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From the Vlone logo, it breathes the theme of streets, parties, gatherings, and companies, in general, a special youth style. The emblem indicates that the brand is focused on the needs of modern teenagers and young people, helping them to look fashionable and bright.

Vlone: Brand overview

Founder:Kamoni Chandler, Jabari Shelton
United States

Vlone is a fashion brand founded in 2011 by Kamoni Chandler and his colleague Jabari Shelton (also known as ASAP Bari) of the New York hip-hop group ASAP Mob. Later, after an altercation and a rape scandal, Chandler stepped down from the company’s board, and ASAP Bari himself headed the brand. Jabari Shelton specializes mainly in youth streetwear and, in addition to music, is engaged in entrepreneurship and fashion design.

After the departure of Kamoni Chandler, hip-hopper Jabari Shelton took over as the founder of the fashion brand. In addition, he invited Edison Chen from the CLOT team to assist with the design development. In an interview with New York-based media company Mass Appeal, the brand owner said he learned the experience from in-store fittings while he lived in Harlem. Then they, together with friends, measured, felt the fabrics, and even stole clothes.

The debut of Vlone took place in 2014 when the company first presented its collection. In 2017, she established a collaborative relationship with Nike and, at the same time, took part in the catwalk show in Paris at Fashion Week. The fashion brand has now collaborated with renowned labels and designers (since 2020), offering merchandise for some of today’s musicians, including The Weeknd, NBA Youngboy, and Juice WRLD. They don’t just wear branded items with an original sign – they promote it using visual marketing.

Meaning and History

Vlone Logo History

The simple and stylish logo is well-recognized today. It is used to print branded sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, blazers, sweatshirts, shoes, and hats. And their sales started with a call. In early March 2014, one of the band’s leaders gave a motivational speech to the fans, dressed in clothes with the coveted “V” on the chest. The speech’s main message was, “Your rules will be tomorrow.” After that, he handed out brand-new T-shirts to the crowd. And the next day, the brand launched an online sale of its debut collection.

Vlone Symbol

The company’s logo reflects its key concept: “Live alone and die alone.” This emphasizes the word “Alone,” because as intended by the developers, “V” is nothing more than an inverted “A.” It reflects loneliness. In the second collection, released in January 2016, the designers depicted the emblem not on the chest but the back since the inscription “Friends–” replaced it in front. Minus, in this case, means “loss,” “loss,” “decrease,” which also fits into the idea of ​​the Vlone logo. She stresses: this is a lifestyle, not just streetwear. Because, as the founder of the brand claims, everything we gain in this world we end up losing. That is, through the ASAP logo, Bari expressed his life position.

Vlone: Interesting Facts

Vlone, born from the creativity of the A$AP Mob, has made a big impact on the fashion scene since it started in 2011 by Kamoni Chandler and Jabari Shelton (A$AP Bari). This brand mixes street culture with high fashion in a way that many people find appealing.

  1. Roots in A$AP Mob: Vlone came to life through A$AP Mob, showing off a style that values being unique and standing out. The brand and the Mob share a focus on being true to yourself.
  2. What “Vlone” Means: The name reflects the idea of being your person: “live alone, die alone.” It’s all about being independent, shown in their unique clothing and limited releases.
  3. Big Collaborations: Vlone has worked with big names like Nike, creating popular items like the Air Force 1 Vlone shoes. These partnerships have helped Vlone make a name for itself, especially among sneaker fans.
  4. Limited Drops: Vlone is known for selling its items in limited quantities, which makes them even more desired by fans and collectors.
  5. Pop-Up Shops: The brand uses pop-up shops worldwide to launch new items and collaborations.
  6. High Fashion Debut: When Vlone showed up at Paris Fashion Week, it proved it could mix street style with the high fashion world, offering a casual and upscale collection.
  7. Unique Designs: Beyond the famous “V” logo, Vlone’s designs often touch on being alone and going against the grain, appealing to young people who want to show off their style.
  8. Online Influence: Vlone has a big online following, using social media and the web to connect with fans worldwide and sell directly to them.
  9. Facing Controversies: As Vlone became more popular, it faced some controversies, especially related to its founder, A$AP Bari. These issues have led to debates about the brand’s direction.
  10. Cultural Impact: Vlone’s impact goes beyond just clothes; it’s about making a statement that resonates with today’s youth culture. The brand is part of the changing fashion world, where streetwear is merging with high fashion, and brands build their names on being unique and exclusive.

Vlone’s journey shows how cultural movements can influence fashion. It highlights the rise of streetwear to global fame while staying true to themes of individualism and street spirit.

Font and Colors

Vlone Emblem

For an individual identity, the singer chose a stencil-type font, in which the right stroke is shorter than the left. Both parts are separated by a small space and do not connect. There are serifs at the upper ends of the V stripes. On the right side, it is visible much more clearly than on the left since that leg is wider. The edges of the letter are uneven, embossed, as if specially aged.

The signature palette is simple and monosyllabic because there is no variety of colors in it. Only orange predominates. But it is not bright tangerine, but as if covered with patina – dusty, pale to match the clothing style.

Vlone color codes

Mango TangoHex color:#f27700
RGB:242 119 0
CMYK:0 51 100 5
Pantone:PMS Bright Orange C