Most Interesting E-commerce Brands

The Most Interesting E-commerce Brands

Online shopping is booming. Thanks to trust in old and trusted web resources, their attendance is increasing dramatically, and new stores lure customers with discounts and promotions. No one is left on the sidelines. Modern logos, which are based on the concept, product range, and specialization of the site, add their share of attractiveness. Moreover, they play an important role, so their owners know that the more you invest in corporate identity, the more profit you will get.

Despite the disadvantages of online shopping, which include the inability to touch the goods or try them on, this form of shopping still has many advantages because the modern level of technology is much higher than before. Now, the goods presented on the site can be viewed in detail, rotated 360 degrees, seen in motion, or on a model. In addition, hundreds of brands can be gathered on one online platform with convenient search filters. In addition, stores offer a huge assortment, 24/7 access, and free door-to-door delivery. Therefore, residents of remote corners of the world have the only opportunity to purchase branded goods. That is, there is always a demand for online shopping.

As a result, virtual stores appear by the dozens. And in order to survive, they use attractive emblems. Visual identification necessarily takes into account the direction of the trading platform, its product line, customer segment, and many other nuances useful for successful competition with the “mastodons” online shopping. Some bet on affordable prices, others – on the convenience of navigation, and others – on design. The most common among these platforms are stores for clothing, cosmetics, shoes, goods for children, home, and health. We will look at the emblems of some of them, ranging from complex shapes to simple ones. And the most famous resources will make it to our list.

Display Rabbit

Display Rabbit Logo

The Display Rabbit logo accurately conveys the mood of the online store: the customer is in a hurry to buy the desired product as soon as possible. First, because it is inexpensive (in stock, discounted, or promotional). Secondly, because they are quickly dismantled, which means that there is a risk of not having time to take what you need; in general, the yellow emblem with a rabbit running inside perfectly demonstrates the marketing strategy. The four thin lines and the positioning of the animal’s paws indicate high dynamics. Below is the name of the store in bold type. The hare is white, contoured. Thanks to the bright color, the atmosphere of the symbolism is positive.

BLK & Bold

BLK & Bold Logo

For BLK & Bold, designers proposed a three-part logo: it consists of two lines with inscriptions and a small icon in the form of a crown. It is made of a solid thick line in gold color. It has four sharp vertices with dots at the ends, spaced a short distance apart. The text is located on the right side. It is black and large in the upper row. The letters in it are uppercase, elongated vertically, and standing with a wide spread. The lower inscription, on the contrary, is small and thin. The varied visual identity is good at attracting the attention of buyers, as it is built on contrasts. The austere emblem complements the specialty coffee perfectly.

Deviant Art

Deviant Art Logo

One of the coolest resources for designers, graphic designers, and artists, it started as a community and then became the most popular platform for anyone interested in digital art. In parallel, it offers themed online stores. The Deviant Art logo also consists of three components. The abstract mark is in the form of two stacked sevens, the ends of which resemble the tip of a pencil or stylus. The first and last letters in the inscription are cut diagonally. They are highlighted in black, bold, and capital letters.

SUGAR Cosmetics

SUGAR Cosmetics Logo

At SUGAR Cosmetics, the logo includes only the first part of the name. It is mentioned both directly and indirectly, as it is encrypted in a round sign. On its black background, two thick commas protrude from the negative space, and one of them is inverted. Between them, there is a curved line. This wave is the central part of the letter “S,” with which the word “Sugar” begins, and the improvised commas are its top and bottom. Everything is colored in white. On the right side is the brand name. It is in bold sans serif font with a wide character space.


Poshmark Logo

This vintage clothing marketplace is a favorite in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Poshmark has chosen an appropriate logo: it looks like an infinity sign or a figure eight turned diagonally. The central lines run parallel, which also fits into the concept of this trading platform: the thing as if it gets a second life. But in fact, these elements are the first letter of the name of the web platform – “P.” It is smooth, rounded, double, and brown in color. The bottom lettering, on the contrary, is angular, with sharp and smooth lines.


Amazon Logo

For Amazon, the designers made a good-natured logo that inspires confidence and makes you smile because it smiles itself, too. The inverted arch conveys exactly this meaning. In addition, it is close to the natural skin tone. Although the lips are naturally red, the orange color line looks harmonious on the emblem. The smile occupies the bottom position and is complemented by an arrow going from “a” to “z,” hinting that everything from the first letter of the alphabet to the last can be found in the online store. The top lettering is black, with rounded symbols.

Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet Logo

For the e-commerce of this company, specialists have proposed an ironic logo corresponding to the playful name. Thus, the logo designed for Meow Meow Tweet looks like a bubble with a dialog. The top element has a tail pointing to the right, while the bottom element has a tail pointing to the left. On the black background, you can see white lowercase letters. There are slight artistic differences among them: “o” is fully light, “e” is half light, and “t” is shaped like a cross.


Target Logo

Target’s logo predictably looks like a target for shooting a gun or playing darts. But the circle is not full but reduced by the number of elements: it consists of a central point and two rings. The inner one is white, and the outer one is red. The stripes are wide and even. Such a structure of the emblem really corresponds to the concept of an online store, working on the principle of “store within a store.” Today, this sign is considered a reference because it is simple, understandable to most customers, easy to scale, and suitable for all carriers. To the right of the round symbol is the name of the brand. It is made in a grotesque font. The letters are lowercase, except for the first letter, “T.”


Tentree Logo

Designers created a logo for Tentree that perfectly matches its direction and philosophy. This site sells fashionable clothes but at the same time appreciates nature and advocates for the environment. Therefore, the emblem contains floral motifs: in the center of the zero, there is a stroke of complex configuration, resembling both a tree (spruce) and a leaf (central veins). Below is the name of the commercial object. It is made in lowercase font with rounded letters. The inner space “e” looks like a flower petal. All letters are colored dark green.

Best Buy

Best Buy Logo

Best Buy, an online shopping resource, chose a practical logo that exactly matches the marketing objectives and the name. The designers creatively played with the phrase “best buy” and added a yellow price tag to it. The black letters are very massive, so they resemble monoblock signs. They are thick. To the right of them is a hexagonal sign with a black dot. The customized signage of this largest store is as simple, clear, and informative as possible.


Uppercase Logo

The logo designed for Uppercase adheres to three design principles: good legibility, simplicity, and conceptuality. Firstly, the black elements on a white background are classic and convey information accurately. Secondly, the letter “U,” depicted as an unfolding arrow (as on road signs), contributes to the idea of returning to the store. Third, the font is a blocky, sans-serif typeface with wide spaces between letters.


Walmart Logo

The secret of this retail site is its affordable pricing policy. It offers a variety of goods, delivering them to any country in the world. Therefore, the Walmart logo reflects all these principles. It consists of text and graphic parts. The name is typed in a light-dark blue color. Next to it is a yellow “sun” or any other light source with six multidirectional rays.


Artisaire Logo

The company Artisaire has an unusual logo, as well as its specialization – it sells wax products. As a result, the visual style of the online store is highly original and unparalleled. In addition, it meets the basic requirements for modern emblems: readability, simplicity of design, and ease of scaling. The graphic part consists of an unusual geometric combination of broken lines and arches. They form a complex figure resembling a gazebo. The letters in the text are even, smooth, and thin.



The logo used by the company IKEA is undoubtedly familiar to everyone because it is a real store with its own online platform. At first glance, its emblem consists of a single figure, but this is not the case. It consists of three elements superimposed on each other:

  1. A blue rectangle stretched horizontally.
  2. A yellow oval.
  3. The name of the commercial organization.

The lettering is bold, with dots at the ends of the letters. It is also colored blue for more contrast.


Etsy Logo

The uniqueness of the products and visual identity is the secret to the popularity of this store of vintage items, which in some cases exist in a single copy. The Etsy logo stands out from the competition – it’s brightly colored. An orange balloon with white lettering inside has turned it into an eye-catching element.


Ketnipz Logo

Humor and sarcasm are the backbone of this web resource. They are conveyed not only in the products offered but also in the corporate style. That’s why the designers chose a logo with a comic touch for Ketnipz. Although it has one lettering, the letters in it are jumping, puffy, and uneven. The line is not straight but arched, which also brings in a touch of levity. The love for customers is emphasized by a miniature heart above the letter “i” instead of the classic dot.


Naturismo Logo

Naturismo’s name and logo are built on the DNA of love for natural products. After all, this website sells care products made from natural ingredients. Its visual identity is very simple and straightforward. The first line is typed in a vertically elongated font, with each character decorated with small sharp serifs. The lower part contrasts with the upper part: the text in it is in small thread-like letters.

Then I Met You

Then I Met You Logo

The romantic name has a practical meaning, as this is a market for eco-friendly face and body care products. To emphasize the naturalness, the developers drew a light and unobtrusive logo for Then I Met You. It consists of the name of the establishment typed in handwritten text. The lines are arranged diagonally as if flying upwards. The color of the letters is also unusual – it is purple with a blue tint.


Velasca Logo

The Velasca platform has an Italian logo. This is evident in the swirls of the vignette and the calligraphic handwriting of the name. In addition, the text is gliding, thin and light. All the letters except the first one are closely related. The online platform, which sends goods to all corners of the world, chose a classic combination: black characters on a white background. Such monochrome is well-perceived on any screen.

Pink Lily

Pink Lily Logo

Fashion can be affordable. This was proved by a resource that sells branded outfits in any style. The creators of the Pink Lily logo focused on a female audience, so it is pink, cute, graceful, and airy. There is nothing in it but the lettering. The headline occupies only one line and is written in neat handwriting with a minimal slant to the right. This style maintains a trusting atmosphere and suggests the ease of making a purchase.


Wish Logo

With a visual style, even lettering can be very appealing. This brand has proven that. The logo designed for Wish is in light blue and italicized. The letters are handwritten rather than printed but are spaced apart from each other. In addition, the bold glyphs are rounded as much as possible to give visitors to the online store a friendly impression of the store.


LookFantastic Logo

Despite the fact that the LookFantastic logo is textual, each letter in it is rare. If you look closely, you can see that the doubled “o” is in the form of a horizontal figure eight (infinity sign), and the “k” is harmoniously built out of broken lines. The same individuality is present in “a” (the middle element is elongated), “n” (no side elements), and “t” (the right part of the crossbar is separated). The lettering is smooth and even, and the letters are lowercase.


AliExpress Logo

The leader of online commerce has a simple but memorable emblem. It includes only one inscription, made in capital letters at the beginning of each word. This allows it to stand out effectively and be better remembered by visitors to the commercial web resource. The first part is colored in a pleasant orange color, and the second – in a muted red. Glyphs are moderately rounded and elongated: the designers made smooth lines only for those symbols that have natural curves. The rest do not have this. Thus, the AliExpress logo meets the interests of most Internet users since it has several types of design. And instead of a dot above the letter “i,” it has a four-pointed star.


eBay Logo

The eBay logo is bright and unconventional. In it, everything is non-standard – from the style of letters to their color. The inscription is typed in lowercase font with wide glyphs. Each of them has its own color. For example, “e” is red, “b” is blue, “a” is orange, and “u” is green. This variety is an excellent marketing tool to attract the attention of visitors to the best online auction site. The functionality of the web resource is no less attractive than its logo.


IHerb Logo

The online vitamins and supplements store iHerb has a predictably green logo, as this marketplace emphasizes naturalness and health benefits. The emblem includes only the name. The letters are spaced far apart from each other. They have rounded ends, which has a positive effect on visitors: buyers subconsciously see such a sign smoothing out their problems rather than sharpening them. And this is confirmed in practice: in addition to useful goods, they also receive significant discounts.


Suta Logo

Suta chose a dark logo despite the fact that it is an Indian e-commerce site selling ethnic clothing. Unlike bright fabrics, the emblem is monochromatic – there is no riot of colors or geometric elements. However, this is exactly what attracts, because the inscription is made in the national style – elongated strokes, reminiscent of southeastern writings. But apart from that, there is also an element characteristic of sewing. It is a needle. It replaces the lower part of the capital letter “S.” The ends and tops of the other letters are also pointed and resemble shaped stitches.



Practical, strict, businesslike – so you can briefly characterize the emblem of this online store. And it is no coincidence that the site offers discounts and sales, where you can save up to 70% of the cost of goods. This is a practical business approach to commerce. ASOS logo consists of just one word typed in lowercase letters. They are written together, so it seems that the inter-character space is completely absent. The font is large and bold. There are no serifs.


Bailly Logo

The elongated handwritten letters without italics have become the trademark of this marketplace. They are black in color, but they create a feeling of lightness and simplicity. The smooth transitions and rounded lines give the impression that it’s an inscription from a notebook with notes on what to remember or where to look. Bailly presented the logo in such a format: on the one hand, in business, on the other – in individual. This approach attracted many customers and was predisposed to the active growth of the resource.


Kotn Logo

The modern approach to fashion, individuality, and commerce has turned this store into one of the most sought-after on the Internet. At Kotn, the logo follows three basic principles: readability, simplicity, and scalability. This means that the lettering on the logo is readable and perceived by visitors the first time they see it, that no elements are overpowering, and that the icon can be easily enlarged or reduced depending on the screen’s diagonal. The brand name is emphasized in bold capital letters.


Anthropologie Logo

This trading platform has the most laconic emblem: it is standard, without design frills and bright graphic design. Therefore, the Anthropologie logo looks like a classic inscription typed in block font. Thin serifs complement the letters. Such a design is a guide to the fashionable philosophy of minimalism. The main thing for the store is rich content with a wide range of products.