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The University of South Carolina logo reflects the main attachment of the faculty and student body to their educational institution. The emblem is designed with soft lines and contains iconic images, making it a sublime symbol of love for education.

University of South Carolina: Brand overview

Founded:February 2, 1801
Columbia, South Carolina, United States
The University of South Carolina is a higher education institution with the most active educational and research work, for which it has been awarded the R1 category. The university is public and the largest in the state in terms of the number of students. It was founded in 1801 by Governor John Drayton with the aim of harmonizing all regions of South Carolina.

Meaning and History

University of South Carolina Logo History

After John Drayton founded the educational institution, it was given college status. However, in 1866, its educational status was revised, resulting in the full-fledged University of South Carolina with a higher qualification level. It currently educates students in more than 350 doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s programs. The slogan, colors, and visual identity appeared gradually over several years.

All elements are closely related to each other and are a harmonious continuation of one another. The garnet color from the official palette is present on both the logo and the seal, which consists of the university’s motto. The identity mainly reflects the concept of the university and its location and, to a lesser extent, its historical roots.

The University of South Carolina emblem has come a long way from a schematic image to a full-fledged visual identity element. Even today, all logo versions are used: horizontal – for marketing purposes and any university communications; central – for representing the university at the highest level, for important events and exams; unitary – for its colleges, schools, administrative units, departments, and campuses. The difference between them is insignificant, as the tree, gates, and name are key elements everywhere.

What is the University of South Carolina?

The University of South Carolina is a public educational institution that offers higher education in fields such as law, pharmacy, business, medicine, engineering, and social work. The university has been awarded the highest academic category – R1. Its official founding time is 1801, but it only began classes in 1805.

before 2018

University of South Carolina Logo before 2018

The black and garnet logo features:

  • a tree (palmetto with sprawling leaves);
  • gates with a section of the fence;
  • a ribbon indicating the year of the university’s foundation;
  • a two-level inscription (the name of the educational institution).

They are compactly connected and centered. According to the identity guide, the emblem can be presented in several color options: garnet on white, white on black, white on garnet, and black on white. However, the preferred version is the two-color one: black drawing and garnet text.

The image is primarily executed in bold lines, which appear thin due to the small size of the symbol. The lines distinctly widen at the crown of the palmetto, representing the massive leaves of the iconic tree. The inscription is set in uppercase font with small serifs. Some letters in the lower line are so close together that they merge: “SO,” “UTH,” “CAR,” and “NA.” They demonstrate the unity of all corners of the state brought together through higher education.

2018 – today

University of South Carolina Logo 2018

This logo is horizontal. It consists of the same elements: gates with fence fragments and side columns, a palmetto between them, and the name (in this case – on the right). The drawing is made with white lines and is placed in a garnet square without borders. The inscription is executed in two font types:

  • Semi-bold uppercase (upper line);
  • Bold lowercase (lower row).

In the second level, the letters are geometric, as if composed of separate fragments or as if cut along the edges. This angularity adds seriousness and business-like quality to the text.


University of South Carolina Seal Logo

The University of South Carolina seal was adopted in 1803. It embodies the main virtue of the educational institution: through knowledge, a person strengthens intellect and character, striving for truth. The university is the place where wisdom and freedom unite. This thought is expressed through the ancient poet and philosopher Ovid’s aphorism “Emollit Mores Nec Sinit Esse Feros,” which has become the university’s motto. The inscription follows the edge of the vertical oval and takes the form of a horseshoe.

Under the arch, two female figures are depicted. These are the goddesses: Liberty (on the left) and Minerva (on the right). One represents independence, the other wisdom. The first one holds a torch on a long pole, while the second holds a shield with the university’s symbolism, and on her head is a helmet, as she is also a goddess of war. However, they have no weapons. The women shake hands amicably, showing the alliance of two great values. That is, knowledge is freedom. Above them, an eagle soars with outstretched wings, and below is the year of the university’s founding and a two-level inscription, “Universitas Carolin Merid.”

Font and Colors

University of South Carolina Symbol

The primary font of the University of South Carolina is Berlingske Serif. It is bold, antique, and elegant. This typeface adds seriousness to the logo and balances the smoothness of the surrounding elements. The secondary font is Berlingske Sans. In a few cases, its modification in the style of Artigo Glb Semi Bold is used. For numbers, Karlie Extras Regular is applied.

The color scheme of the university’s visual identity is stable. It always includes black #000000 and garnet #73000a. The background is served by white #ffffff. Their combination in the logo may vary, but the colors are not replaced by any others except for the ones already in use. That is, instead of white, garnet or black may be used; instead of black – garnet or white, and instead of garnet – white or black.

University of South Carolina color codes

Blood RedHex color:#73000a
RGB:115 0 10
CMYK:0 100 91 55
Pantone:PMS 485 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C