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The US Army logo is adorned with heroism and awards. The emblem demonstrates protection and support for the country in difficult times. The troops’ victory is possible thanks to a good foundation and a clear charter by which the military lives.

US Army: Brand overview

Founded: 14 June 1775
The Pentagon, Arlington County, Virginia, U.S.

The US Army is one of the United States Armed Forces and one of eight United States military forces. It is the oldest and main military branch, which originates in the Continental Army, which appeared in 1775 to conduct the American Revolutionary War – before the United States became a single country. Following the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, the current United States Army founded the Congress of the Confederation to replace the disbanded Continental Army. Thus, it became its institutional and historical continuation. It is headquartered at the Virginia State Pentagon.

Despite the many military resistances that occurred during the formative stages of the country, the authorities saw no need for a standing US Army. Therefore, at the end of the war, the Continental Army members were issued certificates for the land, and it was disbanded. Such action reflects mistrust in the permanent military structure of the republic and even fear of it.

Therefore, the state militias became the representatives of the only ground force of the new country. But due to the protracted conflict with the indigenous population, it soon became clear that the country needed a constant and well-trained force. The United States Army currently has ten active divisions, one mobile headquarters, and several separate units. It expands and shrinks as it becomes strategically necessary.

Meaning and History


The identity of the basic US military force is a great example of resilience, resistance, and loyalty. It has remained unchanged for many years, having survived the Indian Wars, Mexico Incursions, and two World Wars. The only changes concerned the inscriptions: in 1947, the phrase “War Office” was replaced by “Department of the Army,” and the date “1775” appeared.

2001 – 2023

United States Army Logo 2001

The modern emblem appeared in 2001 and was immediately adopted. It was ordered from the professional advertising agency Leo Burnett Worldwide. The designer chose understandable and symbolic signs for it, so as a result, it turned out to be versatile but laconic. The logo consists of two parts, separated from each other: they are in different geometric shapes.

A white star with black and yellow edging is located in the center of the black triangle. It has rounded corners, and a yellow edging with a black duplicating strip runs along the entire perimeter. In the horizontal rectangle below, the words “USARMY” are visible. All letters are capital, white, chopped. “U,” “S,” and “R” have cut corners, so they look geometric. The lettering has the same background and border as the star.

2023 – today

United States Army Logo

US Army Seal (1775-today)

US Army Seal Logo

A key mark of the United States military, introduced in 1775, is based on the classic roundel shape, whose structure has been preserved for centuries. It consists of a central part, surrounded by a circular line, and a wide strip with an inscription, where the names of the organizations and the year of their origin are placed. Therefore, in the middle of the seal is the country’s main historical figure and a national treasure; its mascot is the bald eagle.

His head is proudly turned in profile and looks to the left. In the bird’s beak is a long fluttering ribbon of gold with the Latin inscription “E PLURIBUS UNUM.” The wings are wide open as if they show the breadth of the protected area. Thirteen silver arrows and a branch of a laurel tree with leaves and fruits are clamped in the powerful paws of the eagle. Between them is the open tail of the formidable amulet of American lands.

On the bird’s body, below the line of the white head, the state flag is placed. Moreover, its wide blue stripe is on top, and narrow white-red ones – on the bottom. The stars denoting the states are enclosed in a curly circle in the form of a flower and are gathered above the eagle’s head. They are set against a blue background, surrounded by a golden space, which, in turn, is surrounded by a white border.

All of these elements are underpinned by a green circle outlined with a yellow line. A wide black stripe follows it with the words “United States” (above) and “Army” (below), separated by eight five-pointed stars – 4 on each side. Next comes a stroke, consisting of three lines – one thin (inner) and two middle (outer).

Font and Colors

US Army Emblem

Army symbols consist of the inherent signs of statehood. These are the bald eagle, the personification and mascot of the United States, a laurel branch, silver arrows, a flag, and five-pointed stars. The US Army logo features a single star with double edging with sharp beams.

The typeface used for the inscription is Machine Medium. Its creator is the graphic studio Ronne Bonder & Tom Carnase. The closest free font similar to it is NFL Dolphins.

US Army Symbol

The emblem’s signature palette matches the official army colors, including black, gold, and white. They are complemented by camouflage green in the logo.

US Army color codes

Tangerine Yellow Hex color: #ffcc00
RGB: 255 204 0
CMYK: 0 20 100 0
Pantone: PMS 7549 C
Black Hex color: #000000
RGB: 0 0 0
CMYK: 0 0 0 100
Pantone: PMS Process Black C