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Although the Villanova logo has a modern design, it symbolizes the ancient Catholic heritage of the university. It represents different aspects of the institution, including its values: responsibility, collaboration, solidarity, and respect for truth. The emblem reflects the scientific, intellectual, and spiritual wisdom that students acquire as they cross the threshold of Villanova.

Villanova : Brand overview

Villanova, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Villanova’s most important Catholic institution of higher learning emerged in 1842 from Saint Augustine’s Academy. At first, it was a college that closed several times briefly, first because of Saint Augustine’s Church burning, then because of staff shortages and the financial crisis. The school received university status in 1953. Since then, its campus has grown considerably, as has the list of research programs. However, the coat of arms and logo of Villanova University has remained relatively unchanged and still feature the flaming heart, the centerpiece of the Augustinian monks’ emblem.

The identity of Villanova University reflects its rich heritage, as the roots of this educational institution go back to the ancient Pennsylvania church. Both its symbolism and its entire life are tied to the Augustinians, who founded it in 1842. Its president has always been an Augustinian, and dozens of faculty members are monks of the same order. Many members of the board of trustees and students are also members of the religious community. This commitment to one faith is reflected in the university’s visual identity.

Meaning and History

Villanova Logo History

Like many other educational institutions, Villanova uses an emblem to identify its brand. The stylized seal of the Order of St. Augustine has become the institution’s main symbol. It helps to create a recognizable image because it reflects Villanova’s values and mission, as well as its rich history and traditions. The design of the graphic sign has changed over the centuries to match the trends of different eras. The style of the logo has gradually transformed from refined and sophisticated to minimalist.

  • A heart with an arrow represents St. Augustine. The arrow in the heart symbolizes love for God and the desire to give that love to others.
  • The cross reflects the Christian roots of the university and its mission to teach students not only academic subjects but also ethics.
  • The wreath is considered the embodiment of greatness, triumphs, and accomplishments.
  • The slogan “VERITAS, UNITAS, CARITAS” on the ribbon stands for “Truth, Unity, Love.

What is Villanova?

Villanova University is the oldest educational institution in Pennsylvania, privately owned by the Catholic Church. It is based on the parochial school that operated at St. Augustine Catholic Church. The university’s administration includes many clergymen, and most of the students are Catholic.

before 2000

Villanova Logo before 2000

The old logo contains the “Villanova University” inscription divided into two lines. The first word is left-aligned, and the second is right-aligned. The fonts also differ: “Villanova” uses yellow calligraphic italics with swirls, while “University” uses a light blue font with sharp serifs. The most unusual initial letters are the “V” with a loop and an intricately curved “U.” The school’s name is against a dark blue rectangle with many light horizontal stripes. The ruled surface with the inscription resembles a notebook page. The main element of the emblem is the stylized seal of the Order of St. Augustine, shown on the left.

2000 – 2003

Villanova Logo 2000

In this version of the logo, on the left is the round seal of Villanova University, inspired by the Order of St. Augustine graphic symbol. It is placed in a blue ring with an inscription – the institution’s name in Latin. To the right is the blue word combination “Villanova University.” Even though the words are separated on two lines, they are designed in the same style. Their elegant font is reminiscent of Vulpa Italic from Schizotype Fonts, Libre Baskerville Italic from Impallari Type, or Lanston Bell Italic from FontSite Inc.

2004 – today

Villanova Logo

The logo of Villanova University consists of a word mark and a picture. The main inscription – the school’s name – is on the right. It is two lines long, and the letters in the upper word are twice as big as in the lower one. The designers designed the text in a contrasting font with thin and long serifs.

The left side has the same elements as the seal, a book, a heart pierced by an arrow and caught in flames, a shining cross, a ribbon with the motto “VERITAS UNITAS CARITAS,” a laurel wreath, and the number “1842”. They are depicted in a simplified manner and formed only by thin blue outlines with an unpainted interior.

The Seal

Villanova Seal Logo

Villanova maintains its reputation as a Catholic university that follows ancient traditions. This is confirmed by its symbolism – the seal and logo, which represent the main elements of the emblem of the Augustinian Order. The book symbolizes the source of wisdom, and the burning heart symbolizes love, both earthly and towards God.

The seal of Villanova University is based on the St. Augustine emblem, which features the same combination of elements: a thick book, a large heart engulfed in flame, and an arrow piercing it. This is the most important part of the institution’s identity. At the bottom, the motto “VERITAS UNITAS CARITAS” is written on a long white ribbon, listing the values that are mandatory for all community members: truth, cooperation, and mercy.

The blue-covered book symbolizes the desire for intellectual activity, for learning something new. It is also a reminder that St. Augustine once embraced the Christian faith. It is believed that a voice from above told him to pick up and read the Bible. The red heart is a symbol of a spiritual quest and love for people. Underneath it is a belt in the form of a white wriggling band. It is part of the traditional liturgical vestment of the Augustinians.

Villanova Symbol

Above the heart is a cross with extended ends. This element indicates that Villanova University adheres to the Catholic faith and represents St. Augustine’s devotion to the Christian religion. The same meaning is embedded in the other cross, which intersects with the staff behind the book. As for the staff, it is a symbol of the leadership positions of the Roman Catholic Church and recalls the times when St. Augustine was a bishop. Augustine was a bishop.

The central composition is placed on a laurel wreath with white leaves and green outlines. It is a traditional sign of victory, in this case, victory over ignorance and uneducation, the triumph of the intellect, and success on the road to knowledge. At its base is written the year of the institution’s foundation: 1842.

The main graphic elements of the seal are in a large white circle with an outline in the form of two thin lines of blue. A frame, a wide dark blue ring, follows this. Inside it are written the words “UNIVERSITAS VILLANOVANA” (above) and “IN STATU PENNSYLVANIAE,” separated by two bold dots. All capitals are white with fine serifs.

Font and Colors

Villanova Emblem

Villanova University uses two families of fonts in its identity: Goudy and Gotham. Judging by the shape of the glyphs, the wordmark is made by CastleType’s Goudy Trajan Pro Bold antique. Although the typeface chosen most closely resembles the Trajan Pro 3 Semi Bold from Adobe. On the other hand, print lettering has a lot in common with the Goudy. The text on the ribbon as part of the main logo is typed in sans serif letters. This is one of the standard geometric grotesque options.

The palette follows a color scheme approved by the university. The logo is entirely dark blue (#002664) if you exclude the blank white spaces. On the other hand, the print has additional accents: green, red, and gold.

Villanova color codes

Dark BlueHex color:#002664
RGB:0 38 100
CMYK:100 62 0 61
Pantone:PMS 2758 C