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Ronald McDonald House Charities: Brand overview

Founded in 1974 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) has made it its mission to provide families with a place to live close by while their children are being treated in the hospital. The vision behind this noble initiative belongs to Dr. Audrey Evans. Seeing that families were forced to incur huge living expenses while their children were in hospitals, she enlisted the help of McDonald’s, which led to the first Ronald McDonald Houses.

By the late 1970s, as demand for Ronald McDonald Houses skyrocketed, RMHC became the official charity guiding the development of the program nationwide. In the decades that followed, the charity expanded its reach globally, opening more than 300 Ronald McDonald Houses. Not limited to housing, the charity expanded its reach by establishing Ronald McDonald Family Rooms on hospital campuses and launching Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles to provide needed medical services.

Although a division of McDonald’s corporate structure, RMHC is an independent non-profit entity led by an independent board of directors and has a unique charitable status. Today, the organization continues to care for the well-being of sick children and their families by providing housing, medical facilities, and additional services around the world. Over the course of its existence, RMHC has become a refuge for many families, giving them a cozy “home away from home” during the most difficult times.

Meaning and History

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Logo

The logo of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) instantly captures the eye with its childlike style, setting it apart from typical organizational emblems. This design choice vividly conveys the organization’s mission of providing comprehensive support to children worldwide. The logo encapsulates a profound and meaningful message through a simple illustration, uneven lines, and a traditional color scheme.

The central motif of the logo features two hands coming together – one belonging to a child and the other to a McDonald’s representative, identifiable by the yellow glove adorned with the iconic “M” arches. This powerful imagery symbolizes the collaboration and care that RMHC extends to children and their families during challenging times.

Set against the backdrop of a house outline complete with a chimney, at the heart of which is a bold, red heart, the logo communicates a message of warmth, shelter, and love. This backdrop reinforces the idea of providing a home away from home for needy families and highlights the charity’s core values of compassion and support.

Through its distinctive and heartfelt design, the RMHC logo effectively conveys the charity’s dedication to nurturing the well-being of children and their families. It represents a beacon of hope and support, illustrating the profound impact of coming together to make a difference in the lives of those facing medical crises.