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Valencia Football Club was founded in 1919. At the same time, a bat was included in its emblem – a symbol found on the coat of arms of the city of Valencia. Over the next hundred years, the team managed to rise to the top of Spanish and European football, change many owners, survive ups and downs. Singaporean business tycoon Peter Lim now owns it and successfully plays in La Liga.

Meaning and History

Valencia Logo History
Evolution of the Valencia Logo

The bat, which received the status of the club’s main symbol, was originally depicted on the coat of arms of King James I of Aragon. There are two versions of its origin. According to one of them, she sat on the top of the flag when the king liberated Valencia’s city from the Moorish invaders. According to other assumptions, there were many bats in that area, which served as an inspiration for the authors of the royal coat of arms.

As a result, this animal became part of the state symbols, and from there, it migrated to the Valencia football club’s emblem. Moreover, the first logo came complete with a red and yellow striped diamond and a gold crown, taken from the city’s heraldic shield. They complemented the black letters “C,” “V,” and a large light brown soccer ball.

1921 – 1941

Valencia Logo 1921-1941

This emblem is based on a previous version that appeared in the first year of the club’s existence. Above is a gray-black bat (before that, it was completely black), and below is a triangular coat of arms. Directly below the animal is a blue rectangle with the words “Valencia C.F.” On the logo of 1919-1920. the quadrangle was purple and contained the letters “V. C. F.” (from Valencia Football Club).

The shield’s inside is lined with the same stripes as the rhombus was decorated on the city coat of arms. There are only nine of them: five yellow and four red. In the center, there is a soccer ball, the design of which has hardly changed. At the Valencia club in 1921-1941. there was one unpopular logo that looked like a simplified version of the basic graphic. The artists changed the proportions and colors of the elements, but the experiment was unsuccessful.

1941 – the 1970s

Valencia Logo 1941-1970

The logo, adopted in 1941, is very similar to the one created in 1921. They have a lot in common: the same tapered yellow lines on the shield, wide contours, and a minimalistic bat. Only the primary colors differ.

the 1970s – 1980s

Valencia Logo 1970-1980

For the first time, the bottom of the shield became pointed. The lettering in the blue rectangle has changed because Valencia Football Club has been renamed Valencia Club de Futbol. The palette has shifted to a darker one, especially noticeable in the brown ball and burgundy vertical lines. The wide light yellow stroke is gone. The designers have also updated the bat, giving it an elegant shape and embellishing the black silhouette with white and gray highlights.

the 1980s – 1992

Valencia Logo 1980-1992

In the new version of the emblem, the bat stands on the shield, touching it with the tips of its wings. She is depicted in a cartoon style, although the artists have done without detail. The coat of arms is slightly stretched downward, due to which the inscription has more space. The colors are expressionless, pale, muted.

1992 – 2001

Valencia Logo 1992-2001

The light blue rectangle containing the name of the club has turned dark blue. The Valencia owners decided that more global changes would be redundant.

2001 – 2012

Valencia Logo 2001-2012

From 2001 to 2012, the team used an improved logo that was structurally similar to previous versions. The bat on it is depicted quite realistically: the artists paid attention to the anatomical details. The shield is enlarged, the colors are brighter.

2012 – today

Valencia Logo 2012-present

The latest Valencia graphic contains all the same elements: a bat, a soccer ball, the club’s name, and a triangular shield with yellow and red stripes.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Valencia Emblem

The bat is the main symbol of the region and has been used in local heraldry for several centuries. Therefore, any claims by DC Comics that the Spanish club’s logo looks like an image of a winged superhero named Batman has no real basis.

Red and yellow stripes on the shield can also be interpreted in different ways. On the one hand, they resemble the colors of the ancient Catalan flag of Senyera. But in fact, this pattern was taken from the coat of arms of the city of Valencia.

The name of the club is in simple chopped type. The inscription is unremarkable and is lost against the background of graphic elements. The emblem is really very bright and colorful: the list of colors used includes black (# 000000), yellow-orange (# D18816), red-orange (# AA2D2A), red (# EE3524), yellow (# FFDF1C) and light blue (# 0097D7).