The World’s Most Famous Watch Brands

The World’s Most Famous Watch Brands

A wristwatch is an amazing thing because it can tell a lot about its owner. This is due to the fact that in the modern world, their functions are as numerous as the number of manufacturers.

  • The first and most important is timekeeping. They are perceived as a mechanism – accurate, well-coordinated, and flawless in operation.
  • The second aspect is also key – it is an element of individual style. That is, a wristwatch is an eye-catching accessory that perfectly complements the closet.
  • The third moment is psychological. The presence of watches symbolizes a person as responsible, punctual, businesslike, and keeping up with the times.
  • The fourth indicator is status, as each watch brand expresses a certain social level of its customers.

But watches are chosen not only for these reasons. Modern models are so perfect and protected from the negative effects of the environment that they become indispensable traveling companions. They practically save your life, helping you in the most difficult situations. To understand the range of these gadgets and sort and catalog them, pseudo-experts make “ratings” in which the first places put men’s and women’s watches of those brands that are profitable to them. Naturally, there can be no question of any fair criteria – this is just hidden marketing.

So, what should you pay attention to? What should be the basis for buying a wristwatch? Most often, they are evaluated by the following parameters:

  • innovative technologies and functions;
  • aesthetic appeal;
  • the total sum of points received from experts;
  • average annual sales turnover;
  • the level of demand among customers;
  • the number of products produced per year;
  • the market value of the brand, and so on.

The criteria are incredibly numerous, as some brands offer premium models while others focus on affordable wristwatches for customers with modest incomes. In addition, the length of time a company has been in business is crucial: the older it is, the more exclusive and expensive its products are. Some brands are short-lived and disappear as suddenly as they appear. And the true leaders bask in the glory, achieving global recognition.

We have studied all the nuances and made our list of watches. They are not divided by popularity or cost – only by manufacturers who have been producing them for many years. Famous brands offer elite wristwatches that combine exquisite design, impeccable quality, and long-standing traditions. The companies presented here differ in the fact that they are able to surprise you, and you only have to buy a wristwatch to make sure of it.

Of course, the question of price is not in the last place because the more expensive the model, the longer it will last, and the more accurate it will show the time. But why do watches have such a high cost? There are several objective reasons for this.

  1. Materials, components, and equipment. Manufacturers of elite watches use expensive materials (precious metals and valuable minerals), patented technologies, and elite components. In addition to the famous name of the brand, the prices for such models can reach significant amounts.
  2. Quality of assembly, labor costs. Premium-class watches are often assembled manually. Given that most of them are produced in Switzerland, where the cost of labor is very high, the price of branded products can eventually jump to the level of prestigious cars. The place of production of components also plays a certain role.
  3. The prestige of the company and its pricing policy. In the elite segment of goods, the cost of wristwatches is dictated by the brand’s marketing. Firms occupying the first places in the rating deliberately set high prices for their products to demonstrate their exclusivity. They themselves create a shortage of elite watches: they produce them by order and in limited batches, offering to stand in line.
  4. Place of production. The most expensive samples come from Switzerland, where watchmaking traditions are very strong. They are elevated to the rank of national culture, so if the dial bears the inscription “Swiss Made,” it is guaranteed that the watch uses at least 60% Swiss components with premium characteristics.

In order to make the right choice, we propose to take a closer look at watch brands. And we will start with the world masterpieces.

Legendary Watch Brands

Legendary Watch Brands

There is a category of manufacturers whose products belong to the highest level. They are equated to works of art or even to the creations of the fashion industry. We have selected the most reputable brands with impeccable reputations and long histories.


Breguet Logo

Breguet is a master of watchmaking. It has existed since 1775, when, in the capital of France, for the first time, a store selling exquisite products worthy of the Parisian nobility and even royalty. It was opened by Abraham-Louis Breguet and named after his family name. Now, the oldest representative of the industry belongs to the Swiss company Swatch Group.

At one time, the owner of the watch workshop was considered a pioneer in his field, as he introduced several key technologies and patented them. Now, it is a signature feature that enhances the uniqueness of branded watches. Among them are the self-winding movement, the precision-enhancing mechanism (tourbillon), and the anti-shock system. These are epochal discoveries that have influenced the value of the watch: the most expensive one was sold at auction in 2012 for $6.8 million.

Legendary products of the French master adorned the wrists and pockets of many prominent personalities. Napoleon Bonaparte, Gioachino Rossini, Queen Victoria, Winston Churchill, and King George III – all of them used Breguet products.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet Logo

This is also one of the oldest Swiss companies, but it appeared almost a hundred years later than the previous one. It was founded by Edward A. Piguet and Jules L. Odemar in 1875. Today, it has retained the status of a family business and produces about 15,000 hand-built watches a year. Each model has a serial number and the master’s personal signature.

Audemars Piguet products are also characterized by individual developments introduced over time. These include the minute repeater mechanism and skeleton watches, which the company was the first in the world to introduce. It also offers ultra-thin examples with an automatic tourbillon and the thinnest perpetual calendar.

The flat movement allows for the most elegant, sleek, and compact versions that perfectly adorn the wrist, bringing balance and harmony to the overall look. Many prominent personalities use Audemars Piguet watches made of premium materials: Usher, LeBron James, Tom Cruise, James Corden, and others.

A. Lange & Söhne

A. Lange & Söhne Logo

This elite watch company has two birthdays. The first was in 1845 when it was founded by Ferdinand Adolf Lange. The second was in 1990, when it was re-registered by Walter Lange and incorporated into his company, Lange Uhren GmbH, now owned by the Swiss Richemont group.

Reviving his great-grandfather’s German watch brand, the new owner actively continued his work, supplementing the signature movement with a decent case. Now, the luxury models are made of platinum and gold – white, yellow, and pink. The luxury cases use in-house components: the company does not buy parts from third-party manufacturers but creates them itself. Thanks to this, the brand produces only 5 thousand elite wristwatches per year.

Finishing is carried out according to individual standards, which is why, over the years, the company has become a leader in the “Haute Horlogerie” category. Assembly is done by hand and is always completed by fine-tuning the movement. Among the most famous examples are watches with an asymmetrical dial and without hands, where the time is displayed in separate windows.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Logo

The company, founded by two Polish immigrants, gradually turned into the maestro of the watch industry, with the center in the canton of Geneva. Its products confidently compete with the products of famous brands, attracting not only beauty but also innovation. Having started from a modest workshop, the company, over time, turned into one of the most prestigious brands because its watches today occupy an honorable place in a special museum.

The founders of the company are Antoni Patek and Adrian Philippe, after whom it is named. The entrepreneurs founded it in 1839. Currently, the brand belongs to the Stern family, which has expanded its production base around the world. Special attention is paid to unique mechanisms, including the most complex ones. It is no coincidence that eight of the ten most expensive watches sold are Patek Philippe.

Their distinctive feature is a perfect balance of innovative technologies and traditional design. They are a symbol of prestige, nobility, and high social status. Only gold models encrusted with diamonds are more expensive. It is not surprising that these luxury items were worn by representatives of the highest nobility: Pope Pius IX, the Austrian Emperor, and Queen Victoria.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Logo

Another oldest brand is the Swiss Jaeger-LeCoultre. It was founded in 1833 when Antoine LeCoultre started producing watches that turned into luxury accessories. The company is currently owned by the Richemont Group. The gradual evolution of watchmaking has reached its peak, resulting in the original handmade movements. They are both luxurious, sophisticated, and innovative.

The technological process has had a positive impact on the brand: today, its products are in the category of luxury goods of the highest level. In addition, it owns hundreds of patents and inventions and more than 1000 unique developments that have no analogs in the world. Among them are the most complex wristwatches and the most miniaturized device. In addition, the brand released the legendary Atmos watch with a perpetual movement. The company was also the first to produce watches without a crown.

To guarantee the quality of each sample, specialists apply a special control program consisting of 6 tests lasting 100 hours. These are elite products that skillfully combine ancient traditions and new technologies. One of the unique models is the Reverso rotating watch.


Blancpain Logo

This is one of the oldest Swiss watch brands, which has existed for almost three hundred years. The company appeared in 1735 and still pleases with excellent quality and unique mechanical models in classic design. Luxury items deserve attention not only for their appearance – they have original content, which the manufacturer tirelessly improves.

Currently, Blancpain is a part of the Swiss Swatch Group and is considered its leading brand. Its main pride is a diving watch. The novelty was released in 1953 and won the trust of divers. Modern samples are no less unique: they have a carefully designed case with original decorations, behind which hides an impeccable mechanism.

Such attributes emphasize the high status of the owners, impeccable taste, and individuality. The company owns several branded lines, which include exquisite creations made of precious metals equipped with innovative technologies. Among them are ultra-thin movement, split-second function, perpetual calendar, repeater, and tourbillon.

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin Logo

It is not just a brand but an entire watchmaking empire with its own center, producing luxury products since 1755. Its list includes not only wristwatches but also pocket models of an exclusive level. Currently, the company is a subsidiary of the Richemont group. Throughout its existence, the company has adhered to ancient technologies, which today perfectly fit into the concept of modern technology.

Not everyone can afford such watches because the most expensive model costs almost 9000 dollars. Vacheron Constantin’s watches were chosen by the Duke of Windsor, Pope Pius XI, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Among the celebrities of our time, they are preferred by Rick Ross, Kate Bosworth, and Marlon Brando.

This company produces real exclusivity. They create customized movements using the most expensive materials and individual designs. A distinctive feature of this watch is the Maltese cross decorating the dial and crown.

Top Watch Brands

Top Watch Brands

Among wristwatches, we would like to highlight the icons of style – prestigious and iconic, which are worn with awe by all those who shape the world of fashion. These designs are popular, well-known, and coveted. Demand for the products of these brands remains high around the world and, by the looks of it, is unlikely to drop in the coming years. So, who are these style icons?


Omega Logo

This Swiss company can be safely considered legendary, as it has been around since 1848. True, then it had a different name: the current one appeared only in 1903 and immediately took its place in the logo. The founder of the watchmaker’s workshop is Louis Brandt, who opened it in La Chaux-de-Fonds. It is now a prestigious brand owned by The Swatch Group.

At one time, Omega produced the only watch certified for use in space. It adorned the wrist of astronaut Buzz Aldrin during his time on the moon. The company also owns waterproof models, which successfully withstood immersion to a depth of 135 meters. Not surprisingly, its products were worn by Jacques Mayo, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and many actors who played James Bond. Seamaster watches have set records for diving in and out of a bathyscaphe.


Hublot Logo

Although the Hublot watch company isn’t very old and doesn’t have deep historical roots, its watches form the backbone of fashion accessories. They are hugely popular all over the world due to their unusual design. The porthole-shaped case, metal screws, gold luxury, and rubber straps are the main factors behind their popularity.

Subsequently, they gained a reputation for unusual accessories, with an inventive zest not found in watches from other companies. This is the hallmark of the brand, founded by Italian Carlo Crocco in 1980. Today, it is a subsidiary of the fashion giant LVMH and pleases fans with exquisite, iconic, unique watches of unusual format. Luxurious minimalism is their advantage.


Rolex Logo

These watches are known all over the world. They have become a style icon, emphasizing the owner’s high status and his sense of refined luxury. The founding of Rolex coincided with the beginning of the XX century, so it absorbed the main ideas of its environment and accurately embodied them in its branded products. As a result, its goods quickly spread to all corners of the world, delighting fans of modernized classics.

As with Hans Wilsdorf (the company’s founder), these watches are still hand-assembled today, demonstrating an unrivaled standard of quality. At the same time, they are affordable as they are designed not only for official purposes but also for everyday wear. The main characteristics of this watch are a large power reserve, water resistance, automatic winding, shock resistance, high accuracy, and, of course, elegance. They are often worn by such world stars as David Beckham, Mark Wahlberg, Kanye West, Orlando Bloom, and Justin Timberlake.

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko Logo

Grand Seiko wristwatches are a new word in the global market. The brand appeared in 2017, separating from the parent company with an almost identical name. Previously, it was a product line as part of a collection, but then it became an independent brand due to increased demand from luxury watch lovers. Now, it is a top-tier company with its own aura.

The philosophy behind these prestigious watches is all about aesthetics. The Japanese company strives to maintain its reputation by giving the dial a three-dimensional look and the case a chased design. It is the combination of sharp edges, matte surfaces, and mirror finishes that give the brand’s watches a distinctive look and make them top-notch. But quality comes first: the company carefully selects high-precision movements to perfectly measure the time that permeates us.

Luxury Watch Brands

Luxury Watch Brands

It is unrealistic to cover all luxury watch brands within the scope of this review, as it is a whole universe with its own design rules, beauty standards, and values. We have selected the manufacturers most popular in the luxury watch segment.


IWC Logo

This Swiss watch company began as a small luxury watchmaking workshop centered in the town of Schaffhausen. Although it was considered a factory, it occupied a limited space. Its founder was the talented craftsman Florentin Ariosto Jones. He launched production in 1868, and since then, it has continued to please fans of quality wristwatches with a decent assortment. No wonder that today, IWC is the center of innovative developments of the Richemont group.

For example, the company has produced watches with a 204-hour power reserve, nine hands, 659 parts, and the Pellaton system. All models are not only technically perfect but also beautiful. This combination has made them immensely popular as they work efficiently, are accurate, and look prestigious. Some models are even considered legendary.


Zenith Logo

The origins of this watch brand date back to 1865, when a young watchmaker, Georges Favre-Jacot, opened a small workshop in the town of Le Locle. Gradually, it turned into a center of production of reliable and ultra-precise watches, as evidenced by the numerous awards received during the existence of the brand. In total, they have collected more than 2,000 awards.

Zenith watches are also recognized for their original design. The collection features models made in classic style, with unique decorations, including many precious stones. These include inlay and other intricate details. The company’s distinctive strategy is to produce its own mechanical calibers.


Piaget Logo

The brand’s founder is Georges Piaget. He created it in 1875 to produce watch movements. Later, the company switched to the production of watches. Today, the firm is part of the Richemont group and offers luxury handmade products. The high price is explained by the individual assembly and the presence of a large amount of decoration, which elevates these products to the status of jewelry.

Each piece is characterized by exclusive details and ultra-thin movements, which cannot fail to please lovers of luxurious insides. The company offers wristwatches with the thinnest minute repeater and the flattest tourbillon. The most famous model features a gold cuff set with 236 diamonds and a lapis lazuli dial.


Chopard Logo

The history of this watch company dates back to 1860 when Louis Ulysses Chopard founded it in the small town of Sonvilliers. It was owned by his descendants until 1963 and then passed to the Scheufele family. The German master made it extremely popular by setting up the production of elite watches.

It is to him that the brand owes its worldwide fame, as the new owner introduced a well-recognized feature – precious stones sealed in a transparent cover, where they freely rotate. Of course, this increases the cost of the watch, but it costs tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars not only because of the gems. Each piece hides an ultra-precise chronometric movement.

Ulysse Nardin

Ulysse Nardin Logo

This Swiss manufacturer can even be considered legendary, as its history dates back to 1846. It used to produce marine chronometers, but after its revival in 1983, it switched to a different lineup – luxury wristwatches of high complexity. Like the earlier models, they also became well-known all over the world.

By 1975, the brand had already won 18 gold medals, 2,411 special prizes, and 4,324 name certificates. Although still headquartered in Le Locle, the company is part of the French fashion giant Kering and sells its products through a distribution network. All products have an easily recognizable mark – an emblem in the form of the brand’s anchor. Naturally, the range also includes waterproof models, including those for divers with a permissible depth of immersion up to 200 meters.


Cartier Logo

Cartier offers not only exquisite jewelry but also luxury watches. It has been producing them for half a century, surprising fans with a beautiful combination of jewelry and wristwatches. Such products are recognizable by their unique charm – delicate, sweet, soft – no wonder that the products of this brand are designed primarily for women.

Exquisite design is embodied in the use of precious stones and precious metals. They are so numerous and luxurious that their manufacturer is maharajas and sheiks, dukes, and kings. In general, almost all of the world’s elite choose Cartier luxury watches for themselves. Their prices range from modest to astronomical sums.


Breitling Logo

This company started in St. Imier and then moved to Grenchen, where it is still successfully operating today. It was founded by Leon Breitling in 1884. Its product range includes wristwatches for aviators – so-called commander’s watches – which are characterized by high precision. This is confirmed by COSC quality certificates.

Branded chronometers have protection against moisture penetration, increased durability, and unique bracelets. The latest models are also equipped with a radio transmitter to accurately determine the location of the owner. Elite models are so reliable that they can be fearlessly immersed on the seabed and lifted into the clouds.

Premium Class Watch Brands

Premium Class Watch Brands

Elite watch brands do not end there. They form the next category, which includes more affordable models but not lagging behind in technology from the ultra-expensive ones. This group is numerous and consists of well-known names in the international watch market. These products do not just decorate the wrist: they are devices with excellent technical characteristics and impeccable appearance.

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Logo

The French company, relatively young among watch brands, appeared in 1992. It grew out of a university project of founders Bruno Belamich and Carlos Rosillo, who named it using fragments of their surnames. Initially, production was centered in Germany, but after a few years, it moved to Switzerland. However, the headquarters are still located in Paris.

The main feature of the brand is a commander’s watch in a square case. The main task of such chronometers is to show accurate time at extreme altitudes, as they are designed for pilots. However, over time, they were joined by other models, and now the manufacturer produces three types of watches: vintage, marine, and aviation.

They differ in dial layout, movement, and case size. Some of them resemble instruments from the cockpit of an airplane. Traditional variants appeared later and are also in demand, along with models for divers and pilots. Thus, the young brand has become the best supplier of wristwatches for extreme sports enthusiasts and military professionals. It collaborates with the American SpaceLab, the French Air Force, and elite military units.


Panerai Logo

The Italians are no worse than the Swiss in their knowledge of watches. This is confirmed by the Florentine company, which has existed since 1860. It was founded by Giovanni Panerai, who used it as a workshop, store, and training school. Today, it has risen to the world level and belongs to the financial company Richemont SA.

The introduction of new technical solutions, the pursuit of the highest quality, and hard work turned a simple company into a leader in the watch industry. As a result, during the First World War, the brand became the main supplier of watches for the Royal Italian Navy, which influenced their design and functions. This fact had a significant impact on all the company’s activities.

The main feature of the design of watches of the Italian brand is the crown protector in the shape of a crescent moon. This solution is favorable not only from the point of view of design but also from the point of view of high technology. It tightly fixes the rotating mechanism, preserves the tightness of the case, and increases the water resistance of the watch even at impressive depths.


Bulgari Logo

Italian brand Bulgari relies on beauty, producing watches, jewelry, perfumes, leather goods, and other fashion accessories. It is not just a company but a huge fashion empire, saturating the market with fashionable things. And wristwatches are one of them. They are unique designs with their own character, original, expressive, and unusual, serving as an addition to the image.

The company has existed since 1884, when it was founded by Greek jeweler Sotirios Boulgaris, naming it after his surname in the English version. However, later, designers replaced the letter “u” with “v” in the logo, emphasizing the expressiveness of the brand. But its name is still spelled correctly – Bulgari. Now, it is the third most popular brand after Tiffany and Cartier.

Their collection includes stunning watches with diamond, emerald, and ruby finishes. They are made of precious metals and are priced accordingly, which is very expensive. The favorite theme of this Italian manufacturer is the snake. It is bracelets in the form of a coiled snake that most often complements exclusive dials.

Maurice Lacroix

Maurice Lacroix Logo

The Swiss watch brand Maurice Lacroix was originally a division of Desco von Schulthess, a company founded in 1889 and came into being much later in 1975. Until then, it worked within the corporation to create high-end watches. It was named in honor of one of the members of the board of directors, who became its founder.

After the release of the first model, the newly formed brand confidently began to conquer the world market. It acquired the production of cases, began to create its own mechanisms, and staked on a unique design. As a result, innovative ideas and old developments of famous masters led to the rise of the company, which opened its branches in different parts of the world. Its track record includes many masterpieces with calendar modules, power reserve indicators, and other sophisticated enhancements.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer Logo

The first part of the name of this watch company stands for “Techniques d’Avant Garde,” and the second part is the surname of the founder, Edouard Heuer. He started the company in the Swiss town of St. Imier in 1860. Now, this brand is known among fans of extreme sports and high speeds, as its products are designed primarily for racers. Sports watches are very popular, so the brand has repeatedly sponsored automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle races, as well as ski competitions and soccer tournaments.

What makes TAG Heuer chronometers famous? Luxury level and impeccable quality. They are water-resistant, submersible up to 200 meters, and equipped with double clasps, steel bracelets, luminous hands and dial markers, sapphire crystal, screw-down crowns, and unidirectional rotating bezels. They undergo 60 mechanical tests before reaching customers.


Longines Logo

This brand came into existence in 1832 when watchmaker Auguste Agassiz set up his own workshop, teaming up with two lawyers, Florian Morel and Henri Reigel. They later went out of business, leaving the company to Agassiz. The prosperity of the brand began with the arrival of Ernest Francillon, an economist, and nephew of the founder. An enterprising and clever man, he proposed several innovations that took watchmaking to a high level and brought brand recognition.

Since the introduction of the first chronograph movement (in 1878), the company began to actively collaborate with various sports organizations and teams. It was an official partner of competitions in equestrian sports, gymnastics, horse racing, skiing, etc. Of course, over time, the watches became more and more reliable, and their appearance more and more exclusive. Now, this brand is among the premium ones, offering durable, light, thin, and accurate models.

Business-Class Watch Brands

Business-Class Watch Brands

Next, we will talk about more affordable watch brands. They are also characterized by high-quality, branded design and are considered legendary, but they cost less than those described earlier. There are several objective reasons for this:

  • Lower cost.
  • Faster payback.
  • Recent entry into the market.
  • The desire to compete with more prestigious brands.


Tissot Logo

The Swiss company appeared in 1853. It was then that Charles-Félicien Tissot, together with his son Charles-Emile Tissot, opened a workshop in Le Locle, which gradually turned into a home mini-factory. It now deservedly represents the best watch brands, as it was the first to produce a self-winding movement. The hands of its dials do not deviate even under the influence of magnetic waves. Many models use various innovative technologies.

The manufacturer is also very serious about the appearance of the product, paying special attention to respectability. Each instance of his wristwatch is a genuine piece of jewelry. The brand’s lineup also includes variants with wooden and stone cases, a limited sports series, and watches with a purely feminine design.


Balmain Logo

Balmain was created by Pierre Balmain in 1945 but debuted as a watch brand in 1987 when Swatch Group launched the production of Swiss watches. Now, this brand has gained fame thanks to the original design of women’s models. They are decorated with elegant Arabic ornaments, which makes them bright accessories.

The price range for such watches is very wide, so those who want to buy a refined and fashionable thing with good technical parameters will easily find a suitable copy. The company offers incredibly expensive samples encrusted with diamonds. But mostly, it presents watches of the middle price segment.


Tudor Logo

In fact, this is a sub-brand of Rolex: it is its subsidiary, and both are owned by the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. The brand appeared in Geneva in 1926 but did not fully enter the watch market until 1946. At that time, it started producing ultra-protective watches for professional divers and military personnel.

From the very beginning, the young brand positioned itself as an affordable alternative to Rolex and always emphasized its connection with the leading manufacturer. This marketing move allowed it to rise quickly and gain the trust of its fans, as its watches are just as reliable and spectacular as the parent company’s wristwatches.


Victorinox Logo

Watches are not Victorinox’s main products. It specializes in the production of penknives, equipment, and clothing for tourists. The company has been around for a long time, as it was founded in 1884, focusing on the military direction.

Of course, this is reflected in the quality of the products: before hitting the shelves, watches undergo thorough control and certification. As a result, only the best samples with a three-year warranty get into the stores. The assortment includes both men’s and women’s models. They are regularly updated with new samples using innovative technologies.

Affordable Watch Brands

Affordable Watch Brands

So, we came to the most affordable price segment, the products of which are also characterized by high quality and popularity. They are known for their low cost and excellent design, although not all are Swiss.


Timex Logo

This is an American watch brand. Since its inception in 1854, it has been focused on ordinary consumers for whom a good thing is important, not prestige. Over the years, the company has remained true to its principles, so it produces inexpensive products, which today are chosen even by celebrities and politicians.

As a result, the brand is among the top five best-selling in the world and recognized as the best in the United States. It has moved away from the production of European analogs and found its own identity. Its watches are versatile, highly functional, technological, and practical. At one time, they were given the status of “watches that glorify the dollar.” That is, they are really affordable chronometers for all occasions.


Citizen Logo

Although Citizen Japan’s main specialty is not watchmaking, they still do a great job at it. As a result, they produce high-precision chronometers supported by their proprietary Eco-Drive technology. This ensures that they are powered not only by artificial but also by natural light sources.

In addition, some products are equipped with a built-in radio antenna and the ability to synchronize with satellites. The brightest representatives of this brand also have automatic correction of world time and an unbreakable battery with a charge indicator.


Swatch Logo

Swatch is a famous Swiss brand. The company was founded in 1983 in response to the quartz crisis that swept the world in the 1970s and 1980s. It was founded by three entrepreneurs who brought inexpensive battery-powered electronic watches to the market.

Jacques Muller, Elmar Mock, and Ernst Tomke gave the brand a name, hinting that it was a “second watch” (that’s how its meaning is deciphered). That is, the watch was created as a beautiful accessory for everyday use. Today, the company is a part of The Swatch Group, continuing to please fans of fashionable looks with modern models made of durable plastic.


Casio Logo

The Japanese also excel in the production of stylish and affordable watches. An example is the Casio brand, which has saturated the international market with quartz movements. Founded in 1946, the company was initially engaged in the production of cell phones, calculators, photo and video cameras, and electronic musical instruments.

Later, digital and analog watches were added to the list of products. Since they are not decorated with diamonds, their prices are quite acceptable. The company presented its debut samples in the 1980s-1990s, choosing the mass consumer segment. It developed models that can withstand incredible loads, have high water resistance, and are equipped with batteries with a 10-year service life. In fact, these are modern multifunctional gadgets with innovative technologies.


Orient Logo

This company got its current name half a century after its foundation and appeared in 1901 in Tokyo under the name of Yoshida Watch Shop. That is, it was a wholesale store opened by entrepreneur Shogoro Yoshida. Over time, the brand seriously focused on watches, offering manual and automatic winding mechanical models, solar (light), radio-controlled, and quartz.

Orient has now become a subsidiary brand of the Epson Corporation and manufactures products in its own factory. It also produces movements for its own watches, making it one of the top three Japanese watch companies. It has a number of customized developments in micro-mechanics and some excellent electronic models.


Seiko Logo

This is another Japanese watch brand that covers a wide range of electronic devices. In addition to watches, its product list includes jewelry, optical products, and semiconductors. Strangely enough, all of them directly affect chronometers since the main task of the manufacturer is to supply modern high-tech samples for widespread use.

The company was founded in 1881 by one of the most prominent watchmakers in history – Kintaro Hattori. It became the main supplier of wristwatches to the Japanese army during World War II and produced the first quartz movement with complications.


What is a watch?

For some, it’s a trendy accessory; for others, a practical device; and for yet others, a status symbol. But, putting our hands on our hearts, we must all admit: it’s a universal attribute for measuring time, so the more accurate it is, the better. In modern times, additional features play a significant role in timepieces, although there are enthusiasts who highly appreciate them as works of art.

So, everyone chooses a watch based on their standards, requests, and needs. Which option will be personally yours, time and… will show. Your wallet. That’s why we told you about brands in different price categories. Of course, not all the world’s watch companies are represented in our list. There are many more, but we have grouped the most outstanding ones into categories. Don’t hesitate – choose the best!