UAM Logo


The modern identity of the Spanish university demonstrates its social status, autonomy, and high trust rating. The latest version of the emblem introduces the UAM logo, symbolizing the transition to a new level while retaining important elements of the past identity.

UAM: Brand overview

Founded: 6 June 1968
Madrid, Spain
UAM is the abbreviated name of the young Spanish university Universidad Autonoma de Madrid. He appeared in June 1968, during the capital educational reforms of the 60/70 years of the last century. Its legal status is autonomous, public. It has a very high confidence rating. It is included in the TOP-15 of the best higher educational institutions in Europe. It has several buildings that are located in Madrid and its environs. It offers training at eight faculties, including the law, the most prestigious in the country.

Meaning and History

UAM Logo History

From the moment of foundation to the present day, the university has had only three brand names.

What is UAM?

UAM – short for Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. This university was established in 1968 in Spain and has since become a center for scientific research in ecology and biomedicine. It is considered one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world and holds high positions in international rankings.

1968 – 1986

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid logo 1968

The first logo is dated the 1968th; that is, it arose immediately in the year the university was opened. For a long time remained unchanged monochrome. This is a modest option with a minimum of visual information, where everything is focused on the name.

The inscription “Universidad Autonoma de Madrid” is in black and white or in gray muted colors. The words are divided into two parts and arranged in tiers: the first consists of “Universidad Autonoma,” the second – from “De Madrid.” The upper part is on a light background; the lower part is on a dark background. This construction supports the idea of ​​the diversity and autonomy of the university, where each faculty is a separate structure with an independent worldview.

1986 – 2019

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid logo 1986

In 1986, the emblem was slightly updated. The abbreviation “UAM” appeared in it. In this version, the letter “M” has become an accent element. It looks like an abstract architectural form, made in compliance with geometrically accurate proportions. Originality is emphasized by monumentality and proximity to the “golden section,” as evidenced by the dashed line.

At the same time, the logo indicates a well-developed faculty of mathematics, which at that time was the most popular. It was thanks to him that the higher educational institution acquired a high status and fell into the fifteen European leaders. Therefore, the sign “M” is more likely a tribute of appreciation. Due to the schematic construction, it looks three-dimensional.

2019 – today

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid logo 2019

In 2019, the management decided to radically change the corporate image, symbol, and logo, as the educational institution crossed a 50-year milestone. But the base was kept the same: the name “Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.” In this shortened version of “UAM,” the characters “U” and “M” are in bold, and “A” is in italics. Moreover, the abbreviation is removed from the upper part and placed to the right of the expanded name of the university.

The updated look of the logo echoes some of the features of the previous sample – for example, differentiation of fonts in initials. The emblem left the framework, in which there were fragments of the name and monochrome. There was openness and color. Although the two-tier arrangement of the lines is preserved, they got a new look – according to the spelling with the capital “U,” “A,” “M.” The remaining letters are lowercase, classic. The whole phrase is blue.

At the top is an abbreviation in which attention has shifted from “M” to “A.” Now it is much thinner than neighboring characters and has a wide accent. The palette is also changed and became olive.

Revised and graphic element. The number 50 was entered into it – as an indication of the anniversary date. It is circled in two circles and a polygon. The inscription “1968 – 2019” also underlines the anniversary. But the most interesting part is the polygon, which completes the composition of the figure. It unifies the elements, makes the image seamless, and even indicates the location of the Cantoblanco campus in the north-eastern part of the capital.

Font and Colors

UAM emblem

The university has another important identification mark – the coat of arms. This is a shield of classical shape, divided into two halves. On the left is a flaming torch with a long handle. On the right is a bear picking fruits from a tall tree. Above them is a large crown, which covers the upper part of the shield. It is drawn in detail – with the selection of teeth and precious inlaid stones.

On the sides, everything is surrounded by a laurel or olive wreath of leaves, apparently plucked from a tree, which is located on one of the fragments. At the bottom, on a narrow ribbon, reads “QUID VLTRA FACIAM?”. The color palette of the graphic sign is built on a combination of green, white, red, brown, black, and yellow.

The font used for the text is Berthold Walbaum Book. It is painted in blue and light green or olive.

UAM color codes

Apple Green Hex color: #7fc200
RGB: 172 194 0
CMYK: 35 0 100 24
Pantone: PMS 802 C
UNICEF Blue Hex color: #00ade7
RGB: 0 173 231
CMYK: 100 25 0 9
Pantone: PMS 801 C