The USMC logo reflects the bravery and patriotism of the Marines. It is a symbol of their global presence and the ability to reach any shoreline if there is a battlefield there. The emblem shows national pride and reflects the centuries-old historical heritage of military service.

USMC: Brand overview

Founder:United States Armed Forces Department of the Navy
The Pentagon Arlington County, Virginia, U.S.
The United States Marine Corps, also known as the USMC, was formed in 1775 and was initially called the Continental Marines. It participated in land battles and amphibious operations and performed tasks aboard Navy ships. In 1783, the organization was disbanded, and in 1798 it was re-established. Since then, its mission has hardly changed: Marines can fight both on water and on land. The scope of their responsibilities is determined by the Department of Defense and the President.

Meaning and History

USMC Logo History

The Marines use official insignia featuring an anchor, globe, and bald eagle. These elements form the basis of the seal and logo, which have changed many times over the last 200 years. Their history began in the 1800s when an eagle perched on an anchor under an arch of thirteen six-pointed stars was engraved on the buttons of the USMC uniform. In the 1850s, badges with laurel leaves and an infantry bugle appeared. They were used until the end of the U.S. Civil War.

In the 1860s, by the decision of Brigadier General Jacob Zeilin, a new symbol was adopted: a crested eagle sitting on top of a globe, behind which was an anchor. The logo of the British Royal Marines inspired this design. Over the next few decades, it was redesigned several times. Artists changed the size and shape of the bird, the outlines of continents, the size of the anchor, and other details. On May 28, 1925, a new emblem of the United States Marine Corps was approved, where the eagle sat, turning its head to the side and holding a ribbon with the inscription “SEMPER FIDELIS” in its beak. On the globe, there was a full-fledged degree grid and a detailed image of the contours of America. This version was created by Staff Sergeant Joseph H. Burnett.

In March 1936, the logo was changed, but the USMC did not provide uniform manufacturers with a sample of it, which led to different design versions appearing. The current emblem, created by the Marine Corps Uniform Board, was adopted on July 22, 1954. Dwight D. Eisenhower signed the order. This document established the appearance of the seal, which included the bird, globe, and anchor. However, unlike all previous versions, not a crested eagle but an American bald eagle – the main symbol of the USA – is depicted here.

What is the USMC?

USMC is an abbreviation for the United States Marine Corps. It is one of the military services of the United States Armed Forces, established in 1775. It is tasked to support the U.S. Navy and conduct amphibious operations. The Marines report to the President of the USA and are considered elite fighters due to their strict discipline and ability to conduct combat operations under adverse conditions. Their motto is “Semper Fidelis.”

Logo (2003 – today)


The eagle holds the end of a flowing banner in its beak, spreading its wings and turning its head to the side. Below is a globe with an image of America and an anchor entwined by a rope. The designers did not detail the elements; instead, they made them black and used white color for the contours. The continents on the globe are light – they are depicted using negative space.
The words “MARINES” (on top) and “THE FEW. THE PROUD.” (below) are written under the graphic sign. They speak of the uniqueness of the Marines, who, despite their small numbers, can perform complex combat tasks.

  • The eagle embodies vigilance, freedom, and power. In American culture, it is associated with patriotism and national identity.
  • The anchor, entwined by a rope, indicates a close connection between the USMC and the U.S. Navy. It also symbolizes reliability and safety at sea or ocean.
  • The globe testifies that the United States Marine Corps can operate anywhere in the world. It underscores the global nature of the tasks performed by this military service.

The Seal (1775 – today)

USMC Seal Logo 1775

According to the 1954 Executive Order 10538, the USMC seal contains an emblem on the background of a scarlet circle, which is circled by a blue ring with inscriptions “DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY” (on top) and “UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” (below). The words “DEPARTMENT” and “NAVY” are almost twice larger than the rest. The edge is marked with a gold rope-like border. On the ribbon held by the eagle is the phrase “SEMPER FIDELIS.” Unlike the logo, the seal is intended for internal use only.

Font and Colors

USMC Emblem

For the word mark “MARINES THE FEW. THE PROUD.”, a slightly altered version of the Colossalis Bold font, created by Aldo Novarese in 1984, is used. The rectangular serifs give the inscription a stricter and more serious look, reflecting the USMC’s mission in defending national interests. As for the text “DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS” on the seal, it is done in uppercase font with thin and long serifs.

Regarding the color scheme, it consists of various shades:

  • yellow (#F1B434);
  • red (#A6192E);
  • blue (#0C2340);
  • silver (#A2AAAD);
  • black (#000000);
  • white (#FFFFFF).

USMC Symbol

Most of them are used in the official seal, while the emblem is simply black and white.

USMC color codes

Dark CharcoalHex color:#353233
RGB:53 50 51
CMYK:0 6 4 79
Pantone:PMS 440 C