State. It originated in Indiana, and its headquarters are located in Kentucky. Nevertheless, the chain’s concept is genuinely Texan: Kent Taylor created a relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of roadside diners. Preparing to launch the first restaurant, Taylor detailed his plans on a cocktail napkin to convince investors of the idea’s potential. Similarly, years later, he sketched a design on another napkin that eventually became the brand’s iconic logo.

What is Texas Roadhouse?

Texas Roadhouse is a company that owns the eponymous chain of cowboy-themed steakhouses. Founded by Kent Taylor in 1993 in Clarksville is based in Louisville. The company owns several hundred establishments across various US states and internationally. The restaurants are popular due to their authentic ambiance and fresh, hand-made dishes.

1993 – 1996

Texas Roadhouse Logo 1993

The old emblem featured an outlined image of the state of Texas. It was colored dark brown and complemented with black shadows, giving it a 3D appearance. The top was adorned with a large cowboy hat, and the restaurant’s name was written below. An uppercase font resembling stencil for the first word was used, but the letters appeared blurry and speckled. The phrase “road house” consisted of lowercase glyphs and was rendered in italics, mimicking untidy handwriting.

1996 – today

Texas Roadhouse Logo

The new logo emerged around the time the Louisville establishment was being built. It has a bit of a backstory. One day, Kent Taylor was relaxing at Gerstle’s Place bar and fell asleep at a friend’s place. The next morning, he discovered a napkin in his pocket with the future emblem of Texas Roadhouse. Taylor couldn’t recall sketching it, but he liked the result. The design was later refined.

The depiction of the state with a cowboy hat is now placed at the top – inside a small black circle. Now the map is painted green and has yellow outlines. The main part of the logo consists of a construction made up of several horizontal rectangles with rounded corners. They are black, serving as an excellent background for white stripes and red-yellow inscriptions. The word “TEXAS” is in the central figure, set in a straight, semi-bold font without serifs. Below is the italicized word “ROADHOUSE.” Vintage neon letters evoke the atmosphere of the 1950s.

Taylor decided to hang this emblem above the restaurant door in Louisville and ordered a six-foot version from an advertising firm. Initially, both logos – new and old – were used simultaneously. Once it became clear that the revamped image stood the test of time, the chain steakhouse owner made it the primary and sole brand symbol.

Font and Colors

Texas Roadhouse Emblem

“Texas Roadhouse” is written in two types of sans-serif fonts: straight and italicized. In the first instance, the glyphs are bold; in the second, they are thin and handwritten. To create a neon effect, the designers colored the letters red and yellow. The hat and the green state also have a thin yellow outline. Bright colors stand out beautifully against the black background, interspersed with white stripes.

Texas Roadhouse Symbol