UTP Logo


The UTP logo resembles a soaring rocket, opening new spaces and resources to the world. The emblem embodies the idea of blooming and expanding horizons, which is impossible without a quality education system.

UTP: Brand overview

In January 1997, in the town of Seri Iskandar, located in the state of Perak, Malaysia, the foundation was laid for a new university, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP). This project was realized thanks to the initiative of the Malaysian government and financial support from PETRONAS, the country’s largest oil and gas company. The university started from scratch, facing several challenges, and the first significant step was the development of an academic plan in December 1998.

The UTP campus was erected on over 400 hectares in the newly formed town of Seri Iskandar. The institution, which conducts research activities, is wholly owned by PETRONAS and specializes in areas such as developing self-sufficient buildings, transport infrastructure, medical analytics, hydrocarbon extraction, pollution management, and developing autonomous systems. This collaboration has facilitated the integration of academic programs with real industrial needs.

Since its inception, UTP has demonstrated a number of significant achievements. The university has been recognized for its high standard of education, the quality of academic programs, and its contribution to scientific research. These successes were made possible by the support and leadership of PETRONAS, the contribution of previous rectors, and the efforts of the university council, pro-chancellors, and chancellors. UTP offers students a wide range of educational programs in the fields of engineering, science, and technology, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Additionally, the university is known for its global network of connections and corporate culture that matches the high standards of PETRONAS, making its graduates highly valued in the job market.

Meaning and History

UTP Logo History

The UTP logo combines information about the founding company with the idea of the importance of knowledge. The symbols in the image emphasize the grandeur and fame of PETRONAS. The lines of the drawing convey the company’s aspiration to elevate the nation’s education and economy to a new level. The sign demonstrates technical progress and the implementation of the most modern technologies in educational programs and campus facilities.

What is UTP?

Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS is located in Malaysia. It was founded in 1997 by the world’s largest oil and gas corporation, Petronas. Construction was completed by 2004. The campus, spanning 400 hectares, hosts 6,000 students and 1,200 postgraduates from 60 countries studying computer science, chemical industry, mechanical engineering, engineering, technology, and electronics. The university conducts specialized research on nine topics.

1997 – today

UTP Logo

The university’s logo consists of a circular emblem and an inscription with the name of the institution.

The circular background emphasizes harmony and a comprehensive approach to education. Students gain practical skills, study technology, management, and planning, and learn to be leaders.

The image of thin intertwined lines holds several meanings:

  • The structure resembles a drilling rig and an oil fountain extracted from beneath the earth. The image connects the educational institution with its founding conglomerate and emphasizes training personnel for the oil extraction and refining industry.
  • As noted on the university’s website, the drawing hints at the two PETRONAS towers, the tallest in Asia. Comprising 88 floors, they represent an ode to Islam, as they are shaped like eight-pointed stars. The towers demonstrate the grandeur of faith and human might.
  • The bends of the composition reveal the letters of the acronym.
  • The upward peaks of the drawing speak of a thirst for knowledge, a desire to comprehend the laws of existence. They hint at the connection between the material and spiritual worlds. The union of the two central elements indicates the two parts of Malaysia.
  • The symbol resembles the tip of a pen, signifying knowledge and education.

According to the university’s explanation, the symbol embodies the concept of blooming and national ascent. The emblem mimics a blossoming flower – the beginning of the path to knowledge and new standards of higher education in the country.

Below the image is a three-level inscription in blue capital letters: Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. The institution is named after the conglomerate, which is considered one of the “Seven Sisters” – the largest, publicly traded oil companies. The word originates from the English ‘Petrol.’

In some cases, the name is abbreviated to UTP with a decryption underneath in small, thin font.

Font and Colors

UTP Emblem

The logo is executed in the university’s colors – gold and sapphire blue. The former signifies the value of science and education. It represents the light of knowledge. It talks about the substantial funds invested in the construction of the university and hints at the large and very wealthy corporation that owns UTP. Gold and yellow are considered colors of the royal family in Malaysia. The university educates the elite, the color of society. Therefore, the drawing, gilded in gold, evokes special respect for the “temple of science.”

The blue shade speaks of systematic education, well-thought-out programs, and a serious approach to knowledge. It conveys nobility, peace, and tranquility.

UTP Symbol

The font with wide serifs is reminiscent of Cochin Roman. It indicates stability and adherence to tradition.