Top 10 American University & College Logos

Top 10 American University & College Logos

Studying at American universities is the dream of all teenagers. After watching colorful Western TV series and films, you want to get into an environment with team spirit, sports events, cheerleaders, and student parties.

What is the Top 10 American University & College Logos?

This list includes the logos of Washington State University, Howard University, Yale University, Arizona State University, University of Central Florida, Dartmouth College, City University of New York (Cuny), Indiana University, Penn State University, Princeton University.

University logos receive a lot of attention, as do commercial companies. Selling clothes, stationery and souvenirs can be an additional source of income. A strong brand can influence student choices and help them make headlines in the best media or even television. On a par with large companies, universities and colleges often have dedicated branding departments.

1 Washington State University

Washington State University Logo

The university was founded back in 1890 and is one of the leading universities in America. The main symbol of the educational institution is a puma, placed on a shield. If you take a closer look, the head of the cougar has depicted thanks to the combination of “W,” “S,” and “U.” Also, the logo is supplemented with the name of the university, which can be positioned in three ways, depending on the purpose and channel of communication.

The school’s logo was designed by former student Randall Johnson back in 1936. The shield is a symbol of higher education and academic success, and the puma indicates the strong spirit of all members of the educational process. The main color palette consists of raspberry and gray, and they are complemented by orange, green, blue, and yellow.

2 Howard University

Howard University Logo

Howard University is one of the universities where 86% are black students. The educational institution appeared after the end of the Civil War and the abolition of slavery. The great need for an educated population who can work in the industrial sector has become one reason for its emergence. Also, historical universities for black students appeared due to racism and the reluctance of white people to contact them.

The university exhibits strong civic attitudes and uses the US national flag colors: Red Hex # E51937, Blue Hex # 003A63, and Gray Hex # 5F6062. The additional color palette consists of blue, purple, yellow, gold, orange. The logo itself resembles the seal used by the US federal services.

3 Yale University

Yale University Logo

Yale University is included in The Ivy League – the eight most prestigious universities in America. One of the oldest establishments, founded in 1701. The logo of the educational institution fully demonstrates the professionalism and importance of quality teaching.

The logo consists of an open book inside a blue shield. You can also notice an inscription in Hebrew, which is duplicated below in Latin “Urim v’Thummim or Lux et Veritas” – Light and Truth. The Hebrew inscription is a tribute to the first years of a higher educational institution’s functioning when the language was a compulsory subject for study. The main colors are black, gray, and blue, found application on the official website and other communication channels.

4 Arizona State University

Arizona State University Logo

The famous university has not only a recognizable logo but also a seal. A higher education institution’s main image consists of the abbreviation ASU and the sun in the logo’s middle. The university’s mascot is the sun devil, and the sun in the logo also indicates a state with a very hot summer, where the temperature can sometimes reach +52 degrees. The color palette includes burgundy # 8C1D40 and gold # FFC627.

Branded seals are rarely used for official documents, such as diplomas, legal papers, various programs, and agreements. She also acquired a burgundy color. Students and sports organizations use other emblems like the sun devil or his sun trident.

5 University of Central Florida

University of Central Florida Logo

The second-largest university in Florida offers about 600 programs with different study forms by the number of students. It was founded in 1963 and produced skilled managers, marketers, psychologists, and other professionals.

The university logo is a golden pegasus. The creature appeared in Greek mythology and served as a companion for heroes in great adventures. The image was first introduced in 1968. Its creators are Jim Shattuck and Norman Van Meter. The president of the educational institution Charles Millican, together with colleagues, chose among 50 options. Pegasus symbolizes openness to knowledge and limitless possibilities. Above the pegasus’s head, you can see a star that refers to the university’s motto, “Reach for the stars.”

6 Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College Logo

Dartmouth College is another representative of The Ivy League. The university introduced a new logo: a pine tree inside a large green letter “D.” Also, the image can be seen in combination with other colors. John Scotford has designed a laconic logo that can be seen on merchandise and the institution’s website.

Old Pine is the symbol of Dartmouth College. In the early 1800s, the site was known for the frequent gatherings of the elderly and was felled less than 100 years later. The cause was damage from lightning and storms. The university’s motto is “Vox clamantis in deserto,” which means “The eye of one crying in the wilderness.”

7 City University of New York (Cuny)

City University of New York (CUNY) Logo

An unusual university deserves an original design. The fact is that this is not just one building or a campus, but a whole system of divisions scattered across all five districts of New York, and the main campus is located in downtown Manhattan. Representatives from 208 countries characterize the City University of New York.

The designers did not use any mascots to design the logo, only blue HEX # 1D3A83 and gray HEX # 636466 colors. The abbreviation of the name of the university is placed in a blue square. The design is reminiscent of contemporary art, thanks to its simple shapes.

8 Indiana University

Indiana University Logo

Indiana University Bloomington also ditched its logo’s mascot symbol and relied on conciseness and simplicity. The image shows the institution’s name and the trident in red, which results from the combination of “U” and “I.”

The font is bold with serifs. Different fonts are used depending on the purpose, such as the more modern Benton Sans, the elegant Georgia Pro, and the informative Salvo Serif. The color palette is represented by raspberry PMS 201 with light and dark shades: PMS 199 and PMS 188. It is also complemented by minor gold, mint, blue and gray shades that do not contradict the main colors.

9 Penn State University

Penn State University Logo

The Pennsylvania State University, founded in 1855, is considered a worthy competitor to universities from The Ivy League. Here students receive valuable knowledge and are graduated as real specialists. The university has repeatedly hit the top of the best universities in America and the world and requires a high passing score.

The logo is completely blue and consists of a name and a lion on the shield’s background. The acronym Penn State is used even in official documents due to its excessive recognition. Several years ago, the image of the lion changed, and only the head remained. Some students were in awe of the new design, while others seized on the opportunity to breathe and draw parallels with strange associations.

10 Princeton University

Princeton University Logo

Princeton University is a private American university, part of The Ivy League. The university is renowned for its significant alumni and faculty members such as Albert Einstein, Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos, Michael Eugene Porter, and William Craig.

The mascot of the higher education institution is the tiger, which is reflected in the orange Pantone (PMS) 158 color in the logo. You can also see the coat of arms with graphic elements and the inscription under it “Dei sub numine viget” – “Prosperous under the power of God.” The motto and logo refer to the university’s history because initially, the activity direction was religious. Inside the shield is a book as a reference to Yale University – the alma mater of Princeton University’s founders.

What is the most recognizable college logo?

One of the most recognizable college logos is the Dartmouth College brand name. It has many unique symbols that are depicted inside the heraldic shield.

Do universities have logos?

Yes, logos are an obligatory element of the identity of all universities. They are used both to attract new students and generate profits from the sale of souvenirs with their image. This distinguishes the logos from the university print, which is for legal purposes only.

What is the most recognizable logo in college sports?

Among the best university sports logos are the graphic symbols of the Texas Longhorns, Miami Hurricanes, UCLA Bruins, LSU Tigers, Michigan Wolverines, and many other teams.

What is a college logo?

It is the individual mark that is the foundation of the college brand. It reflects the history and concept of the educational institution.