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Temple University logo contains a symbol stylized as the letter “T,” – precisely the same as used by the Temple Owls sports teams. The open gaps in the letter symbolize the unlimited exchange of ideas that underlie education.

Temple University: Brand overview

Founder:Russell Conwell
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Temple University, also known as TU, has a rich one-and-a-half-century history that began in 1884. It was a college until 1907, and only then changed its official status, acquiring its current name. The institution’s corporate colors are white and cherry, reflected in its visual identification and the symbolism of the Temple Owls sports department.

Meaning and History

Temple University Logo History

Temple University owes its foundation to Baptist minister Russell Herman Conwell, who wanted to make higher education accessible to all. He created an evening school in the basement of the Baptist Temple in Philadelphia and began conducting classes for working-class representatives. There was a highly developed industry in the city, and many residents could not study because they spent all day in workshops and factories.

Conwell fought for social justice, as he once wanted to enter Yale University and worked part-time at a hotel near the campus to save money for education. In the end, the funds he raised were only enough for courses, and wealthy students mocked his rural manners and old clothes. The educational institution he founded in 1888 became known as Temple College of Philadelphia, and in 1907, it was transformed into a university. It is now a modern, multi-purpose university with a “T” logo and an unchanging seal that testifies to TU’s rich historical heritage.

Temple University has a two-component logo containing an emblem and a wordmark. The most colorful element is a cherry-colored rectangle. It serves as the basis for the stylized “T,” which is formed by the negative space between the white lines. Due to its unusual structure, the letter resembles an ancient Greek pattern. As far as is known, this original symbol was conceived by graduate students of the graphics and design faculty of Tyler School of Art and Architecture. The “T” emblem was first introduced in 1983, on the eve of the university’s centennial celebration.

In the horizontal version of the logo, to the right, there is a two-level black inscription – the name of the educational institution. The word “TEMPLE,” which is located at the top, is much larger than “UNIVERSITY.” Despite the difference in size, they are aligned in width, which was achieved by adjusting the letter spacing. The fonts also do not match: all glyphs in the first line have long serifs and different stroke thicknesses, while in the second case, a low-contrast grotesque is used.

What is Temple University?

Temple University is a higher education institution in Philadelphia, which was opened in 1884 and was initially called Baptist Temple because its first classes were held in the basement of a church. Now it owns several campuses, including international ones: in Italy and Japan. Subjects related to art, engineering, hotel business, sports, medicine, pedagogy, jurisprudence, architecture, and other professional fields are taught there.


Temple University Seal Logo

Temple University’s seal is intended for awards, diplomas, and official documents. Unlike the logo, it contains an image of an ancient building – obviously related to the historical heritage of TU. A high gable roof with protrusions, numerous columns, and a base with three long steps give the structure a solemn appearance. At the bottom is a laurel wreath – a symbol of triumph, perfection, and victory. Graphic elements are placed in a circle with the inscriptions “INCORPORATED MAY 12, 1888” and “PERSEVERANTIA VINCIT.” 1988 was the year when the educational institution received its official name, Temple College of Philadelphia.

All of the above elements are located in a white circle, which in turn has a wide frame with text. It contains the name of Temple University and the phrase “Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education,” separated on both sides by two bold dots.

The university traditionally uses a logo with the letter “T” and a seal with a building image, which speaks of its conservative attitude towards graphic symbols. This is because any changes in the identity of a university with a century-and-a-half history should be minimal. Even the “T,” created in 1983, appeared for a reason: it represents free communication between participants in the educational process.

Font and Colors

Temple University Emblem

The inscription in the logo of the educational institution is made with two types of typefaces. Designers chose Minion Semibold for the first word and Gotham Book for the second. As for the numerous phrases on the seal, other fonts are used: a contrasting antiqua with expressive serifs and a thin grotesque.

In the main version of the emblem, the white letter “T” is placed inside a dark red rectangle, which has a shade of PMS 201 (HEX #9d2235). The wordmark is black, as are all the elements of the seal. If necessary, the Temple University logo can be reproduced in all white or black colors.

Temple University Symbol

Temple University color codes

Vivid BurgundyHex color:#a41e35
RGB:164 30 53
CMYK:0 82 68 36
Pantone:PMS 200 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C