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The University of Utah logo is simple and strict, reflecting a business-oriented approach and the orderliness and consistency of the university’s programs. The emblem bears the historical imprint of the state in which the institution is located.

University of Utah: Brand overview

Founded:February 28, 1850
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

The University of Utah is a leading educational institution with a budget of $5 billion, located in the state capital of Utah. The university has 35,000 students, taught by 4,000 educators who offer in-person and online instruction across 150 programs in 17 colleges. The University of Utah logo can be seen on four hospitals and 12 community clinics.

The university was founded by Mormons in 1850, almost simultaneously with the formation of the city. However, the institution only obtained a permanent location and its own land by 1900 when the army transferred the Fort Douglas territory to the University of Utah. Over time, the campus developed into a small town consisting of nine districts. The university’s primary areas of specialization and research are medicine and computer science. Today, it ranks among the top 60 universities in the United States.

Meaning and History

University of Utah Logo History

The University of Utah was founded in 1850 but received its current name only 42 years later. The main element of the logo, the letter “U,” is associated with this name. Previously, there were two “U” s: the first “U” stood for “University,” and the second for “Utah.” Then, a variant with a single large letter appeared, consisting of polygons and without rounded edges. Its unique shape and recognizable red color were chosen based on modern trends.

The emblem is used on the official website of the educational institution, in promotional materials, and at various events. It is combined with a wordmark, executed in uppercase black font. The combination of two colors – red and black – creates a dynamic contrast.

What is the University of Utah?

It is the second-largest public educational institution in the state of Utah, with the lowest tuition fees. It offers undergraduate and graduate programs in legal and medical fields.

before 2003

University of Utah Logo before 2003

The old University of Utah logo contains two letters, “U,” stylized as intersecting arcs. This design gives the image depth and volume, reflecting the unofficial name of the educational institution: “U of U.” The arcs are not solid – they consist of four fragments of different lengths and shapes with tips cut off at the same angle. Underneath the drawing, there is a black three-level inscription “THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH.” Its font with thin serifs is similar to Mv Jadheedh Regular by Ibrahim Jadheedh Ahmed but differs in the significantly elongated downward letter “U.”

2003 – today

University of Utah Logo

The institution’s logo consists of a large, red capital letter U and the full name of the university, written to the right of the letter in smaller black font.

Often abbreviated as UofU, the letter U has become the central element of the emblem. The university logo contains a connection to the history of the land on which it stands, as the name is associated with the state’s name, given after the Ute Native American tribe.

The solidity of the emblem speaks to the institution’s impressive history, as the university is over 170 years old. The thickness of the glyphs signifies a strong foundation and fundamental knowledge students receive within the institution.

Thanks to the substantial serifs, the main symbol resembles a horseshoe, which alludes to good fortune for the UofU.

Overall, the emblem looks solid and business-like, which is quite suitable for a higher education institution.


University of Utah Seal Logo

The image on the university seal is related to the state that the Mormons, who moved to Salt Lake City, tried to establish. They proposed founding the state of Deseret for their followers who were facing persecution. Settling in an arid valley, the believers planned to establish a large settlement there. They devised the name from the Book of Mormon: the honeybee. This symbolizes a believer who bears good fruit, like bees with honey. However, the name Deseret did not stick and was changed to Utah after several years.

The same group of Mormon pioneers founded the University of Utah three years after their arrival in the valley. However, its fate was similar to that of the state. After three years of classes held in various buildings and private homes, the university was closed due to a lack of funding and was only revived 14 years later.

However, in memory of its first birth and roots, the University of Utah’s seal features a beehive with bees. Above it, on a heraldic ribbon, the founding date of February 28 is inscribed. A similar beehive can be seen on the state seal and flag.

Within the outer circle of the seal, the university’s name and the year of its establishment are written in Roman numerals: MDCCCL (1850).

Font and Colors

University of Utah Emblem

The main colors for UofU are considered to be red and white. However, the logo predominantly features red. All inscriptions, lines, and drawings on the seal are done in black.

The red color possibly has its roots in the origin of the word Deseret from the Egyptian word Deshret, which meant a red crown worn by the rulers of Lower Egypt. In a modern interpretation, this color represents energy, active activity, and passion for one’s work.

The shade signifies leadership. Among the state’s universities, UofU ranks second overall and first in many aspects. For example, the university has the highest number of students who graduate, the lowest student-to-teacher ratio, and the lowest tuition costs.

University of Utah Symbol

The red color may also be related to the native Ute tribe of Native Americans, who were the original inhabitants of the state.

The font of the inscription is the elegant, thin, serif Trajan Regular. Using capital letters only indicates the significant weight of the university in the higher education system. The University of Utah is among the top 5% of universities worldwide.

University of Utah codes

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