ZHC Logo


The ZHC logo is as unique as the vlogger to whom it belongs. The uniqueness of the image is off the charts, as it has nothing to do with realism, as the young and famous YouTuber himself created it. He is an artist by profession and by heart. The young man excellently conveyed his calling in character, which embodies his desire to confront evil, lies, boredom, and monotony.

ZHC: Brand overview

Founded:2016 – present
Founder:Zachary Hsieh
San Diego, United States
ZHC is the nickname of a vlogger, artist, YouTube channel host, and just an extraordinary personality who lives exclusively by creativity. His name is slightly reflected in the pseudonym, as evidenced by the first letters of the name – Zachary Hsieh or Zach for short. He is a bright representative of the young generation of Americans, passionate about developing creative potential through internet content. The vlogger’s homeland is the city of San Jose (California). The place of residence is San Diego.

Meaning and History

ZHC Logo History

Zachary Hsieh was born in 1999. From childhood, he was interested in drawing, so he seriously took up artistic creativity, dedicating up to 12 hours a day to it. Then, the young man enrolled in the School of Visual Arts and simultaneously founded his YouTube channel, where he began to work actively. He himself created an artistic image that became his logo. It depicts a fantastic creature colored in turquoise – the color of the vlogger’s hair.

What is ZHC?

ZHC is an American YouTuber who created such amusing characters as Scrunchie, Bun Bun, Turkey, and Fayur. He had been interested in drawing since childhood and started seriously pursuing this hobby at the age of 16. Now, he’s a popular host of a themed YouTube channel and a talented new-generation artist with a unique style.

ZHC Emblem

The ZHC emblem consists of a character that externally resembles Venom – a hero of action and science fiction movies. Such an allegory is not accidental because its author also opposes injustice, ignorance, and dullness. He aims to color the world with bright colors, creating a positive mood. Only from his artistic pen could cute Scrunchie, Bun Bun, Turkey, and Fayur come out, who are loved by children.

The logo style is individual, filling all the nearest space: there is not a single vacant area left in the personal sign. In the foreground is a mythical creature with an oval head and a powerful neck. Characteristically – spikes are visible everywhere. They completely cover the picture. The sharp teeth sticking out of the mouth look frightening. The second plan is soft. It balances the aggressive drawing.

Font and Colors

ZHC Symbol

The ZHC logo does not have an inscription, so it is impossible to evaluate the font and the variety of glyphs. But the palette immediately attracts attention. It is bright, flashy, and juicy, as it consists of neon spectrum colors. These are shades of turquoise and fuchsia. They are harmoniously combined by black, which is used for the contour lines of all elements and the hair, gathered in a bundle at the back of the head. By the way, the hair of Zachary Hsieh himself is dyed turquoise, so most likely, he projected his own personality onto such a character.

ZHC color codes

Flamingo PinkHex color:#f36cea
RGB:243 108 234
CMYK:0 56 4 5
Pantone:PMS 252 C
AquamarineHex color:#2bffcd
RGB:43 255 205
CMYK:83 0 20 0
Pantone:PMS 3385 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C