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The UGA logo opens the door to one of the oldest universities that have survived the dark periods of the country’s history. At the same time, the emblem shows that knowledge is under reliable protection here, and no historical events have affected the work of the university and the desire to serve their homeland.

UGA: Brand overview

Founded:January 27, 1785
Athens, Georgia, United States
UGA is one of the oldest universities in the United States. It appeared before the war survived the civil war era and many other historical events. It was created by two statesmen in 1785. One of them, Lyman Hall, the governor of the state of Georgia, secured the allocation of land for the construction of an educational institution. The second is Abraham Baldwin, the founding father of the United States, who drafted the charter. The location for the campus was chosen in the city of Athens. The first buildings appeared only in the early 1800s; before that, the educational institution existed only on paper. It is now the largest organization with 18 colleges and schools. It owns museum complexes, libraries, more than 800 student organizations (including the sports department of the Georgia Bulldogs), about 470 facilities on the main campus, and dozens of additional centers outside of Athens.

Meaning and History

University of Georgia Logo History

Judging by incomplete archival data, the UGA seal and motto were created in 1801 by one person – Josiah Meigs. In that year, the trustees chose a site for the construction of the university, and the new president of the school, Josiah Meigs (part-time the only professor), began teaching physics without even having a suitable room for this. The first building appeared only later – in 1802. Students graduated in 1804. Graduates received diplomas with a seal that contained the inscription “Universitas Georgiae Sigillum 1801” inside the circle. There was also an old motto in Latin. At that time, it consisted of the phrase “Et docere et rerum exquirere causas.” In 1990, the word “serve” was added to the phrase, but this did not affect the press.

The UGA logo does not have such a long history, although it has gone through one redesign. It can be considered a reflection of tradition because it depicts the famous arch of the University of Georgia. The same arch is shown on the modern press and rises on the campus.


University of Georgia Old Logo

Until 2016, the logo featured a black arch within a white circle with a dark outline. The design with three columns and an arc at the top looked almost the same as the print, only without detailing. This element seemed small against the background of the inscription, which the designers placed at the bottom.

Immediately below the arch was a long and wide line of dark red. Inside it, centered, was the white number “1785”. Even lower was the university’s full name, with the article “The” in front of it. The high-contrast font with thin, long serifs was legible, but the narrow spacing caused some of the letters to blend together. The phrase was underlined with a thin black stripe.

2016 – today

University of Georgia Logo

In April 2016, UGA announced its intention to update the logo, which unites all university departments, academic programs, and colleges. Work on it was carried out until September, after which a new version of the badge with an arch was presented to the public. The traditional element has become white and stands out due to the dark background. The silhouette of the arch is formed by negative space inside a rectangular shield with a rounded base. It, in turn, is divided into two color blocks: a black top and a red bottom. The year of the foundation of the educational institution is written at the bottom.

To the right of the icon is the phrase “UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA” already without the usual article “The.” The current design consists of capital letters. The black words “UNIVERSITY OF” are above the red “GEORGIA,” which is placed on a separate line.


UGA (University of Georgia) Seal Logo

According to historical documents, the seal with the arch and the date of the university’s foundation appeared in the late 1890s. It was first used on the diplomas of students who graduated in 1897. The modern version has a similar structure. It is based on The Great Seal of the State of Georgia, which has existed since 1799. Like the state symbol, there is an arch in the central part – the embodiment of the State Constitution.

Three columns reflect the division of powers into the corresponding number of branches. On the upper arc is the word “CONSTITUTION,” and on the scrolls attached to the columns, the state motto is written in Latin. It is divided into several parts: “WIS” and “DOM” on the left, “JUSTICE” in the middle, “MODER” and “ATION” on the right.

The arch rises on three long steps. According to legend, there is also a warrior standing there, one of the militias participating in the American War of Independence. The sword raised up in his hands symbolizes the readiness to defend the current laws of the United States.

On the UGA seal, the central graphic elements are placed in a ring and surrounded on top by the motto of the university, coined by Josiah Meigs back in 1801. The original Latin version is still used: “ET DOCERE ET RERUM EXQUIRERE CAUSAS.” Outside the black ring, the words “SIGILLUM,” “UNIVERSITAS,” and “GEORGIAE” are written, separated by bold dots. And at the bottom, instead of the date of adoption of the State Constitution (as on the state symbol), is the year the university was founded – 1785.

Georgia Bulldogs Logo

Georgia Bulldogs Logo History

Eight men’s Georgia Bulldogs and eleven women’s Lady Bulldogs defend the honor of their native University of Georgia at the Division I NCAA level and compete in the Southeastern Conference. Together they have won nearly 900 NCAA championships and more than 150 conference championships. According to EADA, in 2006, they had the largest profit margin of any U.S. sports program. The official mascot, a British bulldog, named Uga, was chosen in 1920. Around the same time, the teams were given the nickname Bulldogs.

From 1964 to the present day, the chapter has used a simple logo consisting of only two elements: an elongated “G” and a red ring. Although the font of the letter is close to the classic one, it looks unusual. Its inner part forms an open circle, and the outer one forms an oval. This is achieved due to the uneven thickness of the top and bottom. In this interpretation, the letter appeared on the players’ helmets in the first game of the 1964-1965 season.

A wide red oval ring surrounds the “G” in the logo. But they do not touch – there is a white gap between them. The background is also white, which creates an advantageous contrast and focuses on the main elements – designed by football coach Vince Dooley. The original idea was embodied by the wife of one of the former Georgia Bulldogs players.

Georgia Bulldogs Logo

The men’s varsity basketball team was formed in 1891, but success came much later. Her first significant achievement was considered participation in the NCAA Final Four in 1983. The Lady Bulldogs women’s team was much luckier. She has four SEC Women’s Basketball Tournaments and seven SEC regular-season championships. In addition, she made thirty-three appearances in the NCAA Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament and finished second overall.

The players have won thirteen Southeastern Conference championships and played in two national championships. Georgia Bulldogs home games are played at Sanford Stadium. Kirby Smart currently coaches athletes.

An alternate nickname for the baseball team is the Diamond Dawgs. The program was launched in 1886, but it managed to achieve only insignificant results for a hundred years. She became successful only in the 2000s when she played several times in the CWS and won three championships in the Southeastern Conference.

Font and Colors

UGA (University of Georgia) Emblem

The specialists of the Division for Marketing and Communications worked on the logo. They conducted a survey among students and teachers, the results of which showed that everyone considers the arch and the number “1785” to be the most important symbols of the educational institution. Therefore, they were included in the new graphic sign. But the article “The” was called excessive by many, so it no longer exists.

The arch is depicted inside a heraldic shield, with three columns appearing to protrude beyond the white horizontal line separating the blacktop and red bottom. Small black triangles create the effect of three-dimensional space on the right side of each column. As a result, it seems that the line is a curb, and the arch is located in front of it.

UGA (University of Georgia) Symbol

One of the university’s official fonts is the Merriweather serif. But the creators of the logo used completely different versions of the typeface. The letters on the top line have rectangular serifs, while those of the word “GEORGIA” is sharp and elongated. The font in the first case resembles TeX Gyre Schola Bold by GUST e-foundry, and in the second, it resembles Begum Semi Bold by Indian Type Foundry.

An equally important element of the UGA identity is the color scheme. If the print is just black and white, then the logo is more colorful. His colors are called Chapel Bell White (#FFFFFF), Arch Black (#000000), and Bulldog Red (#BA0C2F).

UGA color codes

Crimson GloryHex color:#ba0c2f
RGB:186 12 47
CMYK:0 94 75 27
Pantone:PMS 199 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C