Rey Juan Carlos University was named after the former King of Spain; its emblem features a small crown. It is formed by four red circles and a rectangle that hangs over the letter “u,” resembling an ornate diacritical mark. The URJC logo reflects the university’s unique status, prospects, and prestige.

URJC: Brand overview

Founded:8 July 1996
Madrid, Spain
King Juan Carlos University is the youngest in Madrid but is already one of the most respected and prestigious institutions in Spain and Europe. More than 35,000 students from 85 countries study here, including those from Russia, the USA, Singapore, Japan, and even Australia, and it employs 2,000 world-renowned teachers and scientists.

Meaning and History

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos logo

URJC was founded in 1996. As its motto, the school chose the original phrase “Non nova, sed nove,” which translates from Spanish as “The old way in a new manner,” meaning a drive for innovation while respecting the past. Just 15 years later, King Juan Carlos University received the prestigious international title Campus of International Excellence “Energía Inteligencia.”

At URJC, you can pursue more than 40 specialties under the Bologna system, six of them in English, including serious scientific programs in the fields of medicine and experimental technologies.

What is URJC?

URJC – Universidad Rey Juan Carlos is a Spanish educational institution named after the king. The university offers education in various fields, including economics, engineering, medicine, and the humanities. It comprises four campuses and numerous research centers and has existed since 1996.

The first logo was created in 1996 and featured the acronym URJC in black capital letters on a white background. Above the first letter, “U,” is a stylized royal red crown in the form of a band and three dots.

URJC: Interesting Facts

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) started in 1996 and is named after a king, King Juan Carlos I.

  1. King’s Name: It’s one of the few universities named after a king who was still alive when it was named. This shows the school wants to be modern and excellent.
  2. Grew Fast: URJC grew quickly, adding many students, courses, and buildings. It started with social sciences but now teaches many subjects.
  3. Many Campuses: Madrid has four main campuses, each focusing on different subjects. This helps students learn better in their specific area.
  4. New Ways to Learn: URJC likes to try new things in teaching. Its programs work with other countries, focus on real-world skills, and care about research and technology.
  5. Great at Research: The university extensively researches environmental, health, and technology topics. People from all over the world come here to study and learn new things.
  6. Works with Other Countries: URJC works with many universities worldwide. They let students and teachers go to other countries to learn and bring new ideas back home.
  7. Cares About the Planet: The university wants to help the environment. It tries to use less energy and teaches everyone how to care for the earth.
  8. Fun Campus Life: There’s a lot to do for fun at URJC, like sports and clubs. They want students to enjoy their time and make friends.
  9. Helps Everyone: URJC tries to ensure everyone can study there, even if they need extra help. They want all students to do well and be happy.
  10. Famous People: Some students and teachers from URJC have done great things in politics, science, and other areas. The teachers are very good at what they do and help students learn.

URJC is a big and important school in Spain because it always seeks new and better teaching methods, conducts important research, and helps students worldwide.

Font and Colors

URJC Emblem

In 2016, when the University celebrated its 20th anniversary, it was decided for one year to make a special logo. A competition was announced among teachers and students of the educational institution. This option won: on a black background on the left is a white letter U with a red crown on top. Below it is the number 20 and the word “aniversario,” which in Spanish means “anniversary.” On the right is the full name Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, written in white in two lines. This solemn logo has been used throughout the year as an official sign-in print and online publications.

At the end of 2016, it was decided to leave the logo design unchanged, but to facilitate the color scheme, as well as remove the anniversary theme. Black was first replaced by gray but soon settled on a red background and white color letters and icons. The red crown began to be depicted in the form of red rings in a white frame. All three options are considered equivalent and are now used on an equal footing.

URJC Symbol

The Gill Sans font is used for the letter U, and Helvetica for the words in the title.

A stylized short emblem was also developed – a black letter U on a white plate, two red dots above it, and a red rectangle in a vertical position on top, symbolizing movement into the future.

Both the full and the abbreviated emblems fully correspond to the values and policies of the university. The university combines the high standards of a royal educational institution, a modern education system, and advanced scientific research.

URJC color codes

Cadmium RedHex color:#e10024
RGB:225 0 36
CMYK:0 100 84 12
Pantone:PMS 185 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C