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The football club emphasizes its impeccable image with a simple and eye-catching emblem. The designers made the Sporting Kansas City logo stylish to show the brand’s modernity, aimed at the younger generation of athletes and fans.

Sporting Kansas City: Brand overview

Founded: June 6, 1995
Founder: Sporting Club
Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.

Sporting Kansas City is a football team from Major League Soccer that plays for two towns. It is located in Kansas City (State of Missouri) but plays home games on the other bank of the river – in Kansas City (State of Kansas). The team became a member of the Western Conference after returning from the Eastern Conference in 2010.

On June 6, 1995, the club was represented as one of the ten original MLS members. Four months later, the league published its logo and the original name – Kansas City Wiz. The franchise founder and owner, Lamar Hunt, claimed that the word “Wiz” had nothing to do with the “The Wizard Of Oz.” However, for Rob Thomson, the SKC Executive Vice President, it was obvious to Dorothy from Kansas.

Sporting Kansas City emblem

Due to claims filed by the New York electronic retailer Nobody Beats the Wiz, in 1996, the team was renamed into Kansas City Wizards. On August 31, 2006m, Hunt Sports Group Holding sold the football club to OnGoal LLC Company – a 6-member group managed by Cliff Illig and Neal Patterson.

In 2010 the businessmen renamed the franchise into Sporting Kansas City. European influence can be found here, in particular from Portuguese Sporting Lisbon. The rebranding had been prepared since 2007. “Bees” and “Fountains” were among the considered names, but owners decided to choose “Sporting.” They wanted to integrate rugby and lacrosse teams into the sports organization but failed.

Sporting Kansas City symbol

The renaming led to the change of the color scheme. The official scheme includes plumbeous, dark indigo, and sporting blue. The latter was proposed by Cliff Illig, who adopted it from female basketball franchise Kansas Jayhawks.

Now Sporting Kansas City is owned by Sporting Club (former OnGoal LLC). It is managed by the leaders of the Kansas City business community: Pat Curran, Greg Maday, Robb Heineman, Cliff Illig, and the Patterson family.

Meaning and History

Sporting Kansas City Logo History
The Sporting Kansas City had several logos. Firstly the Sporting Kansas City logo represented a flying ball, rainbow lines, and the stylish word “Wiz” replaced with “Wizards” after renaming the team. The graphics symbol was updated in 2011 after moving to Children’s Mercy Park. Slant Design Lab design studio developed the current version.

What is Sporting Kansas City?

Sporting Kansas City is an American professional soccer club, a member of MLS, and a representative of the Western Conference. Its administrative center is based in Kansas City, Missouri, with training facilities in Kansas City, Kansas. The club was established in 1995 by businessman Lamar Hunt and began playing the following year.


Kansas City Wiz Logo 1996

1997 – 2006

Kansas City Wizards Logo 1997-2006

2007 – 2010

Kansas City Wizards Logo 2007-2010

2011 – today

Sporting Kansas City Logo 2011-present

The drop shape of the Sporting Kansas City logo has not changed. The triangular heraldic shield with curved edges is circled with a white edging. The outer outline is plumbeous. The left part of the design is occupied with 11 blue and pale-blue lines – as much as the players on the pitch. Cipher “SC” (for “Sporting Club”) is located on the right on the dark-blue background.

The intertwined letters were inspired by the Spanish architecture of the famous Country Club Plaza Mall, a Hellenic statue of Winged Victory of Samothrace, and the staff of Aesculapius. It is a famous medical symbol of resiliency and health. It is used as a reference because the CEO and Vice-President of Cerner Corporation Medical Company is one of the club co-owners.

Two sides of the Sporting Kansas City logo symbolize the neighboring cities – Kansas from the State of Missouri (on the right) and Kansas from the similarly-named state (on the left). They are divided into a conventional line that represents the state border between the East and West. Two white inscriptions were printed above – “Kansas City” on a plumbeous edging and “Sporting” inside the shield. The stylish sans serif font with right and acute angles was developed for the football club by the Slant Design Lab designers.

Font and Colors

Sporting Kansas City color codes

Medium Electric Blue Hex color: #005595
RGB: 0 85 149
CMYK: 100 43 0 42
Pantone: PMS 301 C
Maximum Green Hex color: #5d9741
RGB: 93 151 66
CMYK: 38 0 57 41
Pantone: PMS 7738 C
Dark Gunmetal Hex color: #142530
RGB: 20 37 48
CMYK: 58 23 0 81
Pantone: PMS 5395 C