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Tiens: Brand overview

In 1995, Tiens, the brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Li Jinyuan, was born in Tianjin, China. The company began its journey with the health and wellness sector. Two years later, in 1997, Tiens shifted to a multi-level marketing strategy. This innovative approach to sales and distribution allowed independent representatives to earn commissions, which contributed to the company’s rapid growth in China in the following decades.

As the new millennium dawned, Tiens expanded its horizons beyond China and made its presence known in 190 countries around the world. At the same time, the company’s product range expanded to include dietary supplements and areas such as cosmetics, skincare, and avant-garde water purification systems.

The company’s growth was evidenced by the erection of a colossal international headquarters in Tianjin in 2003, characterized by a distinctive architectural design. By 2015, the company had more than 47,000 employees and $10 billion in revenue.

Although Tiens’ unconventional approach to direct sales has occasionally come under scrutiny from regulators in China and abroad, this has not prevented the company from becoming a notable global competitor in the multi-level marketing space. Today, the reins of Tiens are still in the hands of founder Li Jinyuan and his family. The pulse of the company’s global nerve center still beats in Tianjin.

Meaning and History

Tiens Logo History

1995 – today

Tiens Logo

The logo of the Chinese company Tiens stands out for its creativity, perfectly reflecting the brand’s focus on producing plant-based products, including dietary supplements and health products. Due to their resemblance to these natural elements, it features three unique ovals with pointed ends that symbolize a lot, from buds and sprouts to leaves. The designers chose a unified shape for each element to achieve this visual metaphor. Embedded within each oval is a white curved line, artistically linking them together and emphasizing their interconnectedness.

The emblem is painted in colors that evoke the essence of nature: orange, reminiscent of the sun, and green, associated with vegetation. This choice of colors not only highlights the brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and conveys a message of vitality, growth, and harmony with the environment. Through this logo, Tiens communicates its dedication to wellness and the health benefits of turning to nature, visually representing the brand’s core values and mission.