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Developers have proposed a Southern Methodist University (SMU) logo and seal in the same style. They feature the first building from which the history of the higher education institution began. This is Dallas Hall – a majestic and beautiful building that is included in the list of historically significant national sites.

Southern Methodist University (SMU): Brand overview

Founded:April 17, 1911
Founder:Methodist Episcopal Church
Dallas, Texas, United States
Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private higher education institution founded by the Methodist Episcopal Church in conjunction with representatives of the civilian population of the city of Dallas. It is located in two places: the main part is in University Park, Texas, and an additional part is in Taos County, New Mexico. The university was founded in 1911 and has since achieved a high academic degree – R-2 (Doctorate). Although the university was created by one of the church denominations, it accepts students of any religious view for study.

Meaning and History

Southern Methodist University (SMU) Logo History

Southern Methodist University began its history with Dallas Hall – a large architectural structure built in honor of the residents of the city of Dallas, who provided 300 thousand dollars. To this day, the building remains the main symbol of the university and its central element. It is so large that it originally housed not only the entire university but also a barbershop and a bank. The grand building has been included in the National Register of Historic Places since 1978.

The key symbol of SMU was developed by the company Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge. The Roman Pantheon was used as a prototype, and the architecture of Thomas Jefferson had a significant influence on the design. Dallas Hall opened its doors in 1915, and the educational process began simultaneously. Over time, other structures appeared around the first building, but Dallas Hall remained the main element and became the symbol on the seal and logo of SMU.

What is Southern Methodist University (SMU)?

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is an American university founded in 1911 by the Methodist Episcopal Church with the support of the civilian population of the city of Dallas. The university has several campuses located in University Park (Texas) and Taos County (New Mexico). The former is the main one, while the latter is an additional one.

The official Southern Methodist University logo also features the university’s key symbol. However, the building is depicted without the right and left wings – only the schematic rotunda is visible in the drawing. It is done in the ancient Greek style, with columns, a staircase, and a round dome. The logo itself is round and painted in two colors: white (the stripes forming Dallas Hall) and red (the background). To the right is the abbreviation SMU, rendered in large letters with serifs and in blue color.


Southern Methodist University (SMU) Seal Logo

The Southern Methodist University seal consists of three components: the central part with the main building that laid the foundation for the university, a wide band with informational data, and a framing border. In the center, of course, is Dallas Hall, built in 1915. The building is designed in the Roman architectural style with tall columns, a wide staircase, and a round dome. At the base is the university’s motto in Latin: “Veritas liberabit vos.” It is written in a thin grotesque font and occupies two lines. Next is the phrase with the full name of the higher education institution and its location. It wraps around the entire central part and is separated from it by a ring of small dots. The composition is completed by a frame in the form of a thick rope.

The university’s visual identity is built around its main symbol – Dallas Hall. It was erected in honor of the residents of the city of Dallas as a token of gratitude for their support. Since then, the architectural structure has been present in all university symbolism.

Font and Colors

Southern Methodist University (SMU) Emblem

The official university fonts for SMU are Tiempos (serif) and Trade Gothic (sans-serif). The first font is strict, business-like, and practical, while the second is friendly and balanced.

The corporate colors for this higher education institution were suggested by its first leader, Robert Stewart Hyer. He chose Harvard crimson and Yale blue, which are present in the academic emblem. This choice was made to associate the university with the standards of Ivy League institutions. In contrast, the seal is monochrome and consists of black and white colors.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) Symbol

Southern Methodist University (SMU) color codes

RedHex color:#cc0035
RGB:204 0 53
CMYK:0 100 74 20
Pantone:PMS 185 C
Violet BlueHex color:#354ca1
RGB:53 76 161
CMYK:67 53 0 37
Pantone:PMS 7455 C