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UFC Logo

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Logo
Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Logo PNG

The UFC is an outstanding sports promoter in the mixed martial arts industry. She is engaged in the organization and conduct of martial arts in 12 weight categories – four women and eight men. Its founder is a group of individuals led by Art Davie, Bob Meyrowitz, and Campbell McLaren, who created it in 1993. It is now jointly managed by Endeavor Group Holdings and Zuffa, which includes three interested firms. The headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). To date, this sports ground has held over five hundred competitions, becoming the largest enterprise with multibillion-dollar income.

Meaning and History

UFC Logo History
Evolution of the UFC Logo

The UFC emblem appeared in the year it was founded because the advertising firm needed a simple and understandable sign to start organizing events right away. It is an abbreviation for the phrase “Ultimate Fighting Championship,” indicating the type of activity. Over the years, the company has undertaken redesigns three times – two cardinal and one corrective.

1993 – 1999

Ultimate Fighting Championship Logo 1993-1999

The debut version of the emblem is a laconic inscription. It consists of the complete phrase “The Ultimate Fighting Championship,” placed horizontally in two rows. The top line includes the first three words; the bottom line contains one final word. The final part is specially separated into a separate fragment: it demonstrates the format of sports competitions. All letters are simple, smooth, black, and slightly elongated. They are executed in straight lines in a strict design, which emphasizes the seriousness of the organization.

1999 – 2001

Ultimate Fighting Championship Logo 1999-2001

After the adjustments were made, the logo began to look much more diverse. He got graphic elements, lots of details, and color. During this period, it was perceived as a colorful icon. As a basis, the designers took the company name’s abbreviated form, placing it in the center in the foreground. Behind it was a combatant, whose image had been used in an alternative logo until that period. The muscular athlete is girded with a premium belt and stands confidently, demonstrating readiness for battle. The background is a map of one of the Earth’s hemispheres. All components are taken in an arched semicircle surrounded by a thin red line.

2001 – 2015

Ultimate Fighting Championship Logo 2001-2015

In 2001, the management approved a new logo – the most minimalistic of all. Only one element remained of the text and graphics – the abbreviation. It was turned into a personal icon, where an inscription and a picture are combined. Each letter has a clear structure. The lines are straight, straight, reminiscent of geometric shapes. Serifs removed. The inter-letter space is identical to the width of the internal gaps of the characters themselves. “F” lacks a connecting leg, so the top fragment seems to hang over it, forming a separate rectangle.

2015 – present

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Logo 2015-present

The current version of the logo almost completely repeats the previous one. The only difference is in the trimmed ends of the “C” (they are chopped off) and in color (now used red).

Font and Colors of the Emblem

UFC Emblem

The UFC symbol has always been abbreviated for “Ultimate Fighting Championship,” except the debut version. Therefore, its evolution is a gradual redesign of the lettering. At first, it was complete; then, it was abbreviated. The winning version turned out to be a simple version, without details and graphic frills, which resonates with the represented sport. The letters are grotesque, in upper case, with a slight slope to the right.

UFC Symbol

The logo is made by a personal typeface, designed to order. It combines the features of an informative text and a visual identification icon. The word “UFC” is in Sans Serif font. Its characteristics are smooth lines, sharp corners, sharp transitions, and no serifs. The color palette is monochrome and consists of the classic combination of white with red or black.