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Tiens logo distinguishes itself through sheer creativity, marking its involvement in producing plant-based dietary supplements. The emblem showcases three unusual ovals with pointed ends, symbolizing botanical elements such as buds, shoots, and leaves. Designers have unified these shapes with a white curved line to link them visually. The palette is nature-inspired: orange, reminiscent of the sun, and green, evoking vegetation.

If you delve deeper into the design, pointed ovals serve several purposes. Not only do they represent the physical elements of flora, like buds and leaves, but they also tap into a broader representation of life cycles, from growth to maturity. This all-encompassing approach showcases the brand’s commitment to nature, suggesting that its products are holistic and wholesome.

The white curved lines inside each shape bring unity to the design. Just as the nutrients in plants are interconnected and contribute to the organism’s well-being, these lines connect the individual elements in the emblem, pointing to the brand’s intricate and interconnected approach to health and wellness.

When it comes to color choices, the brand doesn’t hold back. The orange and green hues are deliberate and packed with symbolism. Orange is a powerful color, often associated with vitality and enthusiasm. It’s a color that grabs attention and is frequently linked to sunshine, suggesting an element of renewal and life-giving energy. Green is synonymous with nature and health, echoing the company’s focus on plant-based products.

Tiens and its logo clarify that this brand is deeply connected to nature and committed to leveraging its elements for human health. The orange and green, far from being aesthetic choices, act as brand ambassadors, preaching a message of vitality and natural wellness.

Analyzing the typography would also offer insight. When placed in context with the emblem, the brand name is usually rendered in a simple, straightforward font. This simplicity underscores the company’s mission to offer uncomplicated, effective solutions to its consumers.

The emblem is more than just eye-catching; it’s a story in symbols and colors. The story of a brand that understands the complexities of nature and the human body and strives to offer products that serve both with respect and effectiveness. A visit to their product lineup proves that the story the logo tells is lived by the brand, day in and day out.

Tiens: Brand overview

Founder:Li Jinyuan
Tianjin, China

In 1995, Tianjin, China, witnessed the inception of Tiens, a brainchild of the visionary entrepreneur Li Jinyuan. The company embarked on its journey by delving into the health and wellness sector. Within two years, in 1997, Tiens pivoted towards a multi-level marketing strategy. This innovative sales and distribution approach paved the way for independent representatives to reap commissions, fostering the company’s brisk ascent in China in subsequent decades.

As the millennium turned, Tiens broadened its horizons by venturing beyond China, marking its footprint in 190 countries globally. Alongside this expansion, the company’s product range also blossomed, encompassing not just dietary supplements but also venturing into realms like cosmetics, skincare, and avant-garde water purification systems.

In a testament to its growth, 2003 saw Tiens erecting a colossal international headquarters in Tianjin, characterized by its distinctive architectural design. By the time 2015 rolled around, the company’s metrics boasted an impressive workforce surpassing 47,000 and revenues exceeding a whopping $10 billion.

While Tiens’s unconventional direct selling approach has occasionally found itself under the regulatory scanner in China and abroad, it hasn’t hindered the company’s stature as a prominent global contender in the multi-level marketing domain. Today, the reins of Tiens remain firmly in the hands of its founder, Li Jinyuan, and his lineage. The company’s global nerve center’s heartbeat continues to pulsate in Tianjin.

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