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The logo of FC Vancouver Whitecaps primarily symbolizes the club’s association with Vancouver, presenting a stylized depiction of snowy mountains against the ocean. The logo’s graphic represents the region’s nature, the club’s history, and its victories and achievements.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Brand overview

Founded:March 18, 2009
Founder:Greg Kerfoot, Steve Luczo, Jeff Mallett, Steve Nash
Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a Canadian professional soccer team competing in the Western Conference of Major League Soccer (MLS). The first team to use the “Whitecaps” name was the “Vancouver Whitecaps” from the now-defunct North American Soccer League, playing from December 11, 1973, to 1984. The name’s author was Denny Veitch, the first general manager of the NASL club. The idea came to him as he was driving over the Lions Gate Bridge on a beautiful sunny day. He looked down, saw the white caps on the Pacific Ocean, looked up, and saw white caps in the mountains.

Vancouver Whitecaps began its operations in November 1985 under the West Coast Soccer Society. However, it only received such a franchise name in 2000, before which it was known as Vancouver 86ers. “Vancouver 86ers” was named so because the team’s foundation was in 1986, the club was financed by 86 directors, and also in honor of the year Vancouver City was founded (1886).

There was much in common between the “Whitecaps” and the “86ers”: shareholders, managers, coaches, and players. Tony Waiters, Les Wilson, and Dave Fryatt were the first franchise owners to receive the rights to “Vancouver” on July 26, 1986. They made several attempts to acquire the Whitecaps name, but it was not for sale, or the owner wanted too much money for a club in financial straits.

In 1991, CSL also disbanded, and the “86ers” joined the American Professional Soccer League. The Whitecaps played in several different leagues (such as A-League and USL-1) before their first match in MLS in 2011. David Stadnik bought the franchise in August 2000. On October 26, 2000, after widespread public support, the “86ers” officially changed their name to “Whitecaps”. The new owner purchased the naming rights from former NASL Whitecaps director John Laxton. In 2003, FC (Football Club) was added to the name because Greg Kerfoot, who became the owner of Whitecaps on November 13, 2002, transformed the organization into a soccer club with men’s, women’s, and youth teams.

Gradually, the word “Vancouver” returned to the name, and in 2006, it was officially changed to “Vancouver Whitecaps FC.” On March 18, 2009, the group of owners led by director Greg Kerfoot acquired the Major League Soccer franchise, which began playing in 2011 as Vancouver Whitecaps FC. Vancouver Whitecaps FC is owned by a group of four investors: Greg Kerfoot (the primary franchise owner), Steve Nash (NBA’s most valuable player), Jeff Mallett (former Chief Operating Officer of Yahoo!), and Steve Luczo (President of Seagate Technology).

Meaning and History

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Logo History

From 1974 to 1984, the team competed in the North American Soccer League and had two different logos. The first Whitecaps logo presented the “Whitecaps” as a Canadian soccer club. Essentially, a red and white soccer ball with a Canadian maple leaf in the center and the team’s name on top was the face of the “Whitecaps” until the second logo appeared. In the first version of the Whitecaps logo, the red and white colors were replaced with blue and white. The second face of the club brought to Vancouver a soccer ball carried by blue and white waves. The “Vancouver Eighty-Six” team wore a red and yellow crest until it was revived and returned to blue and white colors. The Whitecaps are once again revived – this time in MLS, where in 2010, the team will start a new chapter in its history.

What is Vancouver Whitecaps FC?

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a professional soccer team from Canada, a member of MLS, and a participant in the Western Conference. Founded in 2009, the club started its sports career in 2011 as the seventeenth franchise of the league. The club’s owners are Jeff Mallett (who is also the chairman of the board of directors), Greg Kerfoot, Steve Luczo, and Steve Nash.

1995 – 2000

Vancouver 86ers Logo 1995-2000

When the team was called Vancouver Eighty-Sixers, it had several logos. One of them depicted a flying soccer ball intertwined with a red net. Apparently, the artists conveyed an accurate shot of the opponent’s goal. The force with which the ball literally tears the net speaks of the players’ determination and immense will to win.

The emblem represents the Vancouver Eighty-Sixers as an indomitable club, particularly Canadian, as the palette includes the official colors of this country: red and white. The words from the team’s name are positioned above, to the right, and to the left of the ball, which allows identifying the emblem’s affiliation.

2001 – 2010

Vancouver Whitecaps Logo 2001-2010

In the early new millennium, Vancouver Whitecaps FC had another emblem with a ball. But it wasn’t flying towards the goal; instead, it floated on the water. It was carried by waves – the very “whitecaps” referred to in the team’s nickname. Designers decided not to leave the ball in an empty space, so they placed it on a drop-shaped shield and complimented the image with the inscription “WHITECAPS.” The letters vary in size – they transition from larger to smaller, creating the impression that the word gradually decreases.

2011 – today

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Logo 2011-present

On June 8, 2010, it was officially announced that the club would continue to use the “Whitecaps” name in MLS but with an updated logo for “Vancouver Whitecaps.” The logo has an irregular shape: three diamonds, one overlapping the other two. The team’s full name is positioned opposite the geometric shapes. The font is classic, sans-serif. The word “Whitecaps” is located under the word “Vancouver,” just like in the original ’70s logo.

The FC “Whitecaps” logo features broad white stripes. They form three angles pointing upwards. The intention is that these represent the snow-capped mountains to the north of Vancouver. The same angles, but pointing downwards, are under the inscription “Vancouver Whitecaps FC.” This is a mirror reflection of the white waves of the Pacific Ocean to the west. The deep blue background (“deep sea”) represents the maritime landscape of the Vancouver area.

The new emblem of Vancouver Whitecaps embodies the natural landscape and the rich history of the soccer club. The logo uses a light blue color (“Whitecaps blue”), which refers to the primary color of the original “Whitecaps” roster, winners of the Soccer Bowl 1979. The silver outline pays tribute to the team’s championship victories since 1974.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC: Interesting Facts

Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a soccer team in Major League Soccer (MLS) known for its exciting history, enthusiastic fans, and helping soccer grow in Canada.

  1. How They Started: The team’s roots date back to 1974, but the version we know today started in 2009 and joined MLS in 2011. They’ve been a big part of Vancouver’s soccer scene ever since.
  2. Where They Play: Their home is BC Place in downtown Vancouver. It’s a big stadium with a roof that can open and close, making it great for soccer games. The city views and the loud fans make it special.
  3. Fans: They have some dedicated fan groups, like the Southsiders, known for going all out to support their team. These fans make home games exciting and a bit scary for visiting teams.
  4. Winning: They’ve won the Canadian Championship, showing they’re one of the best teams in Canada. This win also gets them a spot in an international tournament against other top teams from North and Central America and the Caribbean.
  5. Helping Young Players and the Community: The Whitecaps work hard to find and train young talent in Canada. They also do a lot of community work, focusing on health, education, and making soccer more popular in British Columbia.
  6. First MLS Game: In their first MLS game in 2011, they beat Toronto FC 4-2. Eric Hassli scored their first goal in the league during this game, which was a great start for them.
  7. Big Rivalries: They compete for the Cascadia Cup with Seattle Sounders FC and Portland Timbers. Games against these teams are big events with lots of fan excitement.
  8. Famous Players: Alphonso Davies is one of their biggest success stories. He started his career with the Whitecaps before joining Bayern Munich. Camilo Sanvezzo, the top scorer in MLS in 2013, also played for them.
  9. Connections Around the World: The Whitecaps work with soccer clubs from other countries. This helps them find new players, learn new playing methods, and get their name out in the soccer world.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC are important for soccer in Canada. They focus on winning, training young players, helping their community, and connecting with soccer fans and teams worldwide.

Font and Colors

Vancouver Whitecaps FC emblem

The modern logo depicts those very mountains that inspired the club’s first general manager to come up with the original nickname “Whitecaps.” The three white triangles at the top symbolize the sharp mountain peaks. Identical figures, only in blue, are located at the bottom. According to the authors, this is the mirrored reflection of the snow-capped peaks on the water’s surface. And not just any water, but the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean, which washes the city’s western coast.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC symbol

The second most important element of the logo is the inscription “VANCOUVER WHITECAPS FC.” The font used is based on Avenir Black or simply resembles it: they have much in common, including the characteristic placement of strokes and lack of serifs.

The colors symbolize the same as the main graphic elements. For instance, Deep Sea Blue (#04265C) is associated with the oceanic landscape, while Whitecaps Blue (#94C2E4) refers to the reflection of mountain peaks in the Pacific Ocean. To complete the picture, they are supplemented by two more colors: white and silver (#84868C).

Vancouver Whitecaps FC color codes

Dark SapphireHex color:#00245e
RGB:0 36 94
CMYK:100 62 0 63
Pantone:PMS 2757 C
Pale CeruleanHex color:#9dc2ea
RGB:157 194 234
CMYK:33 17 0 8
Pantone:PMS 283 C