For the UTSA logo to be usable in official documents, promotional materials, and merchandise, designers made it versatile. It remains easily recognizable and helps the university establish a unique identity. The simple wordmark is associated with strength, stability, and confidence, which are crucial for the institution’s image.

UTSA: Brand overview

Founded:June 5, 1969
Founder:University of Texas System
San Antonio, Texas, United States
In June 2023, UTSA’s time capsule was opened and buried in 1983 during an event celebrating the university’s decade anniversary. Yet, the official founding date is not 1973, when the first students were admitted, but 1969, when the governor signed the law creating the new institution. Since then, The University of Texas at San Antonio has been actively developing, expanding campuses, increasing the number of academic programs, and conducting research in various fields, including cybersecurity, astronomy, biomedicine, and many others.

Meaning and History

UTSA Logo History

The institution’s earliest emblem appeared in 1970, several years before classes commenced. It contained the institution’s abbreviated name inside a circle. The letters were connected in pairs: the right side of “U” transformed into “T” thanks to a horizontal stroke, while “S” smoothly transitioned into “A,” almost entirely replacing its left half.

In June 1994, the UT System Board of Regents signed an order to change the logo. The new version featured the Sombrilla fountain located on one of the UTSA campuses. Wavy shapes represented either the flowing water of the San Antonio River or the hilly terrain of the Texas Hill Country. Below was the university’s abbreviated name, written in bold, connected letters.

In September 2002, designers removed the Sombrilla icon because the fountain was not associated with all of the educational institution’s campuses. Only the wordmark “UTSA” remained – a universal identifier. The visual style guide states that it can be used alone or alongside the full name, The University of Texas at San Antonio.

What is UTSA?

UTSA stands for The University of Texas at San Antonio. This public educational institution was founded in 1969 and is part of the UT System. It conducts active research and offers students bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs. The UTSA Roadrunners sports teams belong to the university.

The modern UTSA logo serves multiple functions related to the university’s identity and helps it stand out among other educational institutions. It contains the abbreviation “UTSA” and a registered trademark symbol in the bottom right corner. The word is written in bold, sans-serif letters from the Futura family. This makes it modern and bold, highlighting a commitment to innovation and progress. Notably, all letters are connected due to the absence of spacing. Such close positioning conveys a sense of unity and solidarity within the university community and reflects the integration of various fields of knowledge and disciplines.

The Seal

UTSA Seal Logo

Many elements were taken from the seal of The University of Texas System, which was first used in 1905.

  1. At the center is a heraldic shield divided into two parts: orange and white. These are the official UT colors.
  2. Inside the shield is an open book symbolizing revelations and wisdom. It represents the knowledge accessible to students.
  3. In the orange field is a large five-pointed star – a reference to The Seal of the State of Texas. It is surrounded by a wreath, also taken from there.
  4. The shield is in a blue circle with the motto “DISCIPLINA PRAESIDIUM CIVITATIS.” The author of this Latin phrase is Dr. Edwin W. Fay. He briefly explained Mirabeau B. Lamar’s statement, “Cultivated mind is the guardian genius of democracy.”
  5. The phrases “THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS” and “AT SAN ANTONIO” are written in the red ring, which serves as a frame. They are separated by small stars – one on each side.

The seal is intended for official use by the administration of the educational institution only.

Font and Colors

UTSA Emblem

The wordmark with the abbreviated name UTSA is written in the sans-serif font Futura, created by German typographer Paul Renner. Contrarily, the university’s print materials use a serif font.

The logo is available in only four colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Orange (#F15A22)
  • Blue (#0C2340)

UTSA Symbol

The color scheme for print materials is more diverse, including red and green elements.