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Vans’ unconventional approach to its products is reflected in its modern and original logo. It symbolizes the speed and energy of movement, emphasizing the joy and bright emotions of owning the products.

Vans: Brand overview

Vans is a well-known Californian company that manufactures sports shoes and clothing. It was established in 1966 when Gordon C. Lee, James Van Doren, and Paul Van Doren opened a small shoe store. They also managed a factory and were fully responsible for the manufacturing process. Since 2004, Vans has been owned by the large corporation VF.

Meaning and History

Vans Logo History

This brand is widely known among youth and athletes. This is because it was initially oriented towards those who lead an active lifestyle – primarily skateboarders. Even its first logo first appeared on a skateboard, and only then was it depicted on shoes.

What is Vans?

Vans is a company that produces clothing and shoes for skateboarding but does not associate itself only with this sport. It offers fashionable accessories and wardrobe items for everyone who leads an active lifestyle. The company was founded in 1966 by three friends and was named after one of them: Van Doren Rubber Company. After becoming popular, it was renamed The Van Doren Rubber Company.

1966 – today

Vans Logo 1966

The debut logo of Vans was invented by 13-year-old Mark Van Doren, the son of one of the company’s founders. He made a stencil to paint skateboards. James Van Doren immediately noticed this graphic sign and placed it on the heel of the Style 95 sneakers. After that, the company’s owner decided to engage seriously in the production of skateboarding shoes.

The logo contains the word “Vans,” which looks unusual due to the long horizontal line over the letters “A,” “N,” and “S.” The line starts from the top point of the letter “V,” making the letter look like a square root symbol. This is an important design aspect that has become an integral part of the brand’s visual identity.

2016 – today

Vans Logo 2016

In 2016, developers made the word “Vans” red. The bright color symbolizes joy, energy, and passion. The white background conveys aesthetic purity and sophistication. The red and white palette is complemented by the black inscription “Off the Wall” underneath it.

The history of this sign began in the mid-1970s. Californian skateboarders Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta told Jeff Ho Surfboards and Zephyr Productions about how they rode in an empty pool. Tony boasted that he managed to flip over the wall and fly into the air. At that moment, an admiring Skip Engblom exclaimed, “Dude, you just went off the wall.”

The owners of Vans decided to immortalize the memorable phrase in their logo. At first, it was depicted against the backdrop of a small skateboard resembling a turtle shell. For this picture, it was nicknamed – “turtle.” A little later, to the word “Vans,” stylized by Van Doren even earlier, the phrase “Off the Wall” was added. The combined trademark was used only on skateboarding shoes. Everything else was adorned with the emblem with the company’s name.

In 2016, designers revisited the old design, removing the skateboard and leaving only part of the word. But if the inscriptions were uneven initially, now the font is strictly standardized: all letters are uppercase and symmetrical. The dashes are uniform in width and length. There are no serifs: most lines end at a right angle.

Vans: Interesting Facts

Vans started in California in 1966 and was founded by Paul Van Doren and his partners. It’s known for its strong ties to skate culture and cool shoes.

  1. The Beginning: Vans began as The Van Doren Rubber Company, making custom shoes on the spot for customers who brought in their materials.
  2. Skateboarding Shoes: In 1976, Vans made the first shoes specifically for skateboarding, designed with the help of skaters Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta. These shoes were different because they had padding and came in various colors.
  3. “Off The Wall” Slogan: This slogan started in the late ’70s, inspired by skateboarders’ stunts. It’s all about being creative and a bit rebellious.
  4. Warped Tour: Vans sponsored a big music festival called the Warped Tour, which brought together skate culture and punk rock until it ended in 2019.
  5. Cool Collaborations: Vans has collaborated with many artists, bands, and brands, from Marvel to The Beatles, showing its wide appeal.
  6. Skateparks: The brand has skateparks where skaters can hang out, practice, and show off their moves, showing Vans’ support for skateboarding.
  7. Beyond Skateboarding: Vans isn’t just for skaters. Its shoes and clothes have become popular in all kinds of fashion and are seen as a way to show off your style.
  8. Supporting Art: Vans encourages high school students to get creative with shoe designs through the Custom Culture competition, showing its commitment to art and education.

Vans has grown from a small shoe shop to a global brand loved by skaters, artists, and fashion fans. It has always stayed true to its roots in skate culture.

Font and Colors

Vans Emblem

The graphic sign was used for a limited time; otherwise, the verbal symbolism derived from the name predominated. The icon in the form of a miniature skateboard reads: “Vans Off the Wall.” The logo was nicknamed “turtle” for its tortoiseshell-like appearance. In 2016, designers redesigned it, removing the drawn image and leaving only the text part.

Vans Symbol

The initial inscription was uneven in height, but later, designers aligned the letters, making them symmetrical in uppercase. The font from the Sans Serif family is grotesque and chopped (sans serif). All symbols are wide and made at a right angle. The company’s proprietary palette is reduced to black, red, and white, with the latter serving as the background.

Vans color codes

Neon RedHex color:#ff1818
RGB:255 24 24
CMYK:0 91 91 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#262529
RGB:38 37 41
CMYK:7 10 0 84
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C


What does the Vans logo mean?

The letter V, stylized as a square root symbol, signifies the company’s unconventional approach to everything it does. At the same time, the long vertical line is perceived as a line of speed, thus emphasizing the energy of movement. The red color of the word Vans is also symbolic: it is associated with joy, movement, and bright emotions.

What does the Vans logo represent?

The Vans logo represents the name and slogan of the brand. The first word has an unconventional design: the letter “V” is stylized as a square root sign from mathematics. The phrase “OFF THE WALL” has an interesting origin. It’s used by skateboarders who ride in pools with sloping walls.

What font is used in the Vans logo?

The closest font suitable for reproducing the Vans logo is Tepeno Sans. It’s a bold, geometric, grotesque design by Jayvee Enaguas. Another analog is Trade Gothic Next Heavy, developed by Jackson Burke and Akira Kobayashi.