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The Texas Tech logo conveys the message: “Students grow and develop with the university.” The institution provides an opportunity to rise above oneself, to become smarter and more educated. The idea of nurturing, caring, and mentoring is visible in the signs of the emblem.

Texas Tech: Brand overview

Founded: February 10, 1923
Lubbock, Texas, United States
Website: ttu.edu
Texas Tech (also TTU, Tech, or Texas Tech University) is a government institution in the United States higher education system. It has a wide educational network, including 13 colleges, 60 research centers, and institutes, four university departments, where 150 courses are taught. He also has a sports club with his teams called the Red Raiders. The university belongs to the R1 category – doctoral universities with active research activities. His most famous areas are epidemiology, wind energy, nanophotonics, network computing, pulsed energy. The university was founded in 1923. Location – Lubbock, Texas.

Meaning and History

Texas Tech Symbol

Texas Technological College founded this institution of higher education. This is what it was called until 1963, and as a result, it became the largest institution, which, according to data for 2020, 40 322 students studied. In general, he has already been awarded over 200 thousand academic degrees. Until that time, the university had come a long way of formation.

The call to open a college in West Texas came in the late 19th century when settlers arrived. After much deliberation, the authorities approved the relevant decision, and Governor Pat Neff signed the required bill. So in 1923, Texas Technological College officially appeared, but a place for it has not yet been chosen. Then the representatives of the administration began to go around town after town until they arrived at Lubbock. They were very surprised that the population lined the streets to support the opening of their college. As a result, this particular settlement was approved by a general vote.

The construction of the buildings started in 1924, and in 1925 the educational institution had already opened its doors for the first students. Their total number was 914 people, distributed in four basic schools: humanities, engineering, agriculture, and home economics. At first, Texas Tech developed and grew slowly. Gradually, dormitories, educational buildings, a library, cobbled sidewalks, a swimming pool, a golf course, and other important facilities appeared. Personal symbols, which played an important role in the life of the university, were not forgotten either. It has become so successful that it has never changed for many years.

Texas Tech Seal Logo

The seal has a classic structure: a rondel divided by lines into several circular zones. The central place is given to a pentagonal shield with an eagle sitting at the top. The raptor’s wings are spread out as if it is preparing for takeoff. The bird’s head with a sharp hooked beak is turned to the left. The shield area is geometrically divided into four parts, which have an irregular trapezoidal shape. In the lower right corner, there is a burning lamp; in the left – a key. Above is a five-pointed star (on the right) and an open book (on the left). Between them is a white cross with acorns. The shield is outlined with a black stripe.

Behind the central part is a wide red ring. At the bottom, there is a star on it, and at the top is the inscription “Seal of Texas Tech University,” which is made in capital letters. All characters are printed, white, with small serifs. The edge has a solid frame consisting of three stripes: two black (along the outer and inner edges) and one white (in the middle between them).

The university also has a graphic logo made up of two “T” s. They are taken from the words “Texas Tech,” that is, it is an abbreviation of the university’s name. The size of the symbols is different: in front, there is a smaller letter, and behind it is a larger one. The first is thin, the second is wide, so the leg of each sign is visible. Double edging is made along the edge to clear all elements and do not merge into a single whole. Moreover, “T” is aligned to look like one letter with a double crossbar at the top, which resembles a retro telephone receiver.

In the center of both the large and small signs, there is a division into two colors: one side is painted in red, the other in black, creating a three-dimensional effect. Moreover, some shadows do not go straight but obliquely. On the right is the full name of the university in two lines and separated by a gray line. The words are bold at the top, thin at the bottom, with very wide spacing between letters.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logos

Texas Tech Logo History

The university’s sports department consists of 17 Texas Tech Red Raiders across eleven disciplines. The most successful among them are football, basketball, baseball. In total, the club has won about 70 conference championships and four national championships. The athletes’ emblem looks the same as the main university logo.

1963 – 1999

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo 1963-1999

The opening variation consists of two “T” s superimposed on each other. Both letters are large but of different sizes: the character in the foreground is smaller than the background, so they are visible. The icon is flat, red, with a black border along the contour. This icon was first used on sports uniforms when the technical college officially became a university. The double T was invented by the first coach of the Texas Tech Red Raiders football team.

2000 – today

Texas Tech Red Raiders Logo 2000-present

After the redesign, the emblem became three-dimensional: it gained volume and color variety. The developers achieved the 3D effect by combining a radically opposite palette: half of each letter is red, the other is black. There is a double edging along the edge, consisting of thin lines – white and black. The leg of the first letter is higher than that of the second, and the upper crossbar coincides with the lower line of its head. It runs exactly under the large serifs that resemble large rectangles.

Font and Colors

Texas Tech Emblem

The identity of the higher education institution and its sports department is identical – it consists of two “T” s. This is an abbreviation of the name of the university, formed from the phrase Texas Tech. It is called that – Double T. It is believed that ​​such a logo was proposed by the first football coach of the university team – Ewing Young “Big’un” Freeland. He decorated the uniform of athletes with it. The difference between the early and late versions is the 3D effect, the beveled shadows at the bottom, and the white finish. The great importance of the sign was emphasized by the graduates of 1931 at one of the memorable meetings: they presented the university with a bench in the form of a double “T.” It is installed in the courtyard of the administrative building.

The text is used in print and the logo of the university. Designers opted for a classic typeface called Charter, which they made the main one. In other cases, Helvetica Neue is used. This font is considered optional.

The color palette of the university and its teams is proprietary. It includes black (# 000) as well as several shades of red and gray: Texas Tech Red Scarlet (# C00) and TTU Dark Red (# 900), TTU Light Gray (#CCC), and TTU Gray (# 808285).

Texas Tech color codes

Red Scarlet Hex color: #cc0000
RGB: 204 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 20
Pantone: PMS 485 C
Dark Red Hex color: #990000
RGB: 153 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 40
Pantone: PMS 7621 C
Light Gray Hex color: #cccccc
RGB: 204 204 204
CMYK: 0 0 0 20
Pantone: PMS 420 C
Gray Hex color: #808285
RGB: 128 130 133
CMYK: 4 2 0 48
Pantone: PMS Cool Gray 8 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C