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Designers have created an unusual logo for West Virginia University (WVU), emphasizing the importance of two areas of study: medical and technological. This creative approach has resonated with students who are proud and respectful of the university’s visual identity.

West Virginia University (WVU): Brand overview

Founded:February 7, 1867
Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

This educational and research institution has existed since 1867 and is a state institution. It was started by Agricultural College. Now it has grown into the largest educational institution in the region and consists of several campuses, the most popular of which are technology and medicine. The West Virginia University (WVU) logo reflects campuses presence because it has letters stylized as a fragment of an electrocardiogram and diagrams. The main building of the university is located in Morgantown.

In the winter of 1867, West Virginia established an Agricultural College in the region. The Legislature, the chief representative of the government, officially registered the local educational institution. It opened in September of that year, and in 1868 the leadership renamed it, giving it the status of an institution of higher learning. As a result of this reform, West Virginia University (WVU) received more authority and many professional directions.

Meaning and History

West Virginia University (WVU) Symbol

Several buildings appear in the university’s identity. They play a very significant role in its history and are depicted on the academic seal. The key is Martin Hall, the first campus erected in 1870. Woodburn Female Seminary (1858), Monongalia Academy (1814), and Morgantown Female Academy (1831) are equally important because the institution of higher learning is built on their grounds.

The seal of West Virginia University (WVU) is its historical “mirror.” It depicts the campus of the university as it was when it began. It depicts several of the main buildings that educated students in the 19th century and served as the foundation for the largest educational center in the state. The buildings are in the colonial style: smooth lines, precise shapes, austere design, solid construction, and minimal architectural ornamentation. The buildings are set against a backdrop of mountains with long rays of the rising sun. Shrubs and trees are also drawn in the center section.

What is West Virginia University (WVU)?

West Virginia University (WVU) is a public institution of higher education with research status. It began as the Agricultural College and later became the largest unit in the region’s educational system. The time of its opening is 1867. The location of the main building was Morgantown.

West Virginia University (WVU) Seal Logo

The middle of the seal is taken in a double circle. In the first circle is the motto of the university, written in Greek. On the next stripe, the university’s name is grotesquely written in abbreviated form, with the date of its foundation made in Roman numerals. A line resembling a woven rope runs along the edge of the seal. All elements are colored in two colors: navy blue and gold.

The generic logo has an extended use. Unlike the seal, the West Virginia University (WVU) logo is used within the institution and represented in all media. It can be used to mark stationery. It includes the name of the institution of higher education and a small individual mark on the left.

The inscription consists of a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. It is an antiqua with neat serifs and a rhombus instead of a dot over the “i.” Two pairs of glyphs are linked (gi, ty), and the rest are separate. The “r” cap is elongated and partially finds its way onto the standing next to it. On the left side is the personal symbol of the university, resembling the heart rhythm on an electrocardiogram. The upper and lower prongs are sharp. At the same time, they are ordinary letters – “W” and “V.” They are joined together, are the same thickness, and look like a single “construction.”

The entire visual identity of West Virginia University (WVU) is characterized by one common feature – color. In other respects, the symbols differ:

  • The academic seal is related to historical facts.
  • The university logo has a strong connection to the name of the university.
  • The sports logo reflects the continuity of traditions.

Font and Colors

West Virginia University (WVU) Emblem

WVU selected two types of fonts with recommended substitutions for its identity. The official version is Helvetica Neue. It can be changed to Helvetica. The optional typeface is Iowan Old Style. Times New Roman may be used instead. The University palette includes two colors: dark blue #002855 and gold #EAAA00.

West Virginia University (WVU) color codes

Cool BlackHex color:#002855
RGB:0 40 85
CMYK:100 53 0 67
Pantone:PMS 655 C
XanthousHex color:#eaaa00
RGB:234 170 0
CMYK:0 27 100 8
Pantone:PMS 130 C