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Strange, mystical, rebellious – all that can be said about this brand. The Revenge logo confirms these words, representing an original alloy of creativity and protest against social norms. It contains a huge amount of energy that tears and twists the glyphs. The abundance of smooth lines and sharp ends indicates the desire for revenge.

Revenge: Brand overview

Los Angeles, California United States
Revenge is a contemporary fashion brand that releases capsule collections in a street-youth style. Predominantly, its range includes uniquely cut sweatshirts and hoodies easily recognizable by the huge name on the front. The brand debuted in 2016 when it first appeared on Instagram with its inaugural design. The enigmatic Garette, who has never publicly shown his face, created it. The operations are run from Los Angeles.

Meaning and History

Revenge Logo History

This brand was incredibly mysterious from the very start. There’s little information about it: who the founder is and what they look like, where the manufacturing is centered, who the current owner is, why rapper XXXTentacion severed ties with them, why the company only sells online… nothing is known for sure. Whether this is bad or good, the fashion brand keeps its fans in suspense and actively sells its products, edging out long-established competitors.

However, it is certain that the name, incorporated into the logo, adorned the clothing from the brand’s debut on Instagram on May 27, 2016. Garette (the creator) placed it in the most visible place on the sweatshirts and made it as large as possible so that the inscription would be readable but not look vulgar. He put into it his desire to avenge those who treated him poorly. Therefore, for him, the success and recognition of the brand represent harsh revenge.

What is Revenge?

Revenge is the most enigmatic fashion brand. It’s based in the U.S., from Los Angeles, and offers limited-edition clothing. Collections are sold solely online as the company does not have a physical store. The range includes sweatshirts, hoodies, jeans, and T-shirts. The founder and owner of the fashion brand is Garette, who chose this way to retaliate against detractors and tormentors. The team also included rapper XXXTentacion. In 2017, graphic artist Stephen joined, taking over design duties.

2016 – today

Revenge Logo

The Revenge logo is textual. It contains nothing but a provocative name. Its style is bold, gothic, and challenging. The inscription has an arch-like shape, although the curve is subtle. The arc effect arises from the varying lengths of the letters, which dip downwards. The closer to the edge, the more they protrude beyond the word’s boundaries, dropping lower than the rest. Conversely, the central glyphs are shorter than the side ones.

The letters feature serifs that look like spikes, needles, and hooks. This is the brand founder’s reaction to external irritants – people who have caused him considerable harm. They have a very interesting shape: they resemble knives, machetes, saws, sabers, and yataghans, which fits into the concept of revenge and resentment towards society.

The symbols are evenly colored: without contrasting points or gaps, which is characteristic of this style. However, they have tiny notches along the edges, like damaged blades. The glyphs are vertically elongated, of uneven width, and primarily lowercase (except “R” since it is placed first).

Font and Colors

Revenge Emblem

The inscription in the emblem is made with an individual typeface specially adapted for this project. Although it does not reflect fashion trends, it conveys the essence of the brand name. The letters are stylized as stabbing and cutting weapons. The color palette corresponds to the idea: it is contrasting. Black on white perfectly expresses the idea of external disagreement and internal protest.

Revenge Symbol