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Fire and passion embody the logo of the University of Alabama, along with love for one’s land. In the symbols of the emblem, orderliness and a harmonious combination of educational programs and students’ extracurricular activities can be traced.

University of Alabama: Brand overview

Founded: December 18, 1820
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
The University of Alabama is the oldest flagship institution of higher education and research in the state. It also has several acronyms: UA and Bama. It offers programs encompassing thirteen academic areas of bachelor’s, master’s, specialist’s, and doctoral degrees. Students major in anthropology, communication and information sciences, music, metallurgical engineering, social work, and Romance languages. It also has a law school and a sports department. The official time of establishing the high school was 1820, but it was not opened for education until 1831. The place of its location is the city of Tuscaloosa in the state of Alabama.

Meaning and History

University of Alabama Symbol

In 1818 the United States Congress authorized the newly created Alabama Territory to establish a seminary. After a search for the necessary acreage, 46,000 acres were granted. In 1820 the state’s general assembly used them to establish the university and appoint a board of trustees to oversee its construction. Then began the active work of designing and implementing it. At the same time, the charter of the institution of higher education and its visual paraphernalia were being drafted and agreed upon. The construction process took more than ten years, and in 1831 the college enrolled its first students.

At first (in pre-war time), the university was an academic institution focusing on classics, natural and social sciences. As it developed, literary culture and verbal arts were consolidated within its walls. Before the civil war, it had the largest library in the country, numbering over seven thousand volumes. It was home to several large literary societies (among them Erosophic and Phi Beta Kappa), where prominent literary figures and prominent politicians gave lectures.

However, the discipline of the liberal arts institution was lame on both feet. The administration tried to impose strict rules of conduct from the very beginning, but all in vain. Students behaved as freely as they could, so shootouts were not uncommon. Eventually, tired of the problems, the university administration decided to turn it into a military school. Today, it is a concentration of several cultural sites, museums, and historical landmarks. Because of the Latin motto The Capstone of Higher Education, which Bama has adopted, it is tacitly referred to as The Capstone.

Unlike the seal, the university-wide logo contains only text. The name is placed in two rows: the top row is “The University of,” and the bottom row is “Alabama.” The first row is typed in small capital letters, the second – very large characters with extensions at the ends, which smoothly pass into miniature serifs. The color palette of the emblem is corporate – it includes crimson, cool gray, and white.


University of Alabama Seal Logo

The seal depicts more than just a woman: it is the ancient Roman goddess of wisdom, justice, rights, art, commerce, and strategy, Minerva. She also patronized poetry, medicine, music, and crafts. With her right hand, the goddess touches a large globe, and with her left holds an olive branch. At her feet are a book leaning on the globe’s base and a scroll lying on the grass.

Behind her is a picture of the rising sun with two rows of rays, long and short. It represents enlightenment and the thirst for knowledge. On the sides are bushes. All of this is the central part of the logo, followed by a wide ring with the university’s name and the year it opened for the admission of students. The lettering is in Helvetica Bold font. The inner line surrounding the middle is decorated with a dot ornament. The outer border is tightly wrapped with a thin ribbon. The print is in monochrome and has no color elements at all.

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo History

The Alabama Crimson Tide is the athletic department of the University of Alabama, founded in 1820. It is under the direction of Greg Byrne. It is located in the state of Alabama. It has its own men’s soccer team, coached by Nick Saban. It was formed in 1831. It plays at its home stadium, Bryant-Denny Stadium. It is in the Western Division and competes in the Southeastern Conference.

The logos of this university division fall into two categories: with an elephant and with an “A.” The debut version features only an elephant – a big, massive, clumsy, covered by a blanket with the monogrammed abbreviation “UA.” In the second version, a symbiosis of a letter and a sports mascot already appears, peeking out through the upper lumen of the “A.” It marks the location of the University of Alabama. A ribbon with the team name “Crimson Tide” hangs at the bottom. The third emblem represents a menacing gray elephant that towers over the large word “Alabama” and the very small word “Crimson Tide.”

The second group of emblems has to do with the letter personalization of the university department. It is used in the modern version, which the developers took from secondary logos. Old English “A” first appeared in 1976, was transformed in 2001, and in 2003 was designed in the form of a classic rondel. The sign was transferred from the secondary to the major ones a year later. In the center of it, on a round white background, is a letter. A wide dark crimson band encircles it with the expanded name of the team association and a double black and white border.

1952 – 1958

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1952

The varsity American soccer team has had several logos over the years. The debut one dates back to 1952. It depicts a massive dark crimson elephant with a beige horse blanket that bears the university’s anagram, “UA.”

1974 – 2000

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1974

In 1974, the image of the animal was revised: it is now a more realistic elephant, both in drawing and color. It steps over the rung of the single serif letter “A,” which denotes the university’s name. At the bottom, a light-colored shaped ribbon reads “Crimson Tide.”

2001 – 2003

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2001

From 2001 to 2003, a solid gray elephant with a menacing expression appeared on the emblem. It stands in an intimidating pose and is shown in full-face. The main emphasis is placed on its powerful tusks, as a threat to rivals, and the red inscription “Alabama.

2004 – today

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2004

The modern version of the logo features a shaped “A” in a circle with the team name. The signature colors are white, dark crimson, gray, and black.

The University soccer team appeared in 1892. Since then, it has won many victories: winning 18 national championships and awarded 25 SEC titles. She has played 36 seasons, in 10 of which she was ranked number one. The players have also played in 59 games and won 32 of them. Those are brilliant records within the NCAA. In addition, 18 members of Alabama Crimson Tide football have been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and 97 members have been honored 105 times.

Font and Colors

University of Alabama Emblem

The University of Alabama’s identity is classic and varied. It does not reflect any parallels with the academic seal, but there is a connection between the logos of the athletic department and the university. It’s mostly about the color scheme. On the other hand, the seal is a digression into the history and humanitarian activities of the university.

The Helvetica Bold typeface was chosen for the logos, so the grotesque is predominant. It is used for the lettering on the seal and the upper line of the university emblem, while the lower line has small serifs. The official UA palette includes crimson, white, and cool gray.

University of Alabama color codes

Vivid Burgundy Hex color: #a60c31
RGB: 166 12 49
CMYK: 0 93 70 35
Pantone: PMS 200 C