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“Universitat de Girona” is the inscription that adorns the UDG logo and makes it the university’s official signature. The elegant serif typeface is in keeping with the Spanish spirit of the institution, while the dark blue color emphasizes its seriousness and businesslike approach. The logo also features two large curly braces commonly used to show grouped elements. In this case, these are just decorative elements.

UDG: Brand overview

Girona, Catalonia, Spain
Universidad de Girona or UDG is a Spanish university reborn in 1991. It is considered one of the oldest in Europe since the first stages of the development of the UDG fell in the middle of the 15th century. The university’s teaching staff includes about 1.5 thousand specialists, while the number of students exceeds 12 thousand. When visiting this university, you immediately feel that a person has visited Catalonia, so a tribute to the traditions and history of the region is demonstrated in everything. The university offers applicants a choice of more than 30 faculties. At the same time, tourism and the science of water are considered the main areas.

Meaning and History

UDG Logo History

Even though the history of UDG has more than four centuries, in terms of visual recognition of the university, it is necessary to analyze its new era. After the revival, it was decided to change the university’s concept radically. It is not only about the educational program but also about the university’s emblem.

As a result, in the 30 years that the Universitat de Girona has existed in its current form, there has only been one redesign. As a result, the logo has become more concise and simple; it focuses on the elements of the educational process.

What is UDG?

This is one of the iconic Spanish universities, known far beyond the borders of this country. You can get a master’s degree here in many profiles. Also, the UDG leadership pays special attention to students with disabilities, including those with hearing impairments.

1991 – 2015

UDG Logo 1991-2015

The first version of the UDG logo was introduced immediately after the institution of higher education rebrand. It consisted of two elements, namely the university’s name and a graphic emblem that was above it. Both parts are made in dark blue, which many associates with the ink of the pen. If we talk about the emblem, it depicts an eagle whose head is turned to the right. This bird was not chosen by chance, as it symbolizes wisdom and flight and the ability to develop. The verbal inscription is made in two lines: “Universitat” – on the first and “de Girona” – on the second.

Interestingly, “de” has slightly smaller sizes than the two main words. The name used a classic sans-serif typeface, using thin lines in the letters. At the same time, the writing style of some letters differs from the traditional one. First of all, we are talking about a significant rounding of the letter “a,” and a horizontal line in the letter “t,” which is much larger on the right side than on the left.

2015 – today

UDG Logo

The logo’s color palette after the 2015 redesign has acquired a brighter and lighter shade of blue. At the same time, the main concept of the Universitat de Girona logo has undergone significant updates. The inscription was also in two lines, and it was based on a fancy bold serif type. It is similar to the previous version, but at the same time, more compacted lines in the letters, as well as the distance between them, immediately catch the eye. The eagle emblem has been completely removed from the logo. In this case, the name of the UDG was inside two horizontally oriented curly braces.

Font and Colors

UDG Symbol

For the word lettering, the Universidad de Girona logo used a classic serif typeface with changes to the style of writing certain letters. It looks appropriate on the logo of a Spanish educational institution.

In both versions of the logo, blue was used as the main color. At the same time, a darker shade was initially preferred. The choice of color is quite justified because, thanks to it, the university logo looks fresh and modern and inspires confidence among applicants.

UDG color codes

Phthalo BlueHex color:#01168a
RGB:1 22 138
CMYK:99 84 0 46
Pantone:PMS 2738 C