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The emblem elements show the team’s players’ greatest passion – the soccer ball. The time and rhythm of life are centered around training and mastering it. The Schalke 04 logo is an example of passion and determination.

Schalke 04: Brand overview

Founded:4 May 1904
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Schalke 04 is a multisport club from Gelsenkirchen. It was founded in 1904 by several high school students and was originally called Westfalia Schalke. He then had to team up with the Schalke Turnverein 1877 to speed up his entry into the league.

The name Turn-und Sportverein Schalke 1877, obtained in 1919, did not last long: in 1924, a rebranding was carried out, as a result of which the club chose the nickname FC Schalke 04 and a white and blue color scheme. Then he got his football division.

Meaning and History

Schalke 04 Logo History

Early sports team logos were simple and lacking in ideology. It was an attempt to portray the name and year of the club’s founding to fit inside the circle. Everything changed in 1958 when the first emblem dedicated to the coal mining industry appeared.

The topic’s choice is related to historical factors: active coal mining was carried out in Gelsenkirchen, and there were many miners among the supporters and players of Schalke 04. Because of this, the teams received the nickname Die Knappen (The Miners), which ultimately formed the logo’s basis.

What is Schalke 04?

Schalke 04 or, more precisely Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e. V – a professional soccer team from Germany. It is located in the district of North Rhine-Westphalia, in the city of Gelsenkirchen. The numbers in the name are related to the club’s founding year – 1904. Although its heyday was in the 1930s and 1940s, it still plays in the Bundesliga. In terms of membership, it ranks fourth in the world.

1919 – 1924

Schalke 04 Logo 1919-1924

In 1919, Westfalia Schalke merged with Schalke Turnverein 1877, after which the Turn-und Sportverein Schalke 1877 emerged. Its name was reflected in the time’s emblem: inside a wide yellow ring was the phrase “TURN-U. SPORT-VEREIN SCHALKE, ” in the middle of the white circle was a flag with the inscription” 1877 EV. ”

1929 – 1945

Schalke 04 Logo 1929-1945

The teams’ greatest success came in the 1930s and 1940s. At that time, they had already left the sports union and became known as the Fußball-Club Gelsenkirchen-Schalke 04 e.V. The new logo featured a circle with the numbers “04” and the letter “S” – the simplest you can think of.

1945 – 1958

Schalke 04 Logo 1945-1958

After the war, Schalke 04 decided not to change the name, as did other sports clubs in Germany, but updated the emblem. He went back to the classic blue and white color scheme, moved the S 04 closer to the center, and added the letter G as the city of Gelsenkirchen.

1958 – 1963

Schalke 04 Logo 1958-1963

In 1958, the “G” was transformed, making the inside of the letter look like a mining hammer. The colors are reversed: the main elements are now white, and the background is blue.

1963 – 1965

Schalke 04 Logo 1963-1965

The designers surrounded the logo with another white ring and opted for a lighter shade of blue. Also, they updated the fonts by adding serifs to the “S” and making the “G” a little thinner.

1965 – 1968

Schalke 04 Logo 1965-1968

The outer white ring is gone. “G” is enlarged and takes up almost all the space inside the circle. The “S” serifs are now rectangular, making the letter appear larger. The numbers “04” also look new: “0” is oval, “4” has a closed triangular top.

1968 – 1971

Schalke 04 Logo 1968-1971

The inside of the circle is white, and the letters and numbers are dark blues. On the outside, the emblem is surrounded by a wide blue ring.

1971 – 1978

Schalke 04 Logo 1971-1978

In 1971, the Schalke 04 logo changed significantly. For the first time in a long time, an inscription appeared on it indicating the club’s name. It sits at the top of the bezel, which is wider than usual. The center circle has been reduced, but the “S” has retained its original size.

1978 – 1995

Schalke 04 Logo 1978-1995

In the late 1970s, the designers have removed the large blue ring with the inscription “F.C.Schalke04”, leaving the edging of several narrow stripes. The originally designed letter “G,” numbers “04” and “S” with rectangular serifs are the same as on the previous emblem. The blue color is replaced with a rich purple.

1995 – today

Schalke 04 Logo 1995-present

The last club logo is very similar to the penultimate one. Only a few details differ: there are fewer edging rings, the number “4” has a sharp corner on the left side, the font of the letter “S” has changed.

Font and Colors

Schalke 04 Emblem

The modern Schalke 04 emblem history began in 1958 when the team presented their first icon dedicated to the Gelsenkirchen coal mining industry. The designers have played with the original hammer by connecting it with the letter “G.” The striking part of the instrument is in the center of the circle and forms an intra-letter space. The blue hammer serves as the backdrop for the club’s initials and abbreviated year of foundation. This version of the logo was updated several times and was “overgrown” with edging rings until the final version without a frame appeared.

Although there are not many inscriptions on the Schalke 04 emblem, they are immediately noticeable thanks to the original font. The letters have wide, rectangular serifs, with the “G” unusually stylized to resemble a miner’s hammer inside.

The color scheme of the logo changed several times but always returned to the classic combination of white and light blue. This is the official palette of the football team, adopted back in 1924 along with the name.

Schalke 04 color codes

BlueHex color:#004d9d
RGB:0 77 157
CMYK:100 51 0 38
Pantone:PMS 2945 C