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The University of Missouri logo focuses on the university and its location. The logo emphasizes the institution’s historical past and the importance of its mission to the development of the country and the state.

University of Missouri: Brand overview

Founded:February 11, 1839
Columbia, Missouri, United States

The University of Missouri is the first public university to appear in Missouri. There are 30 thousand students enrolled in 300 courses at 18 schools and colleges. The University of Missouri logo unites four campuses. There are hospitals and clinics on campus. The university conducts some of the largest nuclear medicine research in the world.

The institution was founded in 1839. Today owns the oldest journalism department, which has a television channel, a radio channel, several magazines, and newspapers. It has Missouri’s largest library, nuclear reactor, molecular and nanomedicine institute, an agricultural research park, three hospitals, and a cancer center. The university is in the R-1 category, with the most active research programs.

Meaning and History

University of Missouri Logo History

The university logo is permanent and consists of a visual icon, sometimes used independently, and an inscription.

The image includes two capital letters, M and U, placed one above the other. The elements are an abbreviation of the words Missouri and University. The conjunction “of” is shown as a common black backing that repeats the contours of both letters and connects them as a whole.

What is the University of Missouri?

A 30,000-seat public university offers full-time and online instruction in 11 schools and seven colleges. It was founded in 1839 under the Geier Act. Twenty-three dormitories are built for students. The teaching staff is 3000 people.

The black color seems to represent the land since the Morrill law was used to develop the University, which allowed the state to obtain tracts of land for sale and use the money to organize education.

Overall, the composition resembles an ear, alluding to the fruit of knowledge and many agricultural research programs.

To the right of the badge is an inscription on two levels. At the top is “Mizzou.” At the bottom, in smaller letters: “University of Missouri.” Both words are the name of the same institution. Mizzou comes from an earlier version of the state’s name: “Mizzou-ree.” There are now 13 universities in Missouri. MU was the first. So it was called Old Mizzou. So the name stuck and became the institution’s middle name.


University of Missouri Seal Logo

The seal of the university is on a black background. The outer circle shows the name of the institution and the year of its foundation. Interestingly, the date is written with Roman numerals. The choice shows the versatility of the knowledge received by the students.

Inside the seal is a heraldic shield resembling the stretched skin of an animal. Its shape refers to the time when the first settlers and natives occupied the territories. The shape is typical of most state shields.

The shield is divided into three parts and is the modified core of the Missouri state seal. A book is placed at the top, demonstrating the importance of knowledge. The book is one of the mottos: Salus Populi (Safety of the People). Knowledge helps solve the problems one encounter. The university believes that the primary purpose of education is to serve people by making their lives more comfortable and peaceful. The state coat of arms also uses this phrase: Salus Populi Suprеma Lex Esto. Here the phrase translates as “the welfare of the people.”

The second part features a bear against a purple background. Grizzlies used to inhabit almost all of the United States. The beast symbolizes strength, assertiveness, and courage. It will take effort and struggle to learn and complete the training.

The last part is the American coat of arms.

State symbols show that within the university’s walls, students are instilled with respect for history and their native land.

University Professor John S. Ankeney did the design the seal. The sign was put into circulation in 1903.

Font and Colors

University of Missouri Emblem

The primary colors of the university, black and gold, are used for all the symbols. This combination indicates luxury, antiquity, and tradition. The university is the first in the state and the largest. Here one receives an education of the highest standard, the gold standard.

Black symbolizes:

  • Stability: the color black is associated with reliability, stability, and security, consistent with the university’s desire to create a stable and secure environment for its students, faculty, and staff.
  • Strength: Black can also symbolize strength and authority, reflecting the university’s leadership and achievements in academic, research, and athletic fields.

The gold (yellow) symbolizes:

  • Joy and optimism: Gold is associated with bright sunlight, symbolizing joy and optimism. It also reflects the university’s desire to create an inspiring and energetic environment supporting students and staff’s active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Wealth: Gold symbolizes wealth and success, consistent with the university’s commitment to creating an environment of excellence in the scientific, cultural, and athletic fields.

These colors together symbolize the University of Missouri’s values of innovation, academic discipline, leadership, success, and team spirit.

University of Missouri Symbol

The University of Missouri uses several different logos, each of which may use different fonts. However, the most common university logo contains the word “Mizzou” with an image of a lion, and the font used in this logo is unique and has no family name.

Missouri University’s official graphic style includes fonts used for other design elements such as headings, subheadings, text, etc. The official fonts of the University of Missouri are the Gotham and Proxima Nova fonts.

University of Missouri color codes

XanthousHex color:#f1b830
RGB:241 184 48
CMYK:0 24 80 5
Pantone:PMS 1235 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C