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The Wingstop logo can be viewed from several perspectives. The first is romantic, representing a dream of reaching the highest level of service. The second is practical, related to the menu served in this chain of restaurants. The designers proposed an ideal option that combines both ideas. The successful emblem contributes to the undying popularity of the franchise.

Wingstop: Brand overview

Founded: 1994
Founder: Antonio Swad, Bernadette Fiaschetti
Addison, Texas, U.S.
Wingstop is a restaurant chain from the United States, which in a short period has turned into a franchise and has grown to over 1,400 establishments (data for 2022). It was established in 1994, starting in the Texas city of Garland, and just three years later, it had become a large-scale operation, selling franchises all over the country. In 2003, it was acquired by Gemini Investors. In 2010, the brand was transferred to Roark Capital Group. Starting in 2015, it became a public company with headquarters in Addison, Texas.

Meaning and History

Wingstop Logo History

The roots of the Wingstop brand do not go far back in history – they stretch from 1994, making the franchise one of the youngest in the food service industry. The founder of the company is entrepreneur Antonio Swad, who opened it in the city of Garland, Texas. Since then, it has overcome many obstacles to achieve widespread popularity and high recognition among the population of the entire world. Today, its thematic logo is known in all corners of the globe. It is done in a rocker and aviation style, combining powerful energy, a drive for peak emotions, and a love of freedom.

Why did the culinary business choose such a design for its emblem and establishments? The answer to this question is logical: simply because it is facilitated by the spirit of Wingstop. The design is done in the style of pre-jet aviation of the 30s/40s of the 20th century. All branding follows this trend, including visuals. The emblems predominantly feature restrained decor – masculine, strict, and austere. But most importantly, it has marketing practicality, allowing the combination of two opposing directions: aviation and culinary.

What is Wingstop?

It is a multinational chain of restaurants from the United States which specializes in aviation-themed establishments. In particular, it serves chicken wings, recreating the ambiance of 30s/40s aviation in its restaurants, facilitated by its location. The brand owners have excellently combined the images of wings – of airplanes and domestic poultry, surprising visitors with signature recipes.

1994 – 2014

Wingstop Logo 1994

The basis of the logo is wide-spread wings. They have a classic shape and consist of improvised feathers, which form the base, supporting the concept of the restaurant chain. After all, from the very beginning, they have served chicken wings in various forms: on the bone, boneless, in sandwiches, in patties, with sides and sauces. These are simple tastes familiar to Americans.

The center of the emblem is a classic seal, surrounded by serrations on the edges, suggesting the spiciness of some dishes. The circle consists of several zones. The restaurant chain’s motto, “The Wing Experts,” is written on a wide stripe bordered by a thin line. Continuous triangular spikes go along the edge. A band with the brand name overlaps all the listed elements. It is positioned horizontally and arched. The logo is monochrome: colored in dark green.

2014 – today

Wingstop Logo

The new owners decided to support the militaristic theme of Wingstop’s visual identity, so they added some ruggedness to it. At the same time, designers lightened the image of spread wings, making them airy due to wide white gaps. They segmented large details and slightly spread them apart, positioning them a bit farther than usual. As a result, the logo took a breath, filled with lightness and freshness. To simplify it even more, the developers removed the serifs in the slogan and thin strokes at the glyphs in the name. The tape got a clear arched shape, as its bottom part became the background.

Font and Colors

Wingstop Emblem

The design studio Barkley created a font for the Wingstop brand named Sauce – wide but elegant. As the developers said, it’s a utilitarian typeface with an imitation of sharp edges for an accent on the special taste of the menu. To emphasize the quality of handmade dishes, they manually created a special font, putting food in the center of attention. It sparks appetite and thirst from its spiciness. Designers also adapted it for different styles and occasions, as the products have many flavors that appeal to different people. Such is the concept of typographers.

As for the color of the logo, it’s standard – green. Only its spectrum changes – from dark to light. This evolution of shades is caused by the style: if before it was serious and rugged, then later it became soft and light. This emphasizes the accessibility and simplicity of the food offered by the restaurant chain.

Wingstop Symbol

Wingstop color codes

Spanish Green Hex color: #258743
RGB: 37 135 67
CMYK: 73 0 50 47
Pantone: PMS 347 C