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“Forward to the stars,” the Space Force logo urges. The emblem is full of determination, strength, and confidence. The elements show strength and metal, which embody the courage of fighters who are ready to maintain peace and order even in space.

Space Force: Brand overview

Founded:20 December 2019
The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, U.S.
The Space Force, or the full version of the United States Space Force (USSF), is a young military unit spun off into an independent combat unit in the winter of 2019. However, it has existed as a space command in the US Army since the fall of 1982. The service provides space awareness, oversees security, and supports the projection of combat power in space.

Meaning and History

Space Force Logo History

Today, Space Force is the smallest military division in the United States, with 77 space rockets and 2,500 military personnel. The basic concept of the service formation goes back to 1945 when the Western Development Division appeared – the first specialized space department in America. General Bernard Schriever commanded it. It was formed by force as the Cold War began, requiring modern technology. Today, the department continues to function as a key link in the Air Force Space Command.

The own emblem of this military service of the US Army was approved the next year after its separation from an independent unit: in December, a unit appeared, and in January, it received a personal sign. But the logo provoked a wave of criticism, as it was almost identical to the symbolism of Starfleet from the famous Star Trek TV series. Therefore, after a critical reaction from the public and under pressure from Netflix, who filed a lawsuit, the military decided to change its logo.

Moreover, such a critical situation arose from an absurd overlay. The fact is that the film company insisted on a lawsuit over the intellectual property rights of the mark after its comedy series aired. However, the USSF began using it much earlier, having introduced it around the late 80s – early 90s. But the entertainment TV service was the first to register the emblem by contacting the Patent and Trademark Office.

Based on this, the rules for the use of the intellectual property were on the side of the cinema. And the United States Space Force was forced to change its logo. Otherwise, she could only use the old symbols within the country. The military recently posted their new symbol on Twitter.

What is Space Force?

The Space Force (or USSF for short) is the fledgling military unit of the United States Army. Although it has existed since 1982, it was separated into an independent military service only in 1991. Its main task is to control near-earth space.

January 2020 – July 2020


United States Space Force Logo 2020

The debut emblem is shaped like a round stamp with double edging. On the wide outer stripe, the names of the military services are written: at the top – “United States Space Force,” at the bottom – “Department of the Air force.” On the right and left, the phrases are separated by curly signs in the form of an arrowhead.

The central part is occupied by a circle formed by a thin white line. It contains a blue globe lined with a grid of meridians and parallels. There is a large triangular figure resembling a spaceship and a strip of improvised orbit around the globe on its background. There are also bright clusters in the form of small dots and single stars with rays: one large (in the upper half) and two small (below).

July 2020 – today

United States Space Force Logo July 2020-present

The second USSF logo is radically different from the first. It does not have an abundance of details and even the classic form of printing. The military took an innovative path and came up with a modern symbol. It looks like an elongated arrowhead or a space shuttle placed vertically. Due to the alternation of dark and light shapes, it looks voluminous.

There is a gray line along the outer edge of the cone, immediately followed by a black line. The central element is a wide dark stripe with a four-pointed star at the bottom. Two sharp dark gray triangles extend from it in two directions. They are played with shades, so they seem three-dimensional.

Font and Colors

Space Force Emblem

The Delta symbol (Greek capital letter A) was first used in 1961. It conveys the legacy of the US military and space services command. The silvery outer line represents protection against any threats from outer space. The black stripe next to it denotes the boundless darkness of outer space.

Two light spiers, located vertically, symbolize the rocket’s aspiration into space (its launch). The four beveled pieces convey the unity of the country’s military in support of the space mission – marines, navy, army, and air forces.

At the bottom center is the four-pointed Pole Star – the embodiment of the bright, pure, and noble values ​​of the USSF. Below the graphic is the phrase “United States Space Force.” But overall, according to users, the new emblem resembles an inverted Pontiac logo.

Space Force Symbol

For the text, the logo creators chose a calm, confident and straight sans serif type – Sharp Sans. Its alternative is the Trebuchet typeface (with some modifications).

The spectrum of colors is limited and includes only a discreet palette: silver (gray in several shades), black, and white.

Space Force color codes

Cadet GrayHex color:#a4acb8
RGB:164 172 184
CMYK:11 7 0 28
Pantone:PMS 7543 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C

What does the Space Force logo mean?

The logo contains a symbolic sign that combines several images: 1. It resembles an arrowhead pointing upwards. 2. It is a delta symbol, an ancient Greek letter. 3. The icon looks like a rocket launching into space.

Did Space Force steal the Star Trek logo?

No, Space Force didn’t steal the Star Trek logo. The series was released in 1987, and the military badge appeared in 1961 and was developed based on the emblem that existed as far back as 1946. It’s just that TV immediately registered its logo, but the military did not.

Can I use the Space Force logo?

The Space Force logo is not intended for commercial, public, or individual use. It is protected by state decree, like all other military seals. Its use by unauthorized persons is punishable by law.

What is the Space Force motto?

The smallest US military unit (6,434 people serve in Space Force) has its motto. This is the Latin phrase “Semper Supra.” It translates as “Always above.”