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Sixt logo distinguishes itself through minimalistic design, favoring text over graphical elements. The emblem contains just one drawn symbol—an arched line resembling a ramp—that replaces the dot over the letter “i.” It overlaps the left part of the letter “X,” which is connected to the adjacent “T.” Precise geometry and smooth edges, devoid of serifs, define all the glyphs. This clean design effectively communicates the ease of access to the company’s services. The primary colors of the logo are black and orange, which are highly contrasting yet harmoniously blended.

A closer look at the emblem reveals the meticulous craftsmanship behind its apparent simplicity. The absence of serifs makes the text approachable and modern, aligning well with the brand’s focus on customer-friendly services. The sleek, clean lines signal efficiency, reliability, and a straightforward experience for the consumer.

The curved line above the “i” is an intriguing focal point. It embodies dynamism and motion, integral to the car rental business. The arch suggests a ramp or a road, implying forward momentum and expansion. This subtle element encapsulates the essence of the services provided by Sixt: enabling customers to move freely and easily reach their destinations.

Black and orange, the chosen colors for the logo, are not merely aesthetic choices; they carry distinct meanings. Black exudes sophistication and luxury, appealing to customers seeking premium services. On the other hand, Orange is often associated with enthusiasm and energy, resonating with the youthful and adventurous clientele.

The interplay between the two colors complements the dual nature of the brand: the assurance of luxury services coupled with the vibrancy of a young and dynamic enterprise. The arching line gracefully melds these aspects, reinforcing the brand’s identity as a gateway to seamless journeys and luxurious experiences.

The emblem successfully conveys complex messages through simple forms by opting for minimalistic design elements. It is a testament to the brand’s commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and high-quality service, capturing what consumers expect from a top-tier car rental company.

Sixt: Brand overview

Founder:Martin Sixt
Pullach, Munich, Germany

In the heart of Munich, Germany, 1912 saw the birth of Sixt, a car rental brainchild of Martin Sixt. Initially armed with a mere trio of vehicles, the humble enterprise began its journey in the automotive rental realm. Hans Sixt, succeeding his father Martin, catalyzed the company’s expansion within Germany and across Europe during the 50s and 60s.

As the 70s and 80s dawned, Sixt wasn’t just content being a car rental giant. It ventured into leasing and car sales, marking its diversified approach. This era also witnessed the introduction of the pull-through system. Sixt’s aggressive global expansion characterized the following decades. By roping in franchise partners, they established footholds in various global destinations, making a significant mark in the US by 2011.

The modern era has seen Sixt embracing the nuances of the mobility ecosystem. They pioneered segments like carsharing with DriveNow, ventured into ride-hailing via Sixt Ride, and introduced car subscriptions through Sixt+. Today, standing tall with over 2,000 locations dotted across the globe and a robust fleet surpassing 270,000 vehicles, the founding family still holds the reins of Sixt SE. From its modest inception, Sixt has sculpted its identity as a global powerhouse in the premium car rental space, celebrated for its forward-thinking initiatives and commitment to impeccable service.

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