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Balance and grace have turned the UConn logo into the most harmonious and pleasant sign for perception. Within the institution’s walls, science, sports, and the educational process are ideally combined. As a result, the university releases comprehensively developed young people into society.

UConn: Brand overview

Founded:April 21, 1881
Storrs, Connecticut, United States
UConn (University of Connecticut) is an American flagship university, recognized as the best national public university in New England. He was awarded the highest level of research and educational work – R1. It is ranked 23rd in the top public schools. In addition, the institution is part of a select group of government-funded universities and has its own sports department that has won 21 NCAA championships. He is also a member of Big East. The year of its appearance is 1881. It is located in Storrs, Connecticut State.

Meaning and History

University of Connecticut Symbol

The first name of this educational institution is Storrs Agricultural School. In this status, he was established by the Storrs brothers – Charles and Augustus, who provided land and money for him. Gradually, the school evolved, becoming a college, and then a university. This event took place in 1939.

Until 1933, the UConn sports mascot was the Aggies, but after the renaming of the educational institution and the transition to state funding, the teams became known as Statesmen. However, they were renamed Husky almost immediately. Usually, dogs of this breed in Connecticut are given the nickname Jonathan. And this is the name of the politician and statesman Jonathan Trumbull, in whose honor the university was built. In 1995, a statue was even installed on one of the campuses. According to local belief, students must rub their noses to lure luck.

The overall logo of the university, unlike the academic seal, is more simple and uncomplicated. It is made in a minimalist style and consists only of the name of the institution of higher education – abbreviated and expanded. The former is typed in large monolithic letters, the latter in small capitals. The characters of the word “UCONN” have a curved shape. The upper and lower sides of the “C” and “O” look arc-shaped, while the “U” has only the lower side. Their vertical bars are columnar, flat. The two “N’s” are also massive but barren.
On the other hand, the word “University of Connecticut” is written in fine print in a classic design. The letters are grotesque, smooth, printed, and colored gray. This palette, which looks faded in comparison to the dark blue, makes all the attention focus on the top line.


University of Connecticut Seal Logo

The academic seal looks like a classic rondel – a round element with an accent center and several concentric rings. In the very center, there is a branch of the famous Charter Oak, which has played a significant role in the folklore heritage of the state. The giant oak grew in the city of Hartford and was 33 feet in circumference. It was the main attraction for a long time until the hurricane of 1855 brought it down. The logo features three dark blue leaves (one straight, two sideways) with two acorns on the right and left. The veins are marked in white for excellent contrast.

This is followed by a double circle consisting of blue and white lines. Behind them is a wide strip, where the full name of the University of Connecticut is located. It is executed in capital letters with bold serifs and almost completely covers the central part. At the bottom, the year of the establishment of the university is indicated. There is a double blue and white edging along the outer edge.

UConn Huskies Logos

UConn Huskies Logo History

In fact, the sports department of UConn is not named after the dog breed but is dedicated to the famous political and statesman of the state – Jonathan Trumbull. The fact is that in this part of America, almost all huskies are called Jonathan. Hence the unusual nickname. The teams have made great strides in basketball, winning 21 championships. Women are particularly successful, winning 11 NCAA Division I national championships and over 40 other conference and tournament events. The branch’s logos are fully consistent with its name. There are seven of them in total.

1959 – 1960

UConn Huskies Logo 1959

The debut emblem consisted of a contour image of a dog (presumably a husky breed). Blue lines, blotches, long and short strokes make it stand out from the negative space effectively. The animal’s gaze is attentive, focused, ears are raised as if it is ready to rush to help at any moment.

1960 – 1970

UConn Huskies Logo 1960

In 1960, a transition to an anthropomorphic image took place to combine the local nickname of the husky (Jonathan) with the name of a real person – Jonathan Trumbull, a historical figure, a significant political figure, and statesman. To demonstrate the decisive attitude of, in fact, the kindest dog, the artists added firearms, a bandolier, and a military cocked hat to it. She has boots on her legs, and a fluffy tail is visible from behind her back.

1970 – 1981

UConn Huskies Logo 1970

UConn’s sports department has moved to a realistic image of a dog. The husky is depicted in a half-turn and looks ahead with concentration. It is visible that her ears are raised, and her neck is extended as if she is about to run to help. The main style of the drawing is stroke-like, contour.

1981 – 2002

UConn Huskies Logo 1981

An emblem with a detailed image of a husky in blue and white was used during this period. The dog’s head was set against a blue circle to make it easier to outline its outline because it is still drawn using the negative space technique. At the top, in a semicircle, is the word “Connecticut,” at the bottom – “Huskies.” The dog’s mouth is slightly open, and the tongue protrudes from it. The look is friendly but intent – as if saying, “I’m watching everything carefully.”

2002 – 2010

UConn Huskies Logo 2002

After the redesign, the background circle disappeared from the emblem; the lines became smooth and soft, the strokes became long and confident. The developers painted the tongue red, nose, and eyes gray. They also added a light outline around the head, repeating the outlines of the animal. The surrounding lettering is arched. The top and bottom of some letters are also curved, which echoes the university-wide logo. The characters in the word “Huskies” are very wide apart.

2010 – 2012

UConn Huskies Logo 2010

The emblem received a small change during this period: the designers increased the color scheme, making it a little darker.

2013 – today

UConn Huskies Logo 2013

Now the logo is used with a more decisive and aggressive image of the dog. For this, the designers used a lot of dark blue and placed the head in full-face, enhancing the effect of a hypnotic gaze. Only the central part of the muzzle and some areas on the raised ears remained white. The husky’s mouth is open, and now not only the tongue but also the fangs are visible in it. The eyes are colored blue. A gray line runs along the entire contour of the animal.

Font and Colors

University of Connecticut Emblem

The modern logo of the sports department was carried out by the Nike design team led by Clint Shaner, a senior graphic artist. The inscription from the 2002 version is identical to the style of the university-wide logo. The academic seal is linked to the region’s historical roots and contains an iconic element – an ancient oak leaf, whose girth was 33 feet.

The word for the UConn university logo uses a solid sans serif typeface. The letters “U,” “C,” and “O” are curved at the top and bottom. The text on the seal is in a classic typeface with sharp serifs. The university’s official colors are blue, white, and a minimum of red accents.

UConn color codes

Blue BlackHex color:#000e2f
RGB:0 14 47
CMYK:100 70 0 82
Pantone:PMS 282 C